The 8 Best Dog Parks in Orlando

Written by Emilio Brown
Published: July 25, 2022
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Dogs have endless energy, but luckily dog parks are there to help give your pooch a fun day and let them tire themselves out of their leash. Each dog park has something different to offer, but this article will take a look at 8 of the best dog parks in Orlando, Florida. The city’s dog parks give ample space and secure areas for dogs to play. 

To keep fun and consistent experience, the dog parks have rules in place, which are usually posted right outside the off-leash area. 

Rules common at the Orlando dog parks include:

  • Owners are responsible for their pets and must clean after them
  • Dogs must be on a leash when entering and exiting the off-leash park
  • No aggressive behavior 
  • Food and alcohol are not allowed 
  • Dogs must be fully vaccinated and properly licensed
  • No in-heat or sick dogs 
  • Do not bring small children into the off-leash area

Each dog park is different as well as the rules, so be sure to check them when visiting. Training your dog is also important and helps keep them safe in a potentially hectic environment. 

Let’s take a look at the best dog parks in Orlando and the fun they offer. Whether it is different agility equipment or the large space to frolic, your dog is sure to find something it will love at one of these parks. 

1.  Yucatan Dog Park

why do dogs sniff butts

Like a few other dog parks, Yucatan dog park has a section for both large and small breeds.

©Marek Rybar/

Yucatan Dog Park
Location 165 Lynbrook Dr, Orlando, FL 32807
Hours 8 AM-8 PM
Price Free 

The off-leash play area at Yucatan dog park has two sections for dogs to play in and is found in the region of Azalea Park in Orlando. One of the fenced-in sections at this dog park is designated for larger dogs, and there is a separate place for smaller breeds. Their entrances are also double-gated to prevent escapes. 

Yucatan dog park has paved trails in the off-leash area, with large trees around for shade. There are benches to sit on and even picnic tables. The grass is abundant at this dog park, and there is a water fountain for thirsty dogs. The off-leash sections are great for exploring and playing fetch in a very open park. 

2.  Downey Dog Park

Downey Dog Park
Location 10107 Flowers Ave, Orlando, FL 32825
Hours 8 AM-8 PM
Price Free 

At the Downey dog park, there is an off-leash section for both big and small dogs. This dog park is a favorite in Orlando by many. Its location next to the freeway is one of its biggest faults due to the sound of the cars passing. The dog park is mostly shaded; even on hot days, you won’t worry about looking for cover. 

Downey dog park has ample benches in the area to watch the spacious place provided. Poop bags are provided at this dog park, but you should also bring your own in case they run out along with water. There are a few water fountains at this dog park. This off-leash park is kept very clean and lets dogs comfortably enjoy the space provided to them. 

3.  Meadow Woods Dog Park

Dog Park Series - Two Small Dogs

Lots of space, free poop bags, and a washing station are things to expect at Meadow Woods dog park.


Meadow Woods Dog Park
Location 1751 Rhode Island Woods Cir, Orlando, FL 32824
Hours 8 AM-8 PM
Price Free 

A variety of things you may need for a dog are offered at Meadow Woods dog park. This off-leash area is located in the Orlando neighborhood park, Meadow Woods. There are two sections at this dog park, one for smaller breeds and the other for larger dogs. The park that houses this dog park has kids’ playgrounds, sports courts, a recreation center, and walking trails to delight in. 

Meadow woods dog park has water fountains and poop bags for visitors to use. There is also a washing station to clean your pup if they get too messy. Picnic tables and other seats are spread around the park, with plenty of shade to relax in. Meadow Woods dog park is around 2 acres large and has a peaceful pond view. 

4.  Dr. Phillips Dog Park

Dr. Phillips Dog Park
Location 8249 Buenavista Woods Blvd. Orlando, FL 32836
Hours 7 AM-6 PM
Price Free 

In Orlando, the Dr. Philip dog park is a medium-sized grass and dirt section for dogs to release their energy. Two sections are located at this dog park to keep smaller and larger dogs separated from each other.

Water and poop bags are available at the dog park for use. The off-leash area also has benches and picnic tables to rest while your pup runs around. The park the off-leash park sits in has splash pads, sports fields, and picnic settings. Walking with your dog or letting them off their leash in the designated area brings a fun time for your pup at this park. 

5. Young Pine Dog Park

West Highland Terrier

The Young Pine dog park is fully fenced in and has a double-gated entrance to further secure the area.

©Ian McGlasham/

Young Pine Dog Park
Location 5201 Young Pine Rd, Orlando, FL 32829
Hours 8 AM-8 PM
Price Free 

The Young Pine dog park is a fun stop for any dog in Orange County Orlando region. This dog park can be found in Young Pine Community Park, which also has a splash pad, sports fields, a lake, and trails to walk on. The Young Pine dog park is the only area where dogs can get off their leash, while they must have it on in the rest of the park. 

This dog park has two areas that are fully fenced off and a double gated entrance to further secure the park. One section is for small dogs, while the other is for larger ones. Water and poop bags are provided for the visitors of the dog park. The off-leash park at Young Pine park gives various things for both dogs and their owners to do when visiting.  

6.  Barber Park Dog Park

Barber Park Dog Park
Location 3701 Gatlin Ave, Orlando, FL 32812
Hours 8 AM-8 PM
Price Free 

The Barber Park dog park is an off-leash area found in Barber park, in the Conway neighborhood of Orlando. This dog park has two sections. One of the areas is for smaller dogs, while there is a separate section for smaller breeds. Both areas are fenced in and have dirt, grass, and gravel surfacing. 

The dog park is just one of the amenities offered at Barber Park, and going is perfect for families as it gives something for everyone to do. A kids playground, skate ramp, sports court, and splash pad are some of the other attractions at Barber Park. The dog park is good for a breed of any size and offers ample room for those that visit. The rest of the park is dog friendly, but they must be on a leash when not in their area. 

7.  Park of the Americas Dog Park


The park of the Americas dog park has ample space for your dog to run around.

© Nedikova

Park of the Americas Dog Park
Location 201 Andes Ave, Orlando, FL 32807
Hours 7 AM-9 PM
Price Free 

At the Park of the Americas dog park, there is plenty for dogs to enjoy. A section at this dog park is dedicated to smaller dogs, and there is another area for larger breeds. This off-leash area is located in a large neighborhood park which also has a large lake, walking trails, playgrounds for kids, and open space for everyone to enjoy. The dog park is the only place in the park where your pooch can get off its leash.

The Park of The Americas dog park gives dogs lots of room to feel free and is fenced in, so no dog runs too far. Poop bags and trash cans are spread around the dog park. You can easily clean up after your dog. Taking a walk in this park or letting your dog run around the off-leash sections are peaceful since the park is abundant with nature. 

8.  Lake Baldwin Dog Park

Lake Baldwin Dog Park
Location 1864-2018 S Lakemont Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789
Hours 7 AM- 7 PM
Price Free 

The Lake Baldwin Dog park is a dog-friendly park in Orlando and is 23.16 acres large. The park is an off-leash area during the designated hours, and it is closed every second and fourth Wednesday of the month in the morning to keep the park maintained. The lake at this park lets dogs who love water a cool place to swim. 

The dog beach, different trails, wash station, and picnic places are just a few of the things the Lake Baldwin dog park offers for everyone. The size of the park and various things to do is why it is one of the best in Orlando. Trash cans are spread around the dog park, and you should bring your own poop bags and water since the place is so open.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Orlova

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