What Kind of Dog Is Rocky from PAW Patrol? Breed Information, Pictures, and Facts

Written by Kellianne Matthews
Updated: April 17, 2023
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The canine characters of the popular children’s television series, PAW Patrol, have endeared themselves to children all over the world. The PAW Patrol crew is led by Ryder, a young boy who works together with his search and rescue dogs to protect Adventure Bay. Each dog on the PAW Patrol team has their own specific and unique individual skills and tools to assist them in their jobs. One of these beloved PAW Patrol pups, Rocky, is the group’s mechanical engineer who can fix just about anything. But what kind of dog is Rocky? Let’s take a closer look at this clever pup and learn more about his breed and genetics! 

Who Is Rocky?

Rocky is one of several dogs on the PAW Patrol team. He is an eco-pup and loves gathering and recycling unused items to fix broken objects and build new things. In fact, one of his popular catchphrases is, “Don’t lose it, reuse it!” In addition, Rocky is also the mechanical engineer and repair pup on the PAW Patrol team. Rocky is an extremely clever and intelligent pup, but unfortunately, he suffers from aquaphobia or the fear of water. However, Rocky is a tenacious dog and, at times, faces his fear if it means helping someone in danger.

Rocky is a gray dog with furry tufts on the sides of his face, and a little spiky tuft on top of his head. Although his coat is mostly gray, he also has a dark gray patch surrounding his left eye and two more dark gray patches on his back. Rocky’s paws and the tip of his tail are white, and he has white tips on the tufts of his face. His eyes are an orangish-brown color, and he has a large black nose. Rocky also has triangular-shaped ears that are quite unique. One ear sticks straight up while the other flops over on itself. There is also a small nick in the ear that sticks straight up. 

What Kind of Dog Is Rocky from PAW Patrol?

As you can see from his appearance, Rocky has some very unique physical characteristics that make it hard to pin down his exact breed. That is because Rocky is a mutt or a mixed-breed dog. In fact, the show never officially declares what breed(s) may be in his genetic makeup. 

A mutt (also known as a mongrel or mixed breed) is special because it doesn’t belong to just one dog breed. The dog’s parents are not from the same breed and do not have the “traditional” characteristics that a purebred dog would have. The parents may even be mixed breeds themselves or have an unknown family history. Because of this, each mixed-breed pup is entirely unique! Their physical and behavioral characteristics can differ greatly, with different fur lengths and types, eye colors, patterns, sizes, and personality traits. 

In many cases, mixed-breed dogs are not intentionally bred (unlike crossbreeds or “designer dogs” like labradoodles and goldendoodles). Because they do not fit within specific breed standards, mixed-breed dogs are often viewed as less valuable monetarily. However, many people prefer mixed-breed pups over purebred dogs for several reasons:

  • Each mixed-breed dog is one of a kind! Due to their varied backgrounds and genetics, mixed-breed dogs each have their own unique appearance, and no two look exactly the same.
  • Mixed-breed dogs are often much healthier than purebred dogs because they come from so many different genetic backgrounds. They are less susceptible to genetic health problems associated with inbreeding (which can be common in purebred dogs).
  • Mixed-breed dogs often have more balanced temperaments. They also can be less prone to certain behavioral issues that specific breeds are known for.
  • Mixed-breed dogs are often more adaptable than purebred dogs and do well with families. 

What Kind of Dog Breed Could Rocky Be?

Rocky is a mixed-breed dog without any official dog breed or type. Because each mixed-breed dog has their own unique composition of genetics, it’s hard to accurately guess their breed(s) without a DNA test. However, fans have a few main theories about which breed(s) are in Rocky’s family history.


The general consensus from PAW Patrol viewers is that Rocky is a terrier mixed breed dog of some kind. Terriers are playful, confident, and lively dogs with wiry fur coats and a fierce hunting spirit. Traditionally, these dogs were bred to target small prey like rats and mice on farms. However, terriers are versatile and became quite popular as pest controllers in factories, large estates, gardens, and even boats! Many terrier breeds are smaller and very agile, which makes them perfect for navigating tight spaces and catching small animals. However, there are many different breeds of terriers, and they can range in size from just 2 pounds to over 130 pounds!

Today some people still keep terriers as hunting dogs. However, terriers are also very cherished family pets. With their high energy, boundless playfulness, and adorably stubborn perseverance, terriers make excellent companions, especially for families with children. However, they are very energetic and intelligent, so they require plenty of exercise and stimulating activities. In addition, since they were bred to navigate tight spaces back in the day, you should probably make sure that your fence is sturdy enough to contain a terrier — these dogs are excellent escape artists as well.

cairn terrier

The general consensus from

PAW Patrol

viewers is that Rocky is a terrier mixed breed dog of some kind.

©Eric Isselee/Shutterstock.com


Another common theory is that Rocky is a schnauzer-Scottish terrier mix. Schnauzers have wiry fur coats with arched eyebrows and bristly whiskers. In fact, their name refers to the dogs’ distinctive facial hair. These canines have gloriously bushy beards and whiskered, mustache-like snouts. The schnauzer breed comes from Germany, where it was bred as a medium-sized sporting dog. However, today there are three different sizes of schnauzers: miniature, standard, and giant. 

  • Miniature schnauzers: 12 to 14 inches tall, 11 to 20 pounds, 12 to 15-year life expectancy.
  • Standard schnauzer: 17.5 to 19.5 inches tall, 30 to 50 pounds, 13 to 16-year life expectancy.
  • Giant schnauzer: 23.5 to 27.5 inches tall, 55 to 60 pounds, 12 to 15 years life expectancy.

