10 Gorgeous Waterfalls in Alabama

Written by Volia Schubiger
Updated: October 19, 2023
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There are a number of stunning waterfalls in Alabama to explore. A large part of this is due to the many rivers and streams that cross the state’s spectacular scenery. A visit to one of the state’s beautiful waterfalls is a must-do regardless of whether you’re looking for a peaceful vacation or you’re on a quest for some natural Southern splendor. The problem is that there are so many of them that it would be impossible to see them all. 

If you’re having trouble deciding which ones to visit first, read on! The following waterfalls in Alabama deserve a spot on your bucket list!

1. Caney Creek Falls

Caney Creek Falls Alabama

Many consider Caney Creek Falls and Upper Caney Creek Falls to be Alabama’s most spectacular waterfall hikes.


Caney Creek Falls
Location:Double Springs, Alabama
Nearby Attractions:Bankhead National Forest
Animals to See:Bobwhite Quail, White-tailed Deer

There are a number of stunning waterfalls in Alabama, including Caney Creek Falls and Upper Caney Creek Falls, located just outside the Sipsey Wilderness near Double Springs. Guests can easily access the year-round falls via a three-mile hike through dense forests and lush undergrowth. Within seconds, you’ll find yourself surrounded by moss-covered rocks and evergreen trees along with the beginning of Caney Creek.

2. DeSoto Falls

DeSoto Fall Alabama

Located just eight miles northeast of Fort Payne, Alabama, DeSoto State Park offers great recreational opportunities.


DeSoto Falls
Location:Mentone, Alabama
Nearby Attractions:DeSoto State Park
Animals to See:Squirrels, American Goldfinch

Due to its breathtaking views and more than 100-foot height, DeSoto Falls is one of the most popular waterfalls in Alabama. The main cascade is best seen at its best from a viewing platform which you access via a small paved road above the falls. Near the falls is DeSoto State Park, which has more tiny waterfalls as well as hiking, fishing, kayaking, and wildflower excursions.

3. Cheaha Falls

Cheaha Falls Alabama

The glorious Cheaha Falls is around 30 feet tall and runs down Mt. Cheaha, Alabama’s highest peak.

©iStock.com/Jacqueline Nix

Cheaha Falls
Location:Clay County, Alabama
Nearby Attractions:Cheaha State Park
Animals to See:Scarlet Kingsnake, Pileated Woodpecker

On the Chinnabee Silent Trail, Cheaha Falls, a 30-foot waterfall, is located along Cheaha Creek in the Talladega National Forest. The Cheaha Creek, which makes its way down a hill and into the Cheaha Falls, starts in Talladega National Forest, which also contains Mount Cheaha, Alabama’s tallest peak. A swimming hole at the bottom of this spectacular three-tiered waterfall makes it the perfect spot to cool off.

4. Thompson Falls

Thompson Falls
Location:Arab, Alabama
Nearby Attractions:Lake Guntersville
Animals to See:Rabbits, Lizards

As a seasonal waterfall, Thompson Falls is good to see after heavy rainfalls. Three cascading waterfalls form it. A dirt road leads up to Thompson Falls from Thompson Falls Drive, about a half-mile from Lake Guntersville and Arab. You can continue your journey to the bottom of the falls on the opposite side of the bridge. You can then follow the path further down after the first waterfall to see the additional falls.

5. High Falls

High Falls Alabama

The High Falls are part of the Tennessee River and provide an impressive sight when the river flows strongly.

©Gabriel Quiles/Shutterstock.com

High Falls
Location:Grove Oak, Alabama
Nearby Attractions:High Falls Park
Animals to See:Largemouth Bass, Quail

These lovely falls are on the Tennessee River just south of Lake Guntersville. They are just 35 feet high but sprawl out over 300 feet. They are the third-highest waterfall in Alabama, and while they’re not always in full flow, it makes for a stunning photograph when they are. You can walk from the parking lot to a pedestrian bridge that crosses the gorge and offers amazing views of the upstream and downstream of the river and falls.

