The 15 Tallest Mountains in Europe

Written by Em Thomas
Published: December 7, 2023
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Europe is home to some pretty incredible natural attractions. From coastlines to forests to urban hubs, Europe attracts millions of visitors each year. However, many explorers coming to Europe seek a more rugged adventure, backpacking across the stunning vertical terrain of the continent. Read on if you want to learn more about the tallest mountains in Europe!

Europe houses some legendary mountain ranges, including the Alps and the Caucasus Mountains. Climbers, hikers, skiers, and more enjoy the beauty and adventure offered by the mountain ranges of the continent. If you’re looking to take an exploration unlike any other, consider conquering one of the highest peaks in Europe.

Here’s a summary of the 15 tallest mountains in Europe by elevation. These mountains soar high above the clouds, offering incredible opportunities to take in the views Europe has to offer. Whether you’re a trivia lover or an adventurer yourself, enjoy learning about the highest mountains in Europe.

15. Mount Bazardüzü

Kurush village (the southernmost point of Russia and the highest mountain settlement in Europe, 2560 m) and Mount Bazarduzu (4,467 m, the highest peak in Azerbaijan). Dagestan, North Caucasus, Russia.

The name of this mountain can also be spelled “Mount Bazardyuzyu.” Bazardüzü means “market square” in Azerbaijani.

©Kirill Skorobogatko/

The fifteenth-highest mountain in Europe straddles the border of Russia and Azerbaijan, allowing it to rank in both European and Asian mountain lists. It reaches an elevation of 14,652 feet above sea level. It’s a beautiful mountain located in the Caucasus range, along with many of the mountains on this list. Russia and the Caucasus range feature impressively high mountains!

14. Matterhorn

Matterhorn at night

The peak of the Matterhorn is unique because the shape of the mountain is almost symmetrical. It’s like a child’s perfect drawing of a mountain!


The Matterhorn is a well-known mountain peak that sits along the Italy and Switzerland border. It’s the first mountain on this list that is a part of the Alps, but certainly not the last! It’s a stunning peak that reaches an elevation of 14,692 feet above sea level. The first ascent of the Matterhorn was in 1865 and nowadays, 3,000 climbers attempt to reach the peak annually.

13. Weisshorn

The Walliser alps peaks - Bishorn, Weisshorn, Schalihorn, and Rothorn over the Mattertal valley

The name Weisshorn translates directly to “white peak” or “white mountain.”

©Renata Sedmakova/

The Weisshorn is another tall mountain located in the Alps. It’s the thirteenth-highest mountain in Europe, reaching an elevation of 14,783 feet above sea level. The Weisshorn is located entirely in Switzerland and is a portion of the Pennine Alps.

12. Lyskamm

The summit of Liskamm, famous alpine peak above Zermatt, Switzerland. Moutain alpine landscape of Wallis. Snow and ice covered peak, Monte Rosa Glacier.

The name is rooted in the German word


, which translates to Lys Ridge.

©Ondra Vacek/

The twelfth-tallest mountain in Europe is located along the border of Switzerland and Italy. Lyskamm, or Silberbast, reaches a height of 14,872 feet above sea level. It’s located in the Pennine Alps and is a beautiful spot for fairly difficult mountaineering. However, this climb is definitely easier than some of the peaks on this list!

11. Dom

Verbascum thapsus apennines, italy

The Valais region of Switzerland is a beautiful spot to visit, full of alpine resorts.


The eleventh-highest peak in Europe is the Dom, which is a mountain located in the Pennine Alps of Switzerland. The Dom is a beautiful range, reaching an astonishing height of 14,911 feet above sea level. In Switzerland, the Pennine Alps are referred to as the Valaisan Alps.

10. Monte Rosa

Monte Rosa at dawn

The highest peak of Monte Rose is called Dufourspitze, which means “highest peak” or “large horn.”


The tenth-highest peak in Europe is located along the Switzerland/Italy border. That mountain is the beautiful Monte Rosa. Monte Rosa reaches an elevation of 15,203 feet and is the second-highest mountain in the Alps. Climbing this mountain is an intermediate-level feat, attainable for folks with alpine climbing experience.

9. Ushba

Snow capped mountain peak (Ushba) at sunrise.

Like many of the peaks on this list, Ushba is a part of the Caucasus Mountains.

©Nastja Rajar/

While some argue that Georgia is an Asian country, others argue that it is a part of Europe. For the purposes of this list, we’ll include it in the list, as Georgia is home to some incredible peaks! Ushba, the ninth-highest peak in Europe, is 15,453 feet in elevation. It’s located in the Svaneti region of Georgia, not far from the Russian border.

