How Big Do French Bulldogs Get?

Written by Emmanuel Kingsley
Updated: January 24, 2023
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French bulldogs are popular companion dogs due to their socialization abilities. This purebred dog breed loves physical contact (cuddling!), are smart, and easy-going.  An interesting fact about French bulldogs is that their name was given because they followed English lacemakers during their migration to France, and there they obtained their “Frenchie” moniker. 

Because of their similarities to English bulldogs, people often want to know how big they get. So, let’s answer the question of just how big French Bulldogs get!

How Big Do French Bulldogs Get?

French bulldog laying in front of leash
French Bulldogs

can grow to a height of 11-13 inches and weigh about 28 pounds.


The French bulldog can grow to a maximum height of 11-13 Inches and a maximum weight of about 28 pounds. There is no assurance that your bulldog will get to weigh up to this amount or grow this tall. The maximum growth is dependent on a lot of factors, some of which might be out of your control.

Most female French bulldogs only weigh from 17 pounds to 24 pounds, with a height of 11-12 inches. The male counterparts are most often heavier than the female, with their average weight often between 20 pounds to 28 pounds.

There are three other French bulldogs besides the standard French dog, and they grow differently. The teacup French bulldog weighs the least, usually from 10 – 14 pounds, and the height not more than 11-12 inches.

The mini French bulldog weighs between 20 – 25 pounds on average and is about 13 inches tall. The Micro French bulldog weighs between 15 – 20 pounds and is about 12 inches tall. The standard French bulldog rarely exceeds 28 pounds. Anything beyond 28 pounds is considred obesity.

When compared to other dogs, French bulldogs are generally on the small side.

At What Age is a French Bulldog Fully Grown?

merle French bulldog sitting on chair with tongue out

An average French bulldog can be considered fully grown at 12-14 months


Frenchies grow into their adult weight about eight to twelve months after birth, while it takes them nine to twelve months after birth to reach their maximum height. Between 12 and 14 months, an average French bulldog can be considered to be fully grown.

After the maximum height has been reached, they continue to build muscles.

How Big is a 6-month old French Bulldog?

For the male counterpart, 6 months after birth, French bulldogs weigh between 17 pounds and 22 pounds, while the average weight is 15 pounds.

The female, on the other hand, doesn’t get as weighty as the male French bulldog— she weighs between 13 pounds and 20 pounds at the age of 6 months.

On average, a 6-month old Frenchie will be about 7 inches to 9 inches tall, regardless of gender.

How Do French Bulldogs Grow?

French Bulldog walking in park

The French bulldog grows in stages – from neonatal through to the adolescence stage.


The French bulldog has different growth stages to reach full adulthood. They are the neonatal, transitional, socialization, ranking, and adolescence stages. 

Neonatal stage

This stage is during the first two weeks after Frenchie’s are born. At this stage, the dog is barely active and does not communicate with the immediate environment.

The bulldog is blind, deaf, and toothless during these two weeks. However, Frenchies in this stage are not without any senses. For example, their sense of taste and touch is present immediately at birth. French bulldogs are inactive at this stage, and most of the two weeks are spent sleeping and nursing for the puppy.

Transitional stage

Just like the name of this phase sounds, it’s a transitional one! It occurs between the second and fourth week of a french bulldog’s life. The growth of the Frenchie’s teeth starts in this phase. Then, the baby French bulldog also starts moving about a little during this stage. Their sight, smell, and hearing senses become active.

Socialization stage

At this phase, there is some rapid development, and it occurs between 3 to 12 weeks. Baby French bulldogs between the ages of 3 weeks and 4 weeks go through their socialization because, at that age, they know what is going on in their environment and can also control their urination and defecation, putting intentionality to it. 

Between their fourth and sixth week, French bulldogs start to enjoy physical contact and communicate better with other dogs. Also, between the fifth week to the seventh week, they begin to understand human interaction.

They can receive vaccinations once they are between 6 weeks and 8 weeks. A french bulldog should get all necessary vaccines at this growth stage. It can be weaned and eat solid foods by the 8th weej after birth.

You can bring a French bulldog home to get accustomed to the house after about 7 to 9 weeks, and between 9 to 12 weeks, they are mostly ready to start getting trained, starting with basic commands.

Ranking Stage

This stage falls between the 3rd and 6th months after birth, and it is the phase where the French bulldog begins teething. The teething might go on for several months.

Adolescence Stage

The French bulldog adolescence stage starts 6 months after birth and ends by the 18th month. At this stage, the dog has reached sexual maturity and can reproduce. You can also say they have reached adulthood and attained their full height and weight.

How to Make Sure Your French Bulldog is Healthy

The health of your French bulldog is essential, and you need to pay attention to it. The dog has some specifics that need to be catered for, so they can live a long and healthy life


As much as French bulldogs need exercise, they do not need much as other dogs. They have fairly low energy levels. However, there is a need for exercise because they are prone to obesity. It’s worth noting that Frenchies are susceptible to hot temperatures. So, exercising in hot weather is a bad idea. A good exercise for French bulldogs is short walks in conducive weather, indoor play sessions, etc.


What you feed your French bulldog is highly important. Feeding your Frenchie 1 – 1.5 cups of dry food every day is recommended, but exact amounts depend on a dog’s size. You can distribute this quantity throughout the day.

It would be best not to let your French bulldog feed on human food. Like you would not eat dog food, do not allow your dog to eat human food. The reason is simple: human food often leads to obesity!

Look out for health problem tendencies.

Having a French bulldog requires you to pay attention to its health, as the breed is prone to several health issues. French bulldogs are particularly prone to breathing problems due to their flat and short faces. Make sure they are breathing well after exercises, especially if you plan to continue them on a. consistent basis. Note that the breathing problem might heighten during hot and very cold weather.

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