6. Chewacla Falls

Both natural and manmade waterfalls can be found at Chewacla State Park.

©Knizzle17 / Creative Commons – License

Chewacla Falls
Location:Auburn, Alabama
Nearby Attractions:Chewacla State Park
Animals to See:Red Fox, White-tailed Deer

Chewacla Dam, located in eastern Alabama, built this waterfall. Despite being man-made, it is large enough to be remarkable at 30 feet high. The falls are a remarkable sight and eventually pour into Chewacla Lake. There are boating, fishing, and swimming opportunities, as well as a network of hiking and mountain trails at the park. 

7. Devil’s Den Falls

Devil’s Den Falls
Location:Lineville, AL
Nearby Attractions:Cheaha State Park
Animals to See:Wild Turkey, Eastern Bluebirds

A bit of a challenging hike, Devil’s Den Falls is located in Clay County’s Cheaha State Park within the Talladega National Forest. Even though it is small, this waterfall offers a lot of fun to anyone looking for a summer activity. The entire atmosphere will appeal to you, especially if you are an outdoor person. After just one visit, Devil’s Den Falls will become your favorite swimming spot.

8. Little River Falls

Little River Falls Alabama

This lovely waterfall in Alabama sits along Highway 35, near the bridge in Gaylesville.

©James Deitsch/Shutterstock.com

Little River Falls
Location:Gaylesville, Alabama
Nearby Attractions:Little River Canyon National Preserve
Animals to See:Turkey Vultures, Moles

The beautiful Little River Canyon Natural Preserve is just 10 miles south of Desoto State Park, where Little River Falls is located. Those wishing to see the 45-foot falls can either descend a short but steep paved trail from the parking lot to an overlook or drive to a higher viewpoint located off Canyon Rim Drive. You can swim here, but you need to be careful because there are slippery rocks and fast waves that could sweep you over. 

9. Noccalula Falls

Noccalula Falls

Measuring 90 feet high, Noccalula Falls flows into the Black Creek ravine.

©iStock.com/Mindaugas Dulinskas

Noccalula Falls
Location:Gadsden, Alabama
Nearby Attractions:Noccalula Falls Park
Animals to See:Armadillos, Bats

Noccalula Falls, with a 90-foot plunge, is the most popular and well-known waterfall in Alabama, surrounded by lush natural beauty and full of myths. A bronze monument at the top of the falls honors Noccalula, a Cherokee princess. Tradition says she died after jumping from the top of the waterfall on her wedding day after being forced by her father to leave the guy she loved for another. These falls are quite special, and there are plenty of historic sites to explore, as well as a pioneer village and picnic area.

10. Mar​​dis Mill Falls

Mar​​dis Mill Falls Alabama

Mardis Mill Falls is one of the most magnificent hidden waterfalls in Alabama.


Mardis Mill Falls
Location:Blount County, Alabama
Nearby Attractions:Graves Creek
Animals to See:Shrews, Rodents

Located approximately 45 minutes away from Birmingham, Mardis Mills Falls is another great place to escape the city. Because it’s on Graves Creek, it’s also called Graves Falls. A short and simple trail gets you to the bottom of Marshall’s Mill Falls, making it one of Alabama’s most accessible waterfalls. Even though it only drops 16 feet, it does span 35 feet and has a really cool pool at the bottom that many residents love. 

Summary of 10 Gorgeous Waterfalls in Alabama

1Caney Creek FallsDouble Springs
2DeSoto FallsMentone
3Cheaha FallsClay County
4Thompson FallsArab
5High FallsGrove Oak
6Chewacla FallsAuburn
7Devil’s Den FallsLineville
8Little River FallsGaylesville
9Noccalula FallsGadsden
10Mardis Mill FallsBlount County

The photo featured at the top of this post is © iStock.com/gatorinsc

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