Prudent Pet Pet Insurance Review: Pros, Cons, and Coverage

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Published: June 23, 2022
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Pet health insurance might help you avoid overspending on unforeseen veterinarian expenses. You gain peace of mind knowing your dog or cat will receive timely treatment after an emergency in addition to the financial stability that comes with obtaining insurance. Pet insurance also can allow you to pay for routine care for your pet, promoting his or her general health and enjoyment.

The History of Prudent Pet Insurance 

Prudent Pet, which was founded in 2018, offers two ordinary plans. They also offer a comprehensive package that involves unlimited yearly coverage for vet costs as well as reimbursements for a few covered items that many rivals don’t, including lost-pet ads and holiday cancellation fees. Continue reading to see why Prudent Pet is one of the top pet insurance providers on the market.

Prudent Pet offers accident-only coverage for as little as $10 per month and accident injuries and sickness coverage for as little as $16 per month. Remember that those rates are not guaranteed monthly premiums at Prudent Pet. Your one-of-a-kind coverage will be priced differently according to your pet’s type, region, and any other unique coverage preferences you choose during enrolling.

While Prudent Pet accepts all pets, new and old, and has no maximum age restriction for the dogs and cats it insures, that age will be taken into account when calculating your monthly fee. Pet insurance for senior animals is often more costly since they are more prone to injury or disease as they age. They are more likely to require insurance in their later years.

To offer you a general figure, a Prudent Pet coverage costs around $39 a month for canines and $23 each month for felines, according to our research team.

Golden retriever looks concerned as vet holds long-haired cat
Having pet insurance often allows pet owners to choose the best medical option for their pets.

Prudent Pet’s Plans and Coverage

Like most other pet insurance companies, Prudent Pet has a variety of options to meet the needs of all pet owners. Here are their plans and what they include. 

Accident-Only Plan

This is Prudent Pet’s lowest pet insurance plan. There is coverage of up to $10,000 annually for treatments, operations, procedures, specialized care, and other accident-related expenditures. This includes puncture marks, dental injuries, ingested items, and fractured bones. It doesn’t cover sicknesses or other ailments. We suggest it as a nice alternative if you’re searching for a less expensive way to cover accidents.

Essential Plan

This plan has a $10,000 yearly coverage limit as well. It covers ailments such as cancer, hip dysplasia, genetic problems, skin issues, gastrointestinal illnesses, and more. It offers up to $250 each year for behavioral problem therapy which pet insurance companies rarely include.

Ultimate Plan

This plan includes the whole of the Essential Plan plus unlimited yearly coverage and $1,000 in behavioral disorder insurance. It also pays for marketing and rewards funds if your pet is lost or stolen, boarding fees if you’re pet is admitted to a hospital for more than four days and you can’t care for your pet, mortality costs such as burial and funeral arrangements fees, replacement costs if your pet is stolen or lost, and vacation cancellation fees if your pet’s covered treatment requires you to postpone a family trip.

Shih Tzu with injured front paw in black brace
Accident-only insurance provides coverage in the event of an injury.

Veterinary Exam Fee Coverage

Vet exam fees can add up quickly when visiting your veterinarian, therefore Prudent Pet provides this extra coverage for $5–$12 each month to help pay those expenses.

Wellness Coverage Add-Ons

To add preventative care coverage to your insurance, you may pick from three alternatives. The Low option gives $210 in yearly insurance, the Medium option $315 in annual coverage, and the High option $460 in annual coverage. If you don’t buy the add-ons, you won’t be covered for exam expenses or wellness care.

What Prudent Pet Insurance Doesn’t Cover

Though Prudent Pet covers a wide range of health-related costs, there are those that are not, including:

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Tail docking
  • Breeding
  • Nursing 
  • Grooming
  • Ear cropping
  • Experimental procedures 
  • Obedience training
  • Bank fees
  • Taxes and fees from vet appointments

Benefits and Disadvantages of Prudent Pet Insurance 

Like all companies, Prudent Pet Insurance has things they are famous for and things they could improve upon. Below you’ll find some of the top pros and cons of this pet insurance firm to give you a good idea if it’s right for you and your furry friend. 

