The 3 Best Dog Parks in Lincoln

Written by Emilio Brown
Published: July 11, 2022
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Dog parks are great places for any dog to get out their energy and meet new friends. Dog parks are also among the only places where you can safely let your pet get some time off its leash and explore new areas.

If you plan on visiting any dog park, your dog should be fully vaccinated and also properly licensed. Having a well-trained dog is also important, ensuring they are able to comfortably play around others. Each dog park you visit has its rules, which are usually posted right outside the off-leash area. Some common rules found in dog parks include:

  • No food and alcohol 
  • Smoking is not permitted 
  • Aggressive dogs should be removed from the park
  • No children in the dog park
  • All dogs should be vaccinated
  • Owners are responsible for the dogs they bring 
  • Sick or in-heat dogs are prohibited from the park

Any dog would love a day to get off its leash and meet new furry friends. Let’s take a look at the 3 best dog parks in Lincoln, California, and what you can expect when visiting them.

1. Foskett Dog Park  

Golden Retriever Dog

Foskett Dog Park is located at Foskett Park, which is a large 42-acre park with something for everything to do.

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Foskett Dog Park 
Location 1911 Finney Way, Lincoln, CA 95648 
Hours 6 AM-9 PM 
Price Free 

A large 42-acre park, Foskett Park has two playgrounds, walking paths, picnic areas, sports fields, and a dog park for the local residents to enjoy. This dog park is located in the northern region of the park. Foskett Dog Park is fully fended off, with a double-gated entrance. The dog park is around 0.52 acres large and has natural grass surfacing. Dog bags and trash cans are available in the park. The area is mostly open, and there are a few tables for seating. It is perfect for dogs who love to run and meet other friendly breeds.

2. McBean Dog Park 

McBean Dog Park  
Location 65 McBean Park Drive, Lincoln, CA 95648 
Hours 8 AM-8 PM 
Price Free 

McBean Dog Park is an off-leash area around 12,000 square feet large with woodchip surfacing. At this dog park, there are two sections, both fully fenced-in. One area is for small dogs, and there is a separate section for larger breeds. This off-leash area is located in McBean Park, which also has various sports fields, kids’ playgrounds, picnic areas, and accessible parking. At McBean Dog Park, there is ample shade due to the large trees, with benches under them so you can comfortably watch your pup.

3. Auburn Ravine Dog Park

why do dogs get hiccups

Auburn Ravine Dog Park is around 1.8 acres large and has separate sections for large and small breeds.

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Auburn Ravine Dog Park 
Location 1300 Green Ravine Dr, Lincoln, CA 95648 
Hours 24 Hours 
Price Free 

Auburn Ravine Park in Lincoln has paths to walk on, a creek, sports fields, and one of the few off-leash areas in the city. The dog park at Auburn Ravine Park is around 81,000 square feet large, while the entire park is around 10 acres in total. The dog park has natural grass surfacing, with trees around for shade. There are two separate sections at this dog park, keeping larger and smaller breeds separated.

When visiting this dog park, you should bring water for you and your pup. Poop bags and trash are located in the dog park to make it easy to clean up after your dog. There is also ample seating to watch your pooch play. Auburn Ravine Dog Park is a fun spot for any pup to play, but there are also peaceful trails perfect for walks.

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