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What’s the Largest Planet in Our Solar System? Picture

Our solar system is packed with interesting celestial bodies. From planets and comets to asteroids and the star at the center of it all, humans have discovered plenty of interesting things in our local area. Most of the solar system’s mass is found in the sun, and much of the rest is found in the […] Read More

Stegosaurus vs Kentrosaurus: Who Would Win in a Fight? Picture

Many of the largest dinosaurs to exist were herbivorous creatures. Although they lacked the predatory drive seen in apex predators like the T-rex, herbivorous dinosaurs could still use their size and unique bodies to defend themselves. Two similar and spiky dinosaurs, the Stegosaurus and the Kentrosaurus, may not have lived near one another or at […] Read More

Triceratops vs Styracosaurus: Who Would Win in a Fight? Picture

Not all dinosaurs were large meat-eaters with a bite strong enough to crush a car. Some of these reptiles were large herbivores that wanted to find a meal and stay out of harm’s way. That doesn’t mean they were powerless or that fights between them if they had actually happened, wouldn’t be interesting. Today, we’re […] Read More

Deinonychus vs Velociraptor: Who Would Win in a Fight? Picture

When most people imagine the Velociraptor, they imagine a group of very “clever” dinosaurs that stand about 6ft tall and hunt in packs, taking on deadly, fictional enemies. The truth is less exciting, as the feathered dinosaur was not that size or a pack hunter, according to research. However, another dinosaur called the Deinonychus was […] Read More

What’s the Largest Artery in The Body? Picture

The human body is complex. That concept holds especially true when we examine the cardiovascular system. The basic purpose of this system is to pump blood throughout the body. Blood vessels are important components of the cardiovascular system, and arteries are the largest blood vessels. Arteries have the greatest diameter and the thickest walls of […] Read More

Velociraptor vs Protoceratops: Who Would Win in a Fight? Picture

Dinosaurs varied a great deal in terms of their size and strength throughout their long reign. Scientists can even track the evolution of some dinosaurs over time based on their fossil records. For example, they know that the Protoceratops is an ancestor of the horned triceratops. Protoceratops lacked horns, making them a fairer match for […] Read More

Utahraptor vs Velociraptor: Who Would Win in a Fight? Picture

A dinosaur standing 6ft tall and measuring over 20ft long emerges from the brush. Its prey can’t help but stay focused on the towering reptile and its long claws. Before it can formulate a plan of escape, another one comes sprinting in from behind. This might sound like another simple case of a velociraptor attack […] Read More

What Was the Largest Tornado in the United States? Picture

The United States is a rather large country, and various natural disasters are common in certain areas. The West Coast is prone to earthquakes, a potentially catastrophic supervolcano is located in Wyoming, and a portion of the country is designated as “Tornado Alley” for its frequent tornadoes. The U.S. has been the site of many […] Read More

What’s the Largest Organ in the Body? Picture

The human body is a marvel about which we’re still learning. Organs are important parts of the body with various functions, from aiding in digestion to pumping blood around the body. These organs vary in size, too. Some of them, like the gallbladder, are about 4 inches long, and others are much longer. Today, we’re […] Read More

Giganotosaurus vs Spinosaurus: Who Would Win in a Fight? Picture

People tend to think of the T-rex as the biggest, meanest dinosaur to ever walk the planet. While they may be right, a few other powerful dinosaurs were actually larger than the massive theropod. The Spinosaurus is believed to be the largest carnivorous dinosaur in the world’s history. Yet, that doesn’t mean it can immediately […] Read More

Velociraptor vs Giganotosaurus: Who Would Win in a Fight? Picture

The ‘Velociraptor’ captivated an entire generation of moviegoers as it was featured in films portraying it as a vicious dinosaur. You may imagine a herd of the fictional versions of these dinosaurs tearing into beasts larger than a T-rex or being especially clever girls. Reality is often disappointing, though. To illustrate that point, we’re going […] Read More

Velociraptor vs Indominus Rex: Who Would Win in a Fight? Picture

Dinosaurs roamed the Earth for millions of years. These reptiles ranged in size from a bird to larger than a house, and they survived in brutal conditions, with many of them having to hunt prey and defend their meals from scavengers. However, humans like to portray the most extreme versions of things in our media, […] Read More

