Top 10 Maddest or Angriest Cats

Written by Heather Ross
Updated: September 30, 2022
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Key Points:

  • The Sphynx is a hairless breed who is mostly angry for attention.
  • The Korat needs an attentive owner who will give it lots of love and affection. It will let you know when it is angry.
  • The Serval is a wild cat that can bond with humans. It is the angriest cat and has a strong bite.

Cats have a reputation for being aloof, but is it true? Many cat breeds are friendly. However, some felines have a tendency to be mean, angry/mad, or just plain crazy cats that act almost feral. Here is information on the top 10 maddest cats or angriest cats you could ever meet.

#10. Sphynx

Maddest & Angriest Cats - Sphynx
A Sphynx Cat can be one of the maddest cats and will bother you for attention until it gets it. Winston

The Sphynx isn’t just one of the most unique-looking cat breeds, it can also be one of the maddest cats. That’s because it loves to cuddle and demands attention, wanting to be in your lap and sleep next to you. And if you don’t give it the attention it wants, it will bother you until and unless it gets it.

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The Sphynx is hairless due to a genetic mutation. While they don’t need grooming, they do need baths once a week due to oily skin. Other distinctive traits include lots of meowing, purring, and verbal responses to their owners!

#9. Bengal

Maddest Angriest Cats - Bengal
The Bengal cat can be the maddest cat ever is when it doesn’t have a way to burn off excess energy; then, its behavior can show extreme playfighting aggression and territorial spraying.

Cressida studio/

The Bengal is an exotic breed that is the result of a cross between domestic shorthair cats with leopard cats. It’s one of the crazy cats that retains a wild streak and is shy around strangers, although it’s affectionate with people. The curious, intelligent, and energetic breed will open cabinets and drawers, climb, hide things, swim in the pool, and otherwise get into trouble when you’re not around and don’t leave it any company. It’s high-maintenance and needs lots of exercise. But what makes it the maddest cat ever is when it doesn’t have a way to burn off excess energy; then, its behavior can show extreme playfighting aggression and territorial spraying. The fourth generation is the most domesticated, and even so, it can have behavioral aggression problems.

#8. Singapura

Maddest Angriest Cats - Singapura
Two Singapura cats on a tree stump. These cats can be the maddest cats when around strangers.


The smallest domestic cat breed is the Singapura. Adorable, affectionate, curious, and intelligent, it bonds strongly with its people and has kitten-like hyperactive energy that remains through adulthood. It is an explorer and climber that will have its paws and claws all over you. But what makes it one of the maddest cats are two things. One is being around strangers, which it does not like, and will lash out at when it feels they are a threat. Its owner might as well be a stranger if they haven’t bonded from an early age. The other is boredom, and it’s vocal enough to let you know before it acts out.

#7. Pixie Bob

Maddest Angriest Cats - Pixie Bob
A Pixie Bob cat playing in the Snow. This is one of the maddest cats ever and will growl at strangers.

Benjamin Patrick Timperio/

The Pixie Bob is one of the maddest cats ever, but it’s not because it throws its full weight around while playfighting. This vocal bobtail breed is known much more for chirping and even growling at their owners and especially strangers rather than meowing. Indeed, it resembles the bobcat in looks and somewhat in behavior. The friendly, smart cat will even nip and bite people until it establishes a bond with them. You’ll want to put it in another room when company comes over.

#6. Korat

Maddest Angriest Cats - Korat
The Korat needs constant stimulation, otherwise, it becomes the maddest cat ever.


The Korat is a rare breed that needs a quiet home with an attentive owner who will give it stimulating play and affection. Otherwise, it becomes the maddest cat ever, but it will let you know it’s unhappy first with its behavior and facial expressions. Unlike other cats that hide when they don’t feel safe, such as when strangers are around, the Korat lashes out as a form of self-defense.

#5. Egyptian Mau

Maddest Angriest Cats - Egyptian Mau
Two cute Egyptian Mau cats sitting on a shelf. These cats can be one of the maddest cats and are very possessive and territorial.

Sarah Fields Photography/

The Egyptian Mau is a beautiful exotic breed with a dog-like personality, being loyal, trainable, and affectionate. It develops strong bonds with its people and will attach to one specific human. However, it becomes the maddest cat ever around strangers. It also becomes aggressive when bored and is possessive and territorial of its belongings.

Known as the only naturally spotted domestic cat, the Egyptian Mau has a beautiful tabby coat, which is soft and silky. They have round green eyes, which are striking against their gray fur.

#4. Bombay

Maddest Angriest Cats - Bombay
The Bombay cat can be one of the maddest cats and will become mean if you ignore them too long.

Viktor Sergeevich/

One of the maddest cats is the result of a cross between a black American shorthair and a Burmese, the Bombay. It is affectionate with people, has strong bonds to its owner loves to play fetch, and can learn to walk on a leash. However, if it does not establish itself as the alpha with other pets and children, it won’t get along with them. It will become mean if you ignore it for too long. Plus, it hates noise and loud sounds provoke aggressive behavior, including litter box aversion as a reaction.

#3. Cymric

Maddest Angriest Cats - Cymric
Another one of the maddest cats, the Cymric, is likely to growl and attack at the slightest hint of trouble.

Zanna Pesnina/

Another one of the maddest & angriest cats is the Cymric. This breed is very protective of its owner and home, being likely to growl and attack at the slightest sign of trouble. It’s playful, energetic, and smart, and can learn to open doors but respect your boundaries. It can also get along with children if exposed to them from an early age. However, an older cat becomes the maddest cat in the world with those that disrespect their personal space.

#2. Siamese

Maddest Angriest Cats - Siamese
When the beautiful Siamese cat is unhappy, it becomes one of the maddest cats and will even lash out at you. Hil

The Siamese tends to bond with just one person at the expense of everyone else. Although it’s affectionate with people, it gets jealous of any other pet seeming to get more attention. It is territorial and aggressive with other cats, meaning there could be litter box and fighting issues without properly introducing them to each other. The very playful breed gets irritable when overstimulated and already gets overly excited while playing, so it is likely to bite, scratch, and/or hiss in reaction. When this vocal cat is unhappy, it can get quite loud. You can imagine that an upset Siamese would tell the whole world about its woes, become the maddest cat in the world, and even lash out at you. This breed is not for people who want a quiet, non-demanding cat.

#1. Serval

Maddest Angriest Cats - Serval
The Serval cat is the maddest cat with a bite much stronger than the average domestic cat.

Howard Klaaste/

The Serval is easily the maddest & angriest cat in the world. Although it’s not a cat breed but a wild cat, some people have it as a pet and have made it popular as an exotic animal. Sure, it can bond with its humans. However, it is meant to hunt freely and roam around. It has a bite that is much stronger than the average domestic cat, can show unpredictable behavior, and attack strangers. The savannah cat, which is a cross between a serval and a domestic cat, is a much more manageable exotic option, although the F1 or first generation is known for its crazy cats.

The Top 10 Maddest & Angriest Cats List

Cat aggression is a top problem among domesticated cats. It is as much about nature as nurture, that is, genetics and behavior. Some cat breeds are more aggressive, angry, or reactionary than others. Often, the environment setup is to blame if not a medical issue.

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Maddest Angriest Cats
Maddest Angriest Cats
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