8. Mount Dzhimara

Caucasus, Ossetia. Genaldon gorge. Mount Dzhimara from the north.

Mount Dzhimara is not far from Mount Kazbek, which is the fifth-highest mountain in Europe!


The beautiful Mount Dzhimara takes the eighth-place spot for the highest mountain peak in Europe. This mountain is located along the border of Russia and Georgia, and it is a part of the Khokh Range. Mount Dzhimara reaches an incredible height of 15,682 feet in elevation.

7. Mont Blanc

Chamonix-Mont Blanc, France

The Tour du Mont Blanc is a hike around the mountain range of Mont Blanc, which touches France, Italy, and Switzerland! It takes between 6 and 12 days to complete this loop.

© Kulmar

The seventh-highest mountain in Europe is also the highest peak in the Alps. That mountain is Mont Blanc, which sits on the border between France and Italy. It reaches an astonishing height of 15,777 feet above sea level, and it’s the only mountain on this list that makes contact with France!

6. Tetnuldi

A panoramic view on the snow-capped peak of Tetnuldi in the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range in Georgia, Svaneti Region. A glacier is going down the mountain slopw. Sharp peaks, wanderlust, solitude.

Tetnuldi isn’t just for climbers. There is also a ski resort on the mountain, for those looking for a downhill adventure!

©Christopher Moswitzer/

The stunning mountain of Tetnuldi is yet another peak in the Caucasus Mountains which is one of the highest in Europe. It’s located in Georgia and is the 10th highest peak in the Caucasus Mountain range. This peak is 15,938 feet above sea level, just west of Georgia’s border with Russia.

5. Mount Kazbek

Kazbek Mountain in the clouds

The name of this mountain means “nobleman” in Kabardian, which is the language spoken in Kabardino-Balkaria.

©Alvydas Kucas /

The fifth-highest mountain in Europe is Mount Kazbek. Mount Kazbek is located in Georgia and reaches an elevation of 16,581 feet. It’s not far from Georgia’s border with Russia, as it is located in the Caucasus Mountains. The first ascent of this difficult mountain was documented in 1868, and it reportedly takes up to a week to climb.

4. Koshtan-Tau

Mount Koshtan Tau

The Koshtan-Tau is one of the two “Brothers of Bezengi” with the mountain that holds the second-place spot: the Dykh-Tau!


The fourth-tallest mountain in Europe is also located in Russia. That mountain is the peak of Koshtan-Tau. Koshtan-Tau is located in the Caucasus Mountains near Russia’s border with Georgia. It reaches an incredible elevation of 16,877 feet into the air!

3. Shkhara

View of the alpine village of Ushguli against the backdrop of Mount Shkhara, Georgia, Svaneti

Shkhara is the eastern portion of a massif called Bezengi Wall.

©Maria Bukval/

The tallest peak in the country of Georgia is also the third-highest peak in Europe, and that mountain is Shkahara. Shkahara sits along the border of Russia and Georgia and reaches an elevation of 17,037 feet.

2. Dykh-Tau


Dykh-Tau is located in the Caucasus Mountains like many of the tallest peaks in Europe.


The beautiful mountain of Dykh-Tau is the second-highest peak in Europe. It’s located in Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia, though it is close to the border with Georgia. This peak reaches an astonishing height of 17,077 feet tall. It’s a stunning peak that’s famous for avalanches, so if you’re a climber, be careful!

1. Mount Elbrus

View of Mt Elbrus from Mount Cheget. Caucasus, Russian Federation

Mount Elbrus ranks highly as one of the tallest mountains in the world. It’s actually the tenth-highest peak on Earth!


The tallest mountain in Europe is located in Russia. That is Mount Elbrus, which reaches a height of 18,510 feet in elevation! It’s in the western part of the Caucasus Mountains and, interestingly enough, this mountain is a stratovolcano!

Summary of the Tallest Mountains in Europe

The tallest mountains in Europe are pretty incredible! Here’s a quick summary of the highest peaks on the continent of Europe:

MountainCountryHeight (ft)
Mount ElbrusRussia18,510′
Mount KazbekGeorgia16,581
Mont BlancFrance/Italy15,777′
Mount DzhimaraRussia/Georgia15,682′
Monte RosaSwitzerland/Italy15,203′
Mount BazardüzüRussia14,652′

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Pedrosala/

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