Lucky Tail Nail Grinder Review: Recalls, Pros & Cons, and More

Written by Kristin Hitchcock
Updated: May 27, 2024
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Nail grinders are the new way to combat overgrown nails in our pets. They leave the nail feeling smoother than traditional methods, and they require less finesse to use. Below, our complete Lucky Tail Nail Grinder review will help you figure out if it’s time for you to finally make the switch.

The Lucky Tail Nail Grinder is completely cordless and extremely quiet, making it easier to use with fearful dogs. It also provides variable speed control and features a nail grinding port to protect you from grinding too far down.

Overall, we found this grinder to be quite effective. But, if you aren’t ready to make the purchase just yet, you can read about all this grinder’s features below.


While it isn’t perfect, the Lucky Tail Nail Grinder is very good at its job. It is very quiet, which is an essential feature when you’re dealing with skittish dogs. Vibrations are also minimum as well, so many dogs don’t even know what is happening.

It does feature two different speeds, allowing you to adjust the speed for the situation. Puppies and novices will probably like the lowest speed, for instance.

The unit is also cordless and can be recharged with a USB charger between uses. You don’t have to deal with cords while also wrestling with your dog to trim their nails.

Thankfully, this grinder also includes a special grinding port that fits over the nail of your dog. It prevents you from accidentally hitting your dog’s nail nerves, which is often the problem with traditional methods.

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  • Can be used with skittish dogs
  • Ergonomic design
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Lucky Tail Nail Grinder Benefits and Features

  • Wireless
  • Variable speed control
  • Quiet with few vibrations
  • Ergonomic design

Lucky Tail Nail Grinder: Pros & Cons


  • Two speed options are available
  • Low-noise design for skittish pets
  • Only takes one hour to charge
  • Safety features to prevent nail nerve damage


  • More expensive than other nail grinders
  • Does require regular charging

Where is the Lucky Tail Nail Grinder Made?

The company is not very forthcoming with where its products are made. They do not list what facilities they use, though it is likely that they outsource their grinders to other manufacturers. They do not actually own any facilities themselves, after all.

Therefore, we expect that this grinder is likely made in China. However, we do not know for sure.

There is no advertisement that it is made in the United States. Therefore, it probably isn’t. (If it was, the company would be talking about it.) If you’re looking for a United States-made product, this option is probably not for you.

Lucky Tails Nail Grinder Materials

This nail grinder features a unique diamond bit grinder that allows for very easy grinding. Furthermore, the grinder will not wear down quickly and does not need regularly replaced. It has no problem quickly and effortlessly plowing through dog nails, which also helps limit the vibration and noise.

With that said, the actual body of the machine appears to be made out of plastic. The company does not actually list what exactly it is made out of, but it looks and feels like plastic.

Still, it does seem rather durable. We had no problems with durability throughout our review, and most users did not report problems either.

Lucky Tails Nail Grinder: Where to Buy

You can purchase this grinder from most places that sell dog grooming items, such as:

Our Top Pick
LuckyTail Dog Nail Grinder Trimmer
  • Cordless
  • Very quiet
  • Can be used with skittish dogs
  • Ergonomic design
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Lucky Tails Nail Grinder Specs


This nail grinder is extremely quiet. When you’re dealing with grinding a dog’s nails, this feature is absolutely necessary. Most dogs will not let a loud grinder anywhere near them, which will make grinding your dog’s nails much harder.

Luckily, the loudest this grinder gets is 50 db, which is much quieter than a Dremel or similar tool. While there is always going to be some amount of noise involved, this is one of the quietest options on the market.


We particularly liked that this grinder was completely cordless. When you have a squirmy dog, the last thing you want to do is also deal with a cord. Therefore, the lack of a cord is a huge boon.

Of course, this does mean you have to keep it charged. However, this tool only takes about an hour to reach full charge, so it isn’t a huge deal.


The handling of this tool is quite nice. It is easy to maintain control of and very straightforward to use. You can be very accurate with little experience, making it great for dog owners new to grinding.

Plus, when you’re doing many nails at once, your hands won’t get tired from holding the grinder.

Two Speeds

With two different speeds, you can quickly and efficiently adjust the speed to suit your situation. Most dog owners will start with a slower speed. But, as you gain experience, you may switch to a higher speed for efficiency.

Having the option to choose what speed you want allows you to be efficient without getting overwhelmed. Plus, it is also nice to choose between plowing through nails and slowing down for accuracy.


This grinder is specifically designed to help you protect your pet’s nails while you grind. There is a small grinding port that prevents you from going too deep onto your dog’s nails and potentially injuring their nerves.

There are few grinders on the market that have this feature. Therefore, if you’re worried about cutting your dog’s nails too deep, this grinder may be the best option out there for you.

Lucky Tail Nail Grinder vs. Dremel Cordless Nail Grinder Kit

Many people choose to get the Dremel Cordless Nail Grinder Kit, as Dremel is a name that they are familiar with. This trimmer shares many similarities with the one by Lucky Tail. For instance, it comes with 2 speeds and has a wireless design.

However, it is also a bit louder, which is its main downfall. It also doesn’t have any safety features, though this may make it work better for larger dogs.

Bottom Line

The Lucky Tails Nail Grinder is extremally effective at trimming a dog’s (or cat’s) nails. It is quiet and has few vibrations, so your pet is likely to handle it much better than a loud model. It also has a safety port, which prevents you from cutting their nails down too far.

However, this grinder is a bit more expensive than most – and you have to remember to charge it. But, if you’re looking for a solid nail grinder, it doesn’t get much better than this one.

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