Try Not To Smile Watching These Baby Bears Playing on A Hammock

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Written by Sharon Parry

Updated: October 21, 2023

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This is one of those cuteness-overload videos that you will want to watch over and over! Two adorable baby bears (accompanied by their watchful Mom) decide to explore a hammock – with hilarious results. There are plenty of videos online of bears interacting with human environments, but few are as gorgeous or as funny as this one.

Watch These Cute Bears Play in a Hammock!

Baby Bears Check Out the Hammock

To a baby bear – a hammock is full of fun possibilities. One of the baby bears gallops towards it and expertly climbs aboard. Then, his sibling arrives and attempts to do the same but fails spectacularly and, at one point, ends up hanging underneath the hammock. It gets even better when he manages to flick his sibling off the hammock too. Little heads and paws get tangled up and Mom has to step in and help out at one stage.

No matter how much trouble these guys get into, they keep coming back for more and provide us with more adorable footage. Eventually, the game is over and they all amble towards the other side of the garden. Moma bear has decided that the game is over!

Brown Bears and Their Offspring

Brown bears are an endangered species but are found in Asia, Eurasia, Europe, and North America. They live a solitary lifestyle (apart from when a female is raising her cubs) and have a lifespan of up to 30 years. Brown bears are very intelligent creatures and each bear appears to have an individual personality which makes them very appealing to us humans.

Females reach sexual maturity between three and seven years of age. The mating season is between May and July and the cubs are born between January to March. A Mom bear gives birth to a maximum of four blind and hairless cubs but most have only two, as we see in this vid.

The little cubs will stay with Mom until they are two and a half when they will start to make their own way in the world. Bear cubs grow rapidly, they can weigh 55 pounds by the time they are six months old. As we see from this enchanting clip, bear cubs are the most adorable and curious creatures!

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