Beauceron vs Doberman: Are They Different?

Written by Megan Martin
Published: April 18, 2022
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To the unfamiliar eye, a Beauceron vs Doberman comparison may seem like you’re comparing the exact same dog. However, despite the many similarities between these dogs, they’re actually two distinct and unique breeds.

Not convinced? We’ve created this guide to highlight the many differences between the Beauceron and Doberman to show off just what makes each breed unique. Let’s dive in! 

Comparing the Beauceron vs Doberman

The Doberman has a smooth and short coat.

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Size24 to 27.5 inches at the shoulders 24 to 28 inches
Weight70 to 99 pounds60 to 100 pounds
Coat/Hair TypeShort and smooth with a thick double coatSmooth, short coat
ColorsBlack and rust or tan, tricolor, black and grey (harlequin)Black and rust, blue and rust, red and rust, white, fawn and rust
TemperamentIntelligent, friendly, protective, relaxedFearless, alert, protective, loyal
Life Expectancy10 to 12 years10 to 12 years
Energy LevelsHighHigh
Beauceron vs Doberman Key Differences

Beauceron vs Doberman: 5 Key Differences

Beauceron laying by stone wall
Beaucerons are known for a bright puppy smile.

The main differences between the Beauceron and the Doberman are coat, appearance, and personality.

Because both the Beauceron and the Doberman share a similar physique and coloration at a glance, it can be easy to get the two mixed up. However, a close Beacueron vs Doberman analysis highlights the differences between each. For instance, whereas the Beauceron sports a thick double coat that gives it a soft and plush appearance, the Doberman’s short and sleek coat highlights its muscular frame. The Doberman also has a much more diverse range of colors than the Beauceron, which rarely strays from the popular black and tan combination. There is also a noticeable difference in their personalities which stems from the Beacueron’s history as a livestock dog compared to the Doberman’s history in providing humans with protection.

Keep reading for a more detailed comparison of the Beauceron vs Doberman. 

Beauceron vs Doberman: Coat

If you were to look at the Beauceron and think it was a fluffier version of the Doberman, you’d be partly right. Not including undercoats, the Beauceron has a very similar coat to the Doberman – that is, short and smooth. However, that’s where the similarities end.

Whereas the Doberman only boasts of this short, smooth coat that gives them just a regal and powerful look, the Beauceron softens this aesthetic with a thick double coat. Beneath the short hairs visible, the Beauceron sports a second undercoat of fur that’s thicker, giving it a fluffy appearance. 

Beauceron vs Doberman: Appearance

Doberman Pinscher pair
Dobermans can come in a variety of colors.


There are also differences in the colors of the Beauceron compared to the Doberman. 

According to the American Kennel Club, the Beauceron can come in four main colors and patterns: black and rust, black and tan, black and grey, or tricolor. However, the Doberman has a much more diverse palette of colors.

While the Doberman shares the black and rust color pattern with the Beauceron, it can also have a coat in the colors of blue and rust, red and rust, fawn and rust, or even solid white.

Thus, while it may be more difficult to tell a Beauceron from a Doberman if they’re both sporting a black and rust coat, you’ll easily be able to identify a Doberman with some of the more unique colorations.

Beauceron vs Doberman: Personality and Temperament

Beauceron dogs laying together
Beaucerons can be affectionate with their family.

One of the biggest differences between the Beauceron and the Doberman is their personality. 

While both are protective, the Beauceron is more laidback than the Doberman. It is a bit more friendly than the Doberman and less likely to stay on high alert all the time. It is still a great guard dog, however.

Beauceron vs Doberman: Origin

The Beauceron and the Doberman are both European breeds, but they can trace their roots back to different countries and even time periods.

The Beauceron first emerged in the 16th-century plains of France. Here, it was used to protect livestock, especially cattle and sheep. Nearly three centuries after its origin, a new breed was formed from the Beauceron as a guard dog, but the livestock protectors continued to thrive, even until today. 

The Doberman didn’t emerge until much later, in the late 19th century. Born and bred in Germany, this loyal canine was first bred as a guard dog, a role that still exists for them. 

Beauceron vs Doberman: Size

While the Beauceron looks larger thanks to its thick double coat, the Doberman is actually larger – although it may not always be that noticeable. The Doberman can be a pound and half an inch larger than the Beauceron.

Beauceron vs Doberman: Conclusion

side view of Doberman Pinscher standing
The Doberman Pinscher has a strong bite, making them a great protector.

The Beauceron and the Doberman may be similar in some ways, but they’re different in just as many – if not more! – ways. The Beauceron has a thicker coat that comes in less of a variety of colors, and it is more laidback than the Doberman, although both make excellent guard dogs

Neither are recommended for first-time owners, but the Beauceron can be a good stepping stone into guard dogs. It’ll provide the same protection as a Doberman but poses less risk for aggression, especially with proper socialization. 

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