Alligator vs Giant Boa: Who Would Win in a Fight? Picture

Alligators are very large reptiles with a reputation for fierce attacks. Not only can they regularly take down deer and dogs and other mammals in their range, but alligators can kill people! Yet, the Florida Everglades and other areas where alligators live are often dumping grounds for exotic snakes, giving gators some interesting competition for […] Read More

Alligator vs Shark: Who Is the deadlier Predator? Picture

A few apex predators in the world today strike immense fear into humans, thereby creating numerous conversations between friends. For example, two people might ask one another, would you prefer to get attacked by a Komodo dragon or a tiger? Two frequent members on the list of animals nobody wants to encounter are alligators and […] Read More

Alligator vs Grizzly Bear: Who Would Win in a Fight? Picture

We’ve previously mentioned how a saltwater crocodile would take out a bear if it came to a fight.  Yet, we have to wonder what would happen if we evened the odds out a bit by having the alligator face off against one? Today, we’re going to look at an alligator vs grizzly bear fight and […] Read More

Alligator vs Anaconda: Who Would Win in a Fight? Picture

Reptiles are unique creatures that come in many shapes and sizes. Their distinctive qualities and habit of attacking first and asking questions later make fights between reptiles interesting. We’ve already seen what happens in a crocodile vs anaconda fight, but what would happen if a massive snake fought something closer to its size? Today, we’re […] Read More

Alligator vs Tiger: Who Would Win in a Fight? Picture

Tigers are arguably the most powerful felines in the entire world. Not many animals alive today can challenge them to a one-on-one fight and live. What happens if they encounter another type of ambush predator, one that is an apex predator in most of its environments? That’s the question we’re going to answer as we […] Read More

Alligator vs Hippo: Who Would Win in a Fight? Picture

Despite being necessary for life, bodies of water can also contain dangers. The same rivers and lakes that we look to for freshwater can hold deadly predators waiting to spring. Among the semi-aquatic animals that pose a threat to humans and other creatures by the water are alligators and hippos. Although they don’t share a […] Read More

Stegosaurus vs Allosaurus: Who Would Win in a Fight? Picture

Although we know that dinosaurs fought and fed on one another, scientists don’t have a trove of fossil evidence that shows exactly how it happened. However, they do have a few very well-preserved pieces from a Stegosaurus vs Allosaurus fight. Who was the winner, and how did they manage? We’re going to break down this […] Read More

Triceratops vs Stegosaurus: Who Would Win in a Fight? Picture

Dinosaur battles are exciting no matter which two creatures are fighting one another. While we may think that dinosaurs like T-rex and Giganotosaurus make for the best heavyweight bouts, even the herbivores were incredibly powerful and ferocious. After all, herbivores had to live side-by-side with monsters that stood over 20ft tall and could end their […] Read More

Giganotosaurus vs Stegosaurus: Who Would Win in a Fight? Picture

Most people imagine T-Rex when they think of the biggest and toughest dinosaurs. However, another dinosaur that lived a few million years before T-Rex was arguably larger, faster, and deadlier. The Giganotosaurus was a massive theropod with a powerful bite and plenty of power. Yet, what happens when you pit a reptile with great offensive […] Read More

Indominus Rex vs Ankylosaurus: What Are the Differences? Picture

Dinosaurs are interesting creatures because they were such large, deadly reptiles. Ankylosaurus was a walking biological tank with bony plates that protected it from harm. The dinosaur even had a tail with a bony club on the end that could crack other dinosaurs’ bones. As cool as real dinosaurs were, humans love to use their […] Read More

T-Rex vs Ankylosaurus: What Are the Differences? Picture

The Cretaceous was a geological period that started about 145 million years ago and lasted until almost 66 million years ago, the time when dinosaurs died out. During this last age of massive terrestrial fauna, the T-Rex was still stomping around and eating smaller dinosaurs. Among the other gargantuan reptiles that existed during this time […] Read More

