The 4 Best Dog Parks in Chandler

Written by Emilio Brown
Published: July 27, 2022
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Regular exercise for a dog is very important in keeping it physically and mentally healthy. Every breed needs to get exercise, but some, such as border collies or labradors, need multiple hours of activity a day. Not everyone has a large space for their dog to run their heart out. Luckily, dog parks are there to provide a safe place for the local dogs nearby to play. If in Arizona then you are in luck, as this article will cover the 4 best dog parks in Chandler and what they offer for your pup.

Before visiting any dog park, it is important your pooch is well-trained and comfortable around other people and dogs. Each dog park has its own rules that should be followed, and if you need to know them, they can usually be found right outside the off-leash park entrance.

Some of the rules you can find at the dog parks in Chandler include:

  • All owners must pick up after their own dog
  • Dogs must be under voice control at all times
  • No sick or in-heat dogs
  • No smoking or alcoholic beverages
  • No eating 
  • Aggressive dogs should be removed immediately  

Checking the rules at the different dog parks you visit is important, as each area has its own that should be followed.

Let’s take a look at the 4 best dog parks in Chandler, so you can plan your next trip with your furry best friend the next time you are in the city. 

1. Snedigar Dog Park

dog chasing ball
Off-leash areas like the Snedigar dog park are great for games like fetch since they provide such an open area.

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Snedigar Dog Park
Location 917 W Kaibab Dr, Chandler, AZ 85248
Hours 6AM-9PM
Price Free 

The Snedigar dog park is an off-leash park located in the Snedigar Sportsplex Park in Chandler, Arizona. This dog park is an open space surrounded by a large 6-foot-tall chain-link fence. There are tons of agility equipment in this dog park like tunnels, seesaws, and a balance bar for your pup to use. The park is mostly flat, with a natural grass surface that is easy on dogs’ paws.

Snedigar dog park has benches around so you can comfortably sit, with a few trees and gazebos for shade. The dog park is just one of the things you can find at the Snedigar Sports Complex, and there are also various sports fields, bathrooms, and picnic areas.

2. Nozomi Dog Park

Nozomi Dog Park
Location 250 S Kyrene Rd, Chandler, AZ 85226
Hours 6 AM-10 PM
Price Free 

The Nozomi dog park is one of the more popular dog parks in Chandler and is an off-leash area great for any breed. This dog park has both a large and small dog area. In both sections, you can find plenty of shade from trees and space for your pup to play. There is also an area with agility equipment so you can test your dog’s might.

When dogs get thirsty, water is available, and there are also kiddie pools that you can fill up on hot days. Nozomi dog park is known for being clean and spacious, giving dogs a safe place to get out their energy. However, this dog park is sometimes closed for maintenance. 

3. Shawnee Dog Park

why can't dogs talk
The Shawnee dog park is very spacious, with agility equipment to tire out your pup.


Shawnee Dog Park
Location 1400 W Mesquite St, Chandler, AZ 85224
Hours 6 AM-8 PM
Price Free 

The Shawnee dog park is a large field where dogs can get out their energy and get off their leash. This dog park is open, with a large section for dogs to play and another area fenced off for training and smaller dogs to socialize. Shawnee dog park has a flat dirt and grass surface, and in the rainy season, it can get muddy easily.

An agility area is located in this dog park, and so are small kiddie pools for dogs who love to get wet. While the park is very spacious, there abundance of shade and seating spread around the area. For dog owners, there is also a bathroom nearby.

4. Paseo Vista Recreation Area Bark Park

Paseo Vista Recreation Area Bark Park
Location 3850 S McQueen Rd, Chandler, AZ 85286
Hours 6 AM-10:30 PM
Price Free 

The Paseo Vista Recreation Area Bark Park is a large off-leash area for the zoomies of dogs to play. This dog park has two sections used for dogs, and they are rotated to maintain the grass surface. Both areas of this dog park are fully fenced in and have a double gated entrance. 

The recreation area that this dog park sits on was originally a landfill but was repurposed to bring a fun attraction to the city of Chandler. The dog park is just one of the amenities nearby, as there are also disc golf courses, playgrounds, picnic areas, walking trails, and an archery field. Water fountains are found around the park for thirsty dogs or humans. Along with the large space, you can find shaded spots, benches, and even agility tunnels for your dog to use.

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