The 7 Funniest Animal Commercials of All Time

Written by Justin Zipprich
Updated: April 15, 2023
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Here at A-Z Animals, we love every adorable and interesting creature inhabiting our planet because they bring us a lot of joy and teach us a lot about the world around us. They can also provide a lot of comic relief and they make great commercials. Over time, a slew of hilarious animal commercials have aired during TV shows, the Super Bowl, and our news telecasts, so we thought we would compile the seven best and funniest animal commercials here. From screaming squirrels to sloths that dance for Doritos, there is something here for everyone. The seven best animal commercials below are sure to make you chuckle while making you all warm and fuzzy.

7. Screaming Squirrel and Animal Friends That Almost Get Hit By A Car

In this unforgettable ad for Bridgestone Tires, we see what the amazing products can do when a couple is driving down the road, and a squirrel jumps into the road to gather one of its delicious nuts. As the car, which is driving at full speed, gets closer to the squirrel, it screams for help. At the same time, many other animals and insects scream with big mouths and ear-piercing wails. Of course, Bridgestone tires are so great that the couple is able to quickly swerve and navigate around the squirrel, and his life is saved. This commercial aired during the Super Bowl, and it was a crowd favorite.

6. Wego, the Rescue Dog That Fetches Beer

The marketing team at Bud Light has made some of the funniest animal commercials in recent memory, and they tend to do their best work during football season. This commercial was no exception as it features a dog named “Wego” that fetches a beer whenever he is called. The commercial takes place during a big party, and the dog works overtime to ensure that all of the guests are having a great time. At one point, Wego even uses his paw to roll a keg over to the party people. It’s every beer drinker’s dream.

5. Animals Dance for Dorritos in This “Push It” – Flamin’ Hot Super Bowl LVI TV Spot

The Doritos brand is another company that always makes great commercials. In fact, the company often has competitions where amateur short filmmakers and novices can make their own commercial and submit it to the company with hopes of having it air during the Super Bowl. In this particular commercial, an animal expert is in the forest when she accidentally drops her bag of spicy Doritos, and the animals start to eat them. When they do, they begin to dance and celebrate. The standout in this commercial is the sloth, who is able to snatch the bag away and run uncharacteristically fast so that he can have the Doritos for himself. You’ll never think of some of your favorite animals the same again after seeing this one.

4. Pets Aren’t Just Pets, They’re More: Best Friend – Chewy

There are several ads in this series from the pet supply company Chewy. The ads are meant to show that our pets are much more than just a furry companions. They are a true member of the family. In this funny entry, a man and his dog are sitting around watching TV when the dog remembers when the newest Chewy box was dropped off at the front door. The guy and his pup then get into a discussion about tails, the correct pronunciation of the word “vase,” and more. It’s a funny commercial that makes us wish even more that our dogs could talk. If they could, what would they say?

3. Slack Teams Do Amazing Things — “Animals!” TV Commercial

This commercial for the project management software Slack is very creative and also pretty thought-provoking. In it, animals and sea creatures are working together in an office. When the boss, a lion, comes up with an idea for a flying umbrella, he gets his team on the job of making it a reality. For the next 60 seconds, you see animals and an oddly loveable crawfish work together and travel the globe until their creation of a flying umbrella becomes a reality. The other funny thing is that since the animals cannot talk, the ad shows how an idea can come to fruition by just sending non-verbal messages.

While you may not laugh out loud throughout the ad, you will love how each animal brings its own characteristics into the fold, and it’s wildly entertaining.

2. Wild Animals Sing in a Jeep Liberty

Many companies seem to get a real kick out of seeing wild animals sing, talk, and make noises, and this funny commercial for the newest Jeep Liberty is no exception. In it, a man drives down the road with his sunroof open. All of a sudden, a squirrel jumps into the jeep and starts singing musician Andy Kim’s hit song of the time ‘Rock Me Gently’. The man is a little shocked at first, but then he starts singing along with the squirrel. Soon, birds and even a wolf join in on the party, and they all sing the song as the jeep drives down the road. This commercial was made over 15 years ago, and the special effects were truly amazing for the time.

1. GEICO Hump Day Camel Commercial Happier than a Camel on Wednesday

At number one, we have what might be one of the most quoted and funniest animal commercials of all time. This one is from the insurance company GEICO. In it, a camel who works at an office walks around asking all of its human coworkers what day it is. The funny part is that it’s Wednesday, which is also referred to as “hump day” and a camel has a hump, so he is waiting for someone to say that it’s hump day. When someone finally does, he gets very excited. Insurance commercials are oddly good at creating funny and memorable commercials, and this one is no exception. The commercial seemed to be on every television station when it first aired, and you can relive the experience above.


There you have it, the seven funniest animal commercials in all of their original glory. Animals and fish have always made great commercials and will likely continue to do so for the foreseeable future. We can’t wait to see what these ad wizards will come up with next.

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