Ankylosaurus vs Stegosaurus: What Are the Differences? Picture

When most people think of dinosaurs, they imagine the massive carnivores like the T-Rex. However, some of the most interesting and relatively mysterious dinosaurs are herbivores, like the Ankylosaurus. With its armored body and the club on its tail, it was certainly an interesting reptile. The Stegosaurus is another cool, spiky dinosaur with a dangerous […] Read More

Stegosaurus vs T-Rex: Who Would Win a Fight? Picture

When we conceptualize battles between herbivores and carnivores, it’s sometimes too easy to rule in favor of the animal that is an apex predator. However, this mode of thinking is harder to apply to creatures of the past, like dinosaurs. Prehistoric giants like the Stegosaurus may not have possessed hunting instincts, but they had the […] Read More

Discover the Mississippi River’s “Dead Zone” the Size of New Jersey! Picture

The Mississippi River is known as one of the most important rivers in the United States. It has been used for transporting goods, generating electric power, and contributing fresh water to cities like Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and more. Unfortunately, the river’s mighty flow brings more than water to the river’s mouth. Today, we’re going […] Read More

Triceratops vs Rhino: What Are the Differences? Picture

The triceratops was a massive dinosaur that last roamed the planet about 65.5 million years ago. In fact, this horned beast may have been one of the last dinosaurs left following the asteroid impact that is believed to have spelled the end of the dinosaurs. No dinosaurs remain today, but some lookalikes roam the world. […] Read More

Triceratops vs T-Rex: What Are the Differences? Picture

When we imagine Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex) interacting with most other famous dinosaurs, the sad truth is that they probably lived in two very different time periods. However, that’s not the case with the T-Rex and a Triceratops. These two creatures did walk the planet at the same time. That doesn’t mean they were anything alike, […] Read More

Meet the Lizard 10X Bigger than a Komodo Dragon (Lived with Humans!) Picture

Monitor lizards are very large reptiles that can vary in size and aggressiveness. At present, the Komodo dragon is the largest extant lizard on the planet today. It is capable of preying on deer and has even attacked humans. However, they were not always the largest lizard to walk the planet. In the not-too-distant past, […] Read More

The Man-Eating Tiger that Killed 436 People Picture

Despite being large and brightly colored, tigers are very stealthy, deadly animals. They have no problem bringing down deer and cattle, and they can be a serious threat to humans. The Champawat Tiger was a female Bengal tiger that lived in the late 19th century and early 20th century. This was the deadliest man-eating tiger […] Read More

Meet the World’s Deadliest Wolf to Ever Live (Killed 11 Children) Picture

Even in modern times, with all the protections afforded to humans by technological advancement, a wolf’s howl can send a chill up one’s spine. These deadly mammals are known to hunt in packs and have all the power needed to take down large prey. Wolf attacks on humans are rare, but they have been recorded […] Read More

Discover the Largest Crocodile Attack in Human History (500+ Died) Picture

Crocodiles may not be dinosaurs, but they sure do have supremacy over other animals like them. These massive reptiles can reach over 20ft in length, weigh 2,000lbs, and have an immensely powerful bite. On average, it’s believed that crocodiles kill as many as 1,000 people per year around the world. However, during the largest crocodile […] Read More

The Deadliest Shark Attack in Human History Picture

Sharks are incredible, deadly predators. They can detect chemicals from hundreds of meters away in small quantities, sense the electrical discharge from living beings, and have insanely powerful bites. Fortunately, shark attacks are very uncommon. Somewhere between 50 and 100 shark attacks occur every year, and only 10 or so are fatal. Yet, one attack […] Read More

Meet the World’s Deadliest Lions (Reigned Over an Empire!) Picture

Lions are very capable apex predators that can hunt and kill most things that live in their range. They also have an interesting social structure that lends itself to infighting and pressure from outside over territory. Sometimes, all that power, aggression, and social strife can lead to stories of lions that are even more entertaining […] Read More

Bodies of Water: The Complete List of Water Types Picture

The world is home to many different bodies of water. Although it’s easy to say that many waterways are connected and don’t need special words to describe them, it’s important to know the difference between a bay and a lagoon. Today, we’re looking at the names and definitions for all bodies of water. Take a […] Read More