Pros of Prudent Pet Insurance 

  • Option for unlimited annual benefits: You usually set a yearly benefit amount for your pet insurance, such as $10,000. This is the most the insurer will pay out in claims during the year. You may choose an unlimited yearly benefit plan with Prudent Pet, and the business will reimburse you for any qualified veterinarian charges over your deductible and coinsurance.
  • Multiple add-ons available: Prudent Pet offers personalized plans. Additional riders, like veterinary exam expenses or wellness coverage, can be added to your insurance to provide additional coverage.
  • No age or breed restrictions: While many firms have age limits, insurers don’t give accident and sickness coverage for pets over the age of 12 or ones that are of certain breeds. Prudent Pet offers both! 
  • 24/7 veterinary support: All policyholders have access to a free 24-hour veterinarian chat service. You may use the chat option to ask a licensed veterinarian question and receive advice about your pet’s health.

Cons of Prudent Pet Insurance 

  • Doesn’t cover parasite treatment: Even with prophylactic measures, parasites such as tapeworms, ticks, and fleas are widespread. Prudent Pet, on the other hand, does not cover the charges or fees associated with parasite remedies.
  • It can take up to 30 days to receive reimbursement: Prudent Pet insurance, like most other organizations, works on a reimbursement basis, which means you must pay for veterinarian services up in advance. As per Prudent Pet, repayment can take up to a month, which is longer than certain other insurers, yet your case may be approved promptly. 
  • Annual health and dental exams required: Prudent Pet policyholders must take their pets for yearly health and dental checks, as well as ultrasonic scaling and buffing of teeth if necessary. Otherwise, your claims may be denied.
  • Annual benefit limits are not customizable: Prudent Pet offers three plans for cats and dogs, varying from $10,000 to infinite yearly benefits. While some businesses enable you to vary your coverage level, Prudent Pet’s yearly benefit is set by the plan you choose and cannot be adjusted.


Customers may select from four deductibles when signing up with Prudent Pet: $100, $250, $500, or $1,000. If you want to save money each month and don’t mind paying more upfront at the vet, get a larger deductible. A smaller deductible is your best choice if you want to pay the least amount out of cash in the case your pet is sick or injured but at the cost of higher premium costs. 


When pet parents register more than one of their pets for insurance via Prudent Pet, they will enjoy a 10% savings. Prudent Pet also runs its own internal referral program, which rewards policyholders with a $15 Amazon e-gift card and a company-sponsored donation to Best Friends Animal Society when they suggest a friend or family member for a free quotation.

How Much Does Prudent Pet Cost?

Prudent Pet plans start at $5 per month, while basic prices may likely fluctuate from your quotation according to a variety of criteria, including where you reside, how old your pet is, what breed you have, and the yearly limit you pick, and your deductible. 

You may change the threshold, payment, and benefit limit on your coverage to lower the monthly price. If your quote’s monthly premium is too high, for instance, you may reduce it by selecting a greater deductible or a lower yearly payment limit.

Reviews of Prudent Pet Insurance 

Something that makes a world of difference online is being able to read reviews from people who have already tried what you’re considering buying. We wanted to include a handful of reviews from pet parents that use Prudent Pet Insurance to provide a more honest point of view. 

Victor, who has a young English Bulldog has this to say about his experience: “Without a doubt, the best pet insurance one should buy for their loved one (pet). The quality of service and customer care bar none; and the assurance that they will ease the burden in those critical times of need, is truly what convinced me that Prudent Pet is my choice! Thanks!”

Carlee, who owns an adorable Mastiff knows how important customization is to her. She says “It was easy to navigate. It allowed me to customize my plan to get me just what I needed for my newest fur baby! They were even nice enough to call me to make sure I didn’t have any further questions! Looking forward to working with them in the future!” 

Lastly, a user by the name of “CLM” owns a friendly Yorkshire Terrier. After they started using Prudent Pet Insurance, they left this review: “The plan itself covers a lot more than some other companies do. I did some research and of the 10 or so sites I saw, this one was truly the best. The lady I spoke with was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. It took less than 5 minutes to set everything up and then she was patient and answered all of my questions. I did not feel rushed like many other call center businesses can be. All things equal, at this point, I plan on staying with them for a good long time.”

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