The 4 Best Dog Parks in Cleveland

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Written by Emilio Brown

Published: June 26, 2022

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For dogs living in a city like Cleveland, Ohio, it may be hard to get access to open space for them to have some off-leash fun. Luckily, dog parks are there to give your pup a safe place to play and also make new furry friends. While there are various places to take your pup for a fun day in the big city, this article will cover the 4 best dog parks in Cleveland you can find. They offer something different for your dog to enjoy and allow your pup to get off its leash to play.

Before visiting any dog park, it is best if the dog is fully vaccinated and well trained. This makes sure your pet and others have a safe experience while visiting. Each dog park also has its set of rules, which are usually posted outside the designated off-leash area. 

Let’s take a look at the 4 best dog parks in Cleveland so you can know the best ones in the area. Whether a resident of the city or just passing through, these dog parks are always a fun visit.

1. Avon Lake Dog Park

Yorkshire Terrier dog and beagle dog chese

At Avon Lake Dog Park, there is a section for both large and small breeds to enjoy some fun off-leash.

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Avon Lake Dog Park
Location 33401 Webber Rd Avon Lake, OH 44012
Hours 7 AM-9 PM
Price Free 

While not directly in Cleveland, Avon Lake Dog park is just a short drive away in the city of Avon Lake, Ohio. This large park is located in Weiss Field, which also has a skatepark, picnic areas, and a kids’ playground. Avon Lake Dog Park is fully fenced off with a chain-link fence and has gravel and stone surfacing. 

There are separate fenced sections for big breeds and smaller dogs to play in. While having the necessities like water and poop bags in the dog park, there are also different agility structures for your pooch to use. This park is great at providing a safe place for dogs to run around and gives them a variety of tools to get some exercise. Large trees provide shade in the dog park, and there are benches spread around to comfortably watch your pooch. 

2. Tremont – Clark Field Dog Park

Tremont – Clark Field Dog Park
Location Tremont Park – Clark Fields West 11th St & Clark Ave Cleveland, OH 44113
Hours 8 AM-9 PM
Price Free 

The Tremont – Clark Field Dog Park was created by combining three tennis courts and giving the pups a pebbled surface to run on. This dog park is very open and has a separate area for smaller breeds to play. The dog park is not the only attraction in the area, as there is also a playground, with fields surrounding the area. The dog park is also usually filled with other friendly dogs ready to play. 

Everything you need when going out with your dogs, like poop bags, water bowls, drinking fountains, and toys, can be found in this dog park. On hot days, the pebbles may get too warm for your dog to be comfortable, but there are plenty of large trees around the park giving shade. 

3. Taps & Tails

Bar with Beers

Taps and Tails is one of the only dog park bars in the city, serving various alcoholic drinks and giving your pup somewhere to play.

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Taps & Tails
Location 1901 Train Ave Cleveland, OH 44113
Hours Monday – Friday4PM-9PMSaturday & Sunday12PM-7PM
Price One Dog Daily Fee: $8 

One of the most unique dog parks in Cleveland, Taps & Tails is catered to serve both humans and hounds. This dog park is an indoor/outdoor area where your pup can play off-leash but is also a bar for you to grab a drink. For dogs, there is an entrance fee, but the price varies depending on the membership you buy.

Dog Membership Prices for Taps & Tails:

  • Single-day Pass-$8 ($4 for each additional dog) 
  • Monthly Membership-$29 ($19 for each additional dog)
  • Yearly Membership-$219 ($110 for each additional dog)

This dog park also has a doggy daycare, which is perfect if you are looking for a regular place to drop off your pup. Taps & Tails is a good bar as it is a dog park. There is a wide selection of alcoholic drinks to enjoy and a few hot meals to choose from.

This dog park is a 9,000-square-foot area for your dog to go crazy and get some time off-leash. Things for your dog to use, such as a ramp, kiddie pool, and different toys, are all found in this dog park.

4. Downtown Cleveland Dog Park

Downtown Dog Park
Location 1505 Merwin Ave Cleveland, OH 44113
Hours 8 AM-9 PM
Price Free 

Downtown Cleveland Dog Park is the first off-leash area to open in Downtown, Cleveland. It first opened up in 2014 and has been well-maintained throughout the years. In total, it is around 3,500 square feet, fully fenced-off with a pebble surfacing. The location of this dog park is convenient, as it is around many apartment buildings where dogs do not have much space to run.

Downtown Cleveland Dog Park is a small area for dogs of all breeds to play together. While not the largest dog park, it is a great escape from the bustling city found in the area. Poop bags and water fountains are available for the public to use at this dog park to help take care of their pup. An agility ramp structure is located in this dog park so your pooch can get out all its energy. The large buildings, large fountains, and other parts of the cityscape are in view to gaze at when visiting this dog park.

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