The 10 Coolest Rivers in the World Picture

Some rivers in the world are long, meandering, and predictable, and others are filled with rapids, home to dangerous animals, and have uncertain sources. This article is about the latter type. Today, we’re taking a closer look at the coolest rivers in the world. While they might be interesting for different reasons, all of these […] Read More

The Deepest River in the US Picture

The United States is home to some incredibly long, complicated, and beautiful rivers that provide drinking water and trade channels for its many citizens. Although the United States is renowned for some of its very large and deep lakes, its rivers don’t run quite as deep. Today, we are going to look at the deepest […] Read More

The 10 Deepest Rivers in the World Picture

The world’s population owes much of its success to river systems that provide water, transportation, and even protection in some cases. Some of these rivers are larger than others and discharge a great deal, but they vary in depth. A single river can range from a dozen feet in depth at one point to several […] Read More

The 10 Longest Rivers in South America Picture

South America is rife with unique animals and many bodies of water. Of course, the most famous body of water in South America is the Amazon River. However, it’s not the only river worth talking about in this part of the world, and it’s not even the only one over 3,000 miles long! Today, we’re […] Read More

The 10 Longest Rivers in Canada Picture

Canada is a nation that is known for its vast number of lakes and rivers. Although this country is not home to the longest river in the world, it does have an entry that cracks the top fifteen. Some of the rivers and river systems in this nation are large. So, we’re going to count […] Read More

Discover The 12 Longest Rivers in Asia Picture

Asia is a very large continent that is home to some of the largest rivers in the world. These rivers support billions of people with water, power, and transportation. Although Asia is not home to the longest river, it’s a continent rife with many valuable waterways. Today, we’re going to take a look at the […] Read More

10 Famous Rivers You Need to Know Picture

Rivers are very important bodies of water that help humans in many different ways. Humans built along riverbanks for access to transportation and freshwater. We also use them as boundaries between nations and to bring in the bounty of waters for food. However, some rivers are more well-known than others. We’re going to take a […] Read More

How Deep is the Amazon River? Picture

While scientists debate whether the Amazon or the Nile River is truly the longest river in the world, there’s little doubt that when it comes to discharge – the amount of water flowing in a river – the Amazon reigns supreme. Yet, many questions surround this body of water. One of these questions is, how […] Read More

Piranhas vs Shark: Who Would Win in a Fight? Picture

Piranhas and sharks are two of the most feared fish in the world. Sharks have killed stranded sailors by the score in real life and haunted the collective cultural mindset of people since the release of Jaws. Schools of piranhas are rumored to have the ability to strip an entire cow of its flesh in […] Read More

What is a River Basin? Picture

Rivers are complex bodies of flowing water that can travel thousands of miles from their source to their mouth. Not only is it important for us to look at how rivers form, but we have to consider why they form and persist in a given area. Although precipitation and elevation are important and necessary, geological […] Read More

How Long is The Mississippi River? Picture

The Mississippi River is one of the largest rivers in the United States. The river has immensely benefitted transportation and agriculture in this region. If you look at a map of the U.S. and follow the Mississippi River from start to finish, you’ll see that it nearly bisects the entire length of the nation! So, […] Read More

What is a River? What You Must Know Picture

When you think about the various bodies of water that exist, it may seem simple to differentiate between a lake and a river or a stream and a lake. At least, it seems that way on the surface. Today, we’re going to answer a very simple question: what is a river? As you might imagine, […] Read More

Joro Spider vs Banana Spider: What Are the Differences? Picture

Spiders can be interesting, beautiful, and frightening creatures depending on the person you ask. Sadly, misinformation about spiders and their potential danger has cast some of these arachnids in a bad light. Two spiders that are sometimes mistakenly believed to be related and also maligned are the Joro spider and the banana spider. Today, we’re […] Read More

Banana Spider vs Garden Spider: What Are the Differences? Picture

Yellow spiders are found throughout the world, and two of these spiders that are most commonly confused for one another are the banana spider and the garden spider. Both of these spiders go by various names, and they can be hard to differentiate with a cursory glance. That’s why we’re going to take a closer […] Read More