See British Adventurer Meet a Wolf Pack In the Dead of Winter

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: June 9, 2022
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When you think of an adventurer, you perhaps can’t imagine all he may encounter. An entire wolf pack? Well, sure. But then—how does he make it out alive?

You’ll be surprised just how well-versed this particular adventurer is with wildlife—and what he does when these wolves get close.

A pack of wolves connects with several adventurous humans.

The video starts with this adventurous man holding the camera up from his left to span the sight he’s taking in. He’s in a heavy snow area, wearing a beanie, jacket, and sweater up to his neck. In the background, several wolves begin to approach.

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There are three wolves, and they seem to be communicating among themselves. Surprisingly, he narrates that they may be more interested in communicating with his female counterpart than with him.

The camera reveals her, in a blue beanie, and red jacket, with blonde hair, and a smile on her face.

The snow flurries join the moment as sweet little gifts from the sky above. Then, the wolves approach her, and as if they had no instinct to leave, the couple stays to welcome them.

The woman, in a low, yet confident voice (and still with a glimmering smile), says “Hi.”

A simple greeting but in the face of wolves—as spectators, we have to wonder!

Then, the man begins to say hello and one wolf approaches him the way a friendly dog would, licking his outstretched hand. It’s smiles all around for the humans and apparently, for the wolves too.

The three wolves engaged with one another after the encounter with these humans, and make short gruff sounds. The man explains they’re displaying some nervousness, but these little behaviors are helping them keep the pack together, with the right hierarchy.

As he goes on to explain, a fourth wolf is revealed, and they keep nipping at and gently biting one another to neutralize their positions within the pack.

The woman in the video is identified as Tess, and she has a lot more knowledge about this pack than we may have thought. Although seemingly domesticated, these wolves are very much wild and so Tess and the cameraman move with caution.

The wolves step in closer to the couple, with one of them licking Tess’ open mouth. By exploring, they become more comfortable even with a second (and third) cameraman who is revealed during this exploring session.

The man explaining this encounter stands up, moves a bit too fast, and gets nipped at by one of the wolves. As he explains what happens, the wolf snaps at his hand, and he pulls away again, acknowledging his need to move more slowly.

The man shows his palms, reveals his vulnerability, and the wolf walks away. He goes on to explain the importance of a pack and he and Tess begin to howl. The wolves follow suit.  

The video ends with the man expressing his awe as the whole pack of wolves howls into the open air.

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