10 Grey Cat Breeds and Grey Cat Names

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Updated: June 23, 2023

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Key Points:
  • Many types of cats have grey fur. Only a few breeds are one hundred percent grey all over.
  • The most common house cat in North America is the grey domestic shorthair.
  • Silver, Misty, and Ash are the three most common names for grey cats.
The Scottish Fold is one of the most expensive breeds of cats you can buy.

Grey cats are like shadows that appear in the daytime. Their mysterious color, usually coupled with yellow eyes, is unusually elegant. Grey can be found in common, mixed-breed cats and high-priced purebreds. To compile our list, we chose cat breeds that mostly come in grey colors. We also focused on personality and chose cats that make excellent feline companions. If you’re looking for a grey cat breed, you’re in luck. We’ve gathered the best of these gorgeous cats. We hope you enjoy reading about these wonderful grey cat breeds and grey cat names.

#10: Russian Blue — Sweet, Shy Homebody

The Russian Blue is known for its blue-grey fur and alert expression.

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This stunning grey cat breed is known for its blue-grey fur and its wide, alert expression. The Russian Blue is shy and takes some time getting used to new people, but it’s worth it. This cat is exceptionally intelligent, clean, and quiet. It loves to stay indoors. Like most cats, it prefers a predictable routine and a quiet environment.

Suggested Grey Cat Name: Sapphire

Like a sapphire, your Russian Blue is a rare, precious jewel. Choose a name that’s worthy of this elegant cat.

#9: Scottish Fold — Sweet, Easygoing Personality

The Scottish Fold is one of the most expensive cat breeds.


This unusually adorable cat was bred to have small, folded ears, which give it a permanently “kitten-like” look. The Scottish fold comes in gray or with stripes of dark gray and silver. With yellow eyes, a round face, and a sweet expression, this cat is irresistible. It also has a great personality. It forms strong bonds with its family and is very docile and good-natured.

The Scottish Fold is a rare, popular breed that is one of the most expensive grey cat breeds you can buy.

Suggested Grey Cat Name: Smokey

Some people think Scottish folds look like little bears, so why not name it for the most famous little bear? It’s a good match for the Scottish fold’s cute appearance and lovely, smokey fur.

#8: Persian — Serene and Majestic Companion

The Persian is one of the most popular cat breeds in the world.

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The Persian is one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. This stunning, longhaired beauty comes in many colors, including grey. The Persian is a high-maintenance cat because its fur requires regular brushing and grooming. This serene, majestic cat also prefers a quiet, calm environment without kids or other pets. If treated correctly, it is very affectionate.

Suggested Grey Cat Name: Cinder or Cinderella

The name Cinderella comes from cinders or ashes. It’s a good way to describe the rich fur of this grey cat breed. Your Persian will always be the belle of the ball.

#7: Chartreux — Fabulous and Fun Feline

The Chartreux is the national cat of France.

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The national cat of France, this feline sports a stunning, fluffy gray coat with yellow eyes. The Chartreux has a muscular body on slender legs. This cat has an easygoing personality that makes it perfect for people who want an affectionate but not clingy pet. The Chartreux is a laid-back, no-nonsense cat that is easy to get along with. It is also an excellent mouser.

Suggested Grey Cat Name: Silverbell

A Chartreux’s stocky shape and fluffy fur might make you think of a bell shape. Some people believe this cat originated in a French monastery, so name it for chapel bells. It’s a solid name for a solid cat.

#6: Korat — Calming Presence in Your Home

The Korat only comes in one color: grey.

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This stunning cat originated in Thailand. Unlike some other cats on our list, it only comes in a gorgeous, medium grey color with dark green eyes. Silver tips on the coat make the fur look like it’s sparkling. This is a good cat for a quiet, peaceful home. The Korat loves calm routines and is not especially playful.

Suggested Grey Cat Name: Twilight

Your Korat is a calm, gentle presence in your home. Like twilight, this cat reminds you that it’s time to slow down and relax.

#5: Burmese — Affectionate, Energetic and Totally Charming

The Burmese love to spend time with people.


The Burmese is a beautiful shorthair with yellow eyes and an alert expression. It has a classic cat shape and glossy fur. This playful charmer loves to spend time with people and may follow you around the house. The Burmese come in several grey shades, including lilac and dark grey.

Suggested Grey Cat Name: Shadow

A Burmese cat will run around the house silently, and it will follow you like a shadow. This name shows off your pet’s shadowy coat and friendly nature.

#4: Devon Rex — Playful Pet That Loves Games

The Devon Rex has tabby-like markings on its coat.


This lovely cat has large ears, an inquisitive expression, and a coat that shows faint tabby-like markings. It usually comes with stripes of gray mixed with platinum or lavender shades. It is known for its slender build and slightly curly coat. The Devon Rex is intelligent, sociable, and rambunctious. If you want a cat who loves to play, this is a good choice.

Suggested Grey Cat Name: Fog or Foggy

This cat originated in the U.K. region of Devonshire. It’s a region with a foggy coastline as gray as your new friend’s fur.

#3: Oriental — Elegant, Intelligent Friend

The Oriental looks very similar to a Siamese cat.


This stunning cat looks almost like a Siamese cat, with long, pointed ears and slightly crossed eyes. Its long, lean body and soft gray coat make it one of the most elegant grey cat breeds. The Oriental is highly vocal and very attached to its family. It’s also one of the smartest cat breeds. If you want an elegant pet with a personality to match, the Oriental is for you.

Suggested Grey Cat Name: Silver

Give your Oriental a name that instantly denotes its high worth. Your Oriental is a rare, precious being that’s surprisingly strong, which makes Silver the perfect name.

#2: Norwegian Forest Cat — Giant Fluffy Ball of Love

The Norwegian Forest cat has a double coat that helps it stay warm.

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This gorgeous, long-haired cat is known for its huge size and its thick, fluffy coat. Norwegian cats come in solid colors or with stripes. The Norwegian Forest cat’s double coat is necessary to keep it warm in its native home of Norway. With yellow eyes and tufted ears, it almost resembles a wild cat. This cat is highly independent, but it will bond with its owners and can be very cuddly.

Suggested Grey Cat Name: Merlin

Name your cat for the wizard who lived deep in the forests and sported a long gray beard. Your shaggy, magical Norwegian is sure to like it.

#1: Domestic Shorthair — Common but Uncommonly Great

The Domestic Shorthair is the most common cat in America.

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The most common cat in America, the domestic shorthair, isn’t a specific breed. It’s a non-pedigreed, mixed-breed cat you can find in any home, pet shelter, feral cat community, and barn. Although it’s common, this cat’s mixed breeding means it is strong, smart, and healthy. If you get a domestic shorthair, you’re getting a wonderful cat with a great personality and few health problems. You’re also helping reduce shelter populations, so everybody wins.

Suggested Grey Cat Name: Stormy

A stormy grey day has many elements, including rain, lightning, and wind. It’s the perfect name for your domestic shorthair, which is a wonderful combination of many breeds.

Summary of 10 Grey Cat Breeds and Grey Cat Names

Here’s a recap of the 10 grey cat breeds we took a close look at and some ideas for cat names:

NumberCat BreedSuggested Name
1Domestic ShorthairStormy
2Norwegian Forest CatMerlin
4Devon RexFog or Foggy
8PersianCinder or Cinderella
9Scottish FoldSmokey
10Russian BlueSapphire

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