Watch a Group of Crocodiles Trample Over Each Other to Get to Their Food

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Written by Hannah Crawford

Published: November 30, 2023

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In the wild, it is every man or animal for themselves. Crocodiles must go to great lengths to provide for themselves in the wild. They are camouflaging themself in the water and attempting to take down animals crossing the river that are larger than they are. And they are dealing with other predators wanting the same food.

Well, being in captivity has its disadvantages as well. Watch the video at the top to see this feeding frenzy happen. 

Crocodile Float 

The short YouTube clip posted at the top of this blog shows hundreds of crocodiles about to be fed. A large group of crocodiles is referred to as a float. They can also be referred to as a bask when on land. This float being fed was captured by the Feeding Battle YouTube page. This channel offers content on the intense feeding of various animals. Their most recent video feedings are of turtles, geckos, beetles, and fish.

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Hungry Crocodiles Get Their Meal

Crocodiles eating Zebra in Mara River

Crocodiles are carnivores that eat zebra,


, fish, and turtles.

©Robert Styppa/

At the start of the video, we see hundreds of crocodiles in an enclosed space. There is a small body of water in the center. Surrounding the water are hundreds of crocs basking in the sun.

Suddenly, we see a woman and a man come with a meat-filled bin. The crocodile keeper takes her shovel and knocks it against the wall. She is alerting them that food time is here and they should get ready. Then she scoops up an entire shovel filled with meat and throws it in the water. 

The feeding frenzy begins, and crocodiles are trampling over one another to get the food they need. Feeding frenzies are extremely intense among crocodiles. There was even one case in Australia where one crocodile bit another crocodile’s foot clean off!

Which is More Aggressive Alligator or Crocodile?

A common question asked is the difference between an alligator and a crocodile. And then the second most asked question tends to be which one is more aggressive? 

Alligators have two species: the Chinese alligator and the American alligator. The American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis), being the most popular, weighs anywhere from 400-800 pounds. They can reach about 15 feet in length. They live in Asia and North America.

Crocodiles have over 20 species. One of the most famous is the crocodile (Crocodylus acutus), weighing anywhere from 40 to 2,200 pounds. And they reach up to 23 feet in length. They live throughout Africa, Asia, Central America, North America, and South America.

It is easy to fear both of these giant reptiles. However, the crocodile is the most aggressive of the two. According to the American Oceans Organization, crocodiles ” are known to be highly aggressive and will attack anything that enters their territory.” We can only imagine this is why the people in the video stayed on the other side of the wall!

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