Quail vs. Chicken Eggs: Are Quail Eggs Better For You?

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Written by Peralee Knight

Updated: November 4, 2022

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Chicken eggs are a staple in many people’s diets and the standard for which eggs are consumed. But are they the healthiest choice? When comparing quail vs. chicken eggs, they are both providers of nutrients such as protein, iron, and fat. However, while their benefits may be similar overall, there are many significant differences in the type of nutrition each can provide.

Quail Eggs vs Chicken Eggs: Comparison

Quail eggs are one-third the size of a standard large chicken egg.

The first thing to consider when comparing quail eggs to the chicken eggs we are accustomed to is the nutritional value of each. More expensive does not always equate to better for your health! Are quail eggs more nutritious than chicken eggs, or are they similar?

Let’s explore in detail below.

Quail Eggs vs Chicken Eggs: Nutritional Benefits

Quail eggs can be most easily identified by their off-white to light brown shell and darker brown spots. They are also much smaller than a standard chicken egg, around one-third the size. Therefore, comparing the nutritional content of one egg vs another is not a fair comparison. Also, quail eggs do not currently have commercial guidelines for size like chicken eggs do. However, quail eggs have a larger yolk for their size compared to a chicken egg. This makes many believe that they may be more nutrient-dense by weight.

The table below compares the nutrients with the most significant differences. These comparisons are based on a serving size of 3.5 oz, or 100 grams of each egg:

Quail Eggs (About 10)Chicken Eggs (2 Large)
Fat11 grams10 grams
Protein13 grams12 grams
Choline48% DV61% DV
Riboflavin61% DV32% DV
Vitamin B1266% DV43% DV
Iron20% DV9% DV
Calories Per Serving158148

While quail eggs are higher in fat, protein, and other key nutrients, you must eat more of them to gain the benefits. This may prove difficult, considering that quail eggs are harder to come by and more expensive than commercially sold chicken eggs. This might factor into the decision of whether to use quail eggs in place of chicken eggs for most consumers.

Quail Eggs vs Chicken Eggs: Health Benefits

Quail eggs are not significantly better for you than chicken eggs, but they have some health benefits that standard eggs do not. It could be a great option for individuals who want to add nutrients found in higher amounts in quail eggs to their diet.

However, quail eggs have the same or similar health benefits that chicken eggs have, but you need five times the amount. In general, eggs are an excellent source of protein and beneficial fats. Both have significant benefits to an individual’s overall health in moderation.

Quail vs. Chicken Eggs: Common Uses And Restrictions

Quail egg

Quail eggs are difficult to find commercially.


The second thing to consider when comparing quail eggs vs chicken eggs is how they are used. Can quail eggs be prepared the same way chicken eggs are, and how do they measure up for taste? More importantly, are there any restrictions to how quail eggs are used that differ from chicken eggs?

There are a few things about quail eggs that certain individuals should keep in mind. Commercially produced chicken eggs are put through rigorous health and safety protocols to make sure they are as safe as possible. One of these processes is the pasteurization process.

Quail eggs are difficult to find commercially for many consumers, and most of them are unpasteurized. Since pasteurization kills dangerous pathogens found in eggs and milk, consuming raw eggs is always a risk. And though quail eggs are used similarly to chicken eggs, they are a more popular option for raw dishes such as sushi or steak tartare. Pregnant women or individuals with a compromised immune system should avoid eating raw quail eggs.

Are Quail Eggs Healthier Than Chicken Eggs?

To wrap it up, quail eggs have similar benefits and nutritional value as their chicken counterparts. However, quail eggs vs chicken eggs are significantly smaller and more expensive. Furthermore, finding a place to purchase quail eggs varies by the place you live. Keeping all this information in mind, quail eggs are unlikely to replace chicken eggs as a cooking staple.

This does not mean that quail eggs are not better or worse for you than chicken eggs! When used for a specific dish, quail eggs are a safe and tasty option. The chicken eggs status as the top choice for both the home cook and the master chef is still number one!

About Eggs And Food Safety

Duck Eggs Vs Chicken Eggs- Chicken Eggs

Chicken eggs should be prepared with food safety in mind.

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When using eggs in any recipe, it is crucial to keep food safety in mind. Eggs are one of the most versatile ingredients and can be prepared in a multitude of ways. However, they are a poultry product and, as such, come with the risk of salmonella. Quail eggs are often used in place of chicken eggs for raw dishes such as sushi or steak tartare. Though the risk of salmonella is lower compared to commercial chicken eggs, proper handling is still necessary. Following food safety regulations for storage, preparation, and cooking temperatures is key. Chicken and quail eggs are tasty and nutritious, and proper handling makes them delicious and safe food! For more about different types of eggs eaten by humans, check out these articles comparing chicken eggs to duck and turkey eggs!

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