How High (And Far) Can a Rabbit Jump?

Eastern Cottontail Rabbit in Grass
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Written by Angie Menjivar

Updated: September 1, 2023

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They’re cute and cuddly enough to make a wonderful pet but some types of rabbits need freedom to thrive. Learn more about rabbits and discover how high a rabbit can jump!

What is a Rabbit?

There are 25 different rabbit species, and the term rabbit refers to each of these. These are small mammals that have long ears and belong to the Leporidae family. You may have heard the term hare used synonymously with the term rabbit, but this is incorrect. Naming conventions only add to the confusion, as jackrabbits are actually hares and rockhares are actually rabbits. Naming complexity aside, to be clear, rabbits have no fur when they’re born. Plus, it takes about a month for them to open their eyes. This is not true for hares.

If there are trees and shrubs around, rabbits are likely to dwell in these areas, creating burrows in the soil around them. They’re versatile animals, finding multiple environments comfortable for living. As much as they can thrive in a tropical forest, they can also make do in a desert environment. Sadly, half of the rabbits found throughout the world are endangered, making them a particularly vulnerable species worth conserving.

rabbit house

Some rabbits make great pets while others need to be free.


Types of Rabbits

You could place rabbits into two broad categories. The first would be the type of rabbit you can keep as a pet and the other is a wild rabbit. American rabbits, for instance, are a popular pet choice. These rabbits have gentle, relaxed temperaments — so much so that you might consider them kind of slothful. There are other rabbit breeds known for having higher levels of energy like the Belgian hare rabbit, for instance. This is a curious breed known for being active, even learning tricks when trained appropriately.

The cottontail rabbit is a wild rabbit that lives throughout South, Central, and North America. Their tails are white and bushy, appearing much like a cotton ball. This is a prolific species, which can spell trouble for farmers. They are typically grayish-brownish in color and their sizes vary. These rabbits are rather anxious, which is why they need to be free. They don’t do well in captivity.

Discover How High a Rabbit Can Jump

Rabbits can jump up to four feet high but generally, they can make it to two feet without much effort. When they’re moving, they can travel up to 45 miles per hour depending on the type of rabbit. When they jump vertically, they can scale short fences but don’t travel a great distance to the other side.

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