In general, schnauzers are extremely affectionate with their families and are good with children. They are not aggressive dogs, but they do have muscular frames and tough but playful personalities. Schnauzers are also very loyal and adaptive and are usually friendly with everyone. They are also extremely intelligent and high-spirited dogs that need plenty of exercise, playtime, and mental stimulation. 

silver standard schnauzer standing in front of woods

Another common theory is that Rocky is a schnauzer mixed breed dog.


Scottish Terrier Mix

The vivid personality of the Scottish terrier, or “Scottie-dog,” makes this dog a wonderful companion. Scottish terriers are extremely affectionate with their families, although they can be more aloof towards strangers. Because of this, Scottie dogs can make excellent watchdogs. Scottish terrier puppies are extremely playful and friendly. As they mature, they retain their bold personalities but with more independence and dignity. Scottie dogs are not a great choice for more permissive dog owners, as their high levels of self-esteem, independence, and determination require firm and consistent guidance. In addition, Scotty’s are sensitive dogs and respond strongly to both negative and positive feedback. 

Scottish terriers have solid and compact bodies with short legs. They enjoy lots of positive playtime and going for walks, but they do not make great running companions. Their fur coats come in many different colors like black, brindle, red brindle, silver, and wheaten (ranging from a light beige or whitish color to a more golden hue). These dogs grow about 10 inches tall and weigh between 18 to 22 pounds. The average life expectancy of a Scottish terrier is around 12 years. 

Scottish terrier standing on white background.

Other fans think that Rocky is a Scottish terrier mixed breed dog.


Pitbull Terrier Mix

Some fans of PAW Patrol have argued that Rocky is a pitbull terrier mixed breed dog. This loyal and loving dog breed makes a perfect companion for any family and has a friendly and gentle demeanor around children. Pitbull terriers were first bred for bull baiting, but have since become skilled farm dogs, service dogs, and even affectionate nanny dogs! In fact, pit bulls can be so gentle and loving, that they often do not make very good watchdogs — they just love meeting people and making new friends!

Unfortunately, over the years, pit bulls have received a lot of negative attention due to their use in dog fighting. They are strong, tenacious, skilled, and agile dogs, which is why some people use them for dog fighting and other animal blood sports. However, it is not their nature to fight or be aggressive — they must be trained by their owners to do so. When socialized and trained accordingly, pitbull terriers make some of the best companions for families and children. They are incredibly playful and fun dogs that act like giant puppies, even as adults! Pitbulls are also extremely intelligent and social.

Typically 17 to 19 inches tall and weighing 30 to 85 pounds, pitbull terriers come in just about any color of the rainbow. Their short, smooth coats can be red, brown, black, white, spotted, multi-colored, etc. In addition, their nose colors often vary from blue to red, black, and even pink. Their ear shape also varies quite a bit. Pitbull ears can stand up tall and straight or just halfway up, droop down, flop over, or even curl up like a rosebud. The average life expectancy of a pitbull terrier is around 12 to 16 years.

pitbull crouched down on path

Some fans of

PAW Patrol

have argued that Rocky is a pitbull mixed breed dog.


Australian Cattle Dog

Another fan theory is that Rocky from Paw Patrol could be an Australian cattle dog or even an Australian cattle dog-border collie mixed breed. Australian cattle dogs are related to dingoes (a type of Australian wild dog) and are impressive and sturdy working dogs. In fact, these dogs absolutely love working and seem to have an endless supply of energy and drive. They are strong and muscular but also fast and agile. Australian cattle dogs are also extremely intelligent and alert — they have been known to outsmart their owners. However, they are also wary of strangers and very loyal to their humans.

 Australian cattle dogs are usually red or blue, with solid, mottled, or speckled short fur coats. Because of this appearance, they are sometimes called red heelers or blue heelers, or even Queensland heelers. These tenacious and clever dogs grow 17 to 20 inches tall and weigh 35 to 50 pounds. On average, they live between 12 to 16 years.

Australian cattle dog in field at sunset

Another fan theory is that Rocky from

Paw Patrol

could be an Australian cattle dog.


Border Collie

Last but not least, Rocky from PAW Patrol could be a mixed breed with DNA from another herding dog breed, the border collie. Border collies are very balanced dogs who are both strong and agile. They do best when they have a job and are extremely intelligent — so they need plenty of mental stimulation and physical activity. Collies are also known for having a high level of trainability and can easily be trained for various jobs and even to do tricks. In addition, they are very loyal and loving animals, although they can sometimes be reserved around strangers.

Border Collies can have two different types of fur coats: a rough coat or a smooth coat. Border collies with a rough fur coat have medium to long hair that feathers around their chest, belly, and legs. They also have a dense and wooly undercoat, which can be a challenge for grooming. Rough coat border collies require regular grooming so that their fur does not matt, especially under their armpits, tail, and around their ears. On the other hand, smooth-coated border collies typically have short and coarse fur coats without any feathering. Some have thick undercoats, while others do not. Border collies grow 18 to 22 inches tall and weigh 30 to 55 pounds. On average, they live 12 to 15 years.

low fat dog food

Last but not least, Rocky from

PAW Patrol

could be a mixed breed with DNA from another herding dog breed, the border collie.


Final Thoughts

Although the lineage of our heroic PAW Patrol hero may still be a mystery, each of these dog breeds could easily be part of Rocky’s family history due to their appearance and personalities. Like Rocky, these dog breeds are clever, intelligent, and resourceful. Rocky is not only keenly eco-conscious, but his intelligence and creativity make him a vital team member on any mission. In addition, Rocky is high-spirited and enthusiastic, much like the dog breeds listed above. This clever canine is always ready to jump in and help using the tools he keeps in his pup pack. No matter what breeds are hiding in his DNA though, Rocky is a loveable character and an integral member of the PAW Patrol team!

The photo featured at the top of this post is © L-N/Shutterstock.com

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