The 7 Best Lakes for Fishing in Canada

A Blazing Sunset Over Lake Erie At The Mouth Of Crooked Creek, Dunkirk New York, USA
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Updated: July 20, 2023

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7 Best Lakes for Fishing in Canada
Canada’s lakes offer anglers an opportunity to fish while enjoying breathtakingly beautiful scenery.

Canada’s vast and diverse landscapes are home to many pristine lakes, each offering a unique fishing experience. However, not all lakes are created equal when it comes to angling. Thanks to their location, biodiversity, and management practices, certain lakes provide unparalleled fishing experiences. In this article, we will navigate Canada’s top fishing lakes. We’ll detail what makes each one a prime destination for anglers, whether you’re a seasoned fisherman or a beginner looking to cast your first line.

1. Lake of the Woods

Zippel Bay is a state park in far north Minnesota on the Canadian Border and Lake of the Woods

As one of the largest lakes in North America, Lake of the Woods has spectacular fishing opportunities.

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Lake of the Woods is located on the US-Canada border. It straddles the provinces of Ontario and Manitoba in Canada and Minnesota in the United States. This is an exceptional destination for fishing enthusiasts, with an extensive area of fantastic fishing waters. The grandiosity of the lake, which extends over 70 miles in length, is complemented by a stunning 14,552 islands and around 65,000 miles of shoreline. Water bodies such as the Rainy River, Shoal Lake, Kakagi Lake, and several smaller rivers pour into this lake.

The many islands dotting the lake provide habitats for various fish species, including the walleye, sauger, northern pike, muskellunge, largemouth and smallmouth bass, lake sturgeon, perch, and crappie. This diverse array of species presents anglers with a rewarding challenge, making every fishing trip an adventure.

Additionally, various bird species, including the American white pelican, piping plover, and a significant population of bald eagles, provide an added delight to the fishing trip.

The lake’s historical and cultural significance brings another unique charm to this fishing haven. The name comes from the French name Lac des Bois, or the Lake of the Woods.

The lake and its surroundings also offer many other recreational activities, including wildlife viewing, boating, bird-watching, and hiking, all set against the backdrop of its scenic landscapes. In addition to these, the lake surroundings offer camping, cycling, picnicking, and stargazing experiences. The combination of these elements makes Lake of the Woods an exceptional location for fishing. It offers a blend of rich biodiversity, stunning landscapes, and a unique cultural and historical narrative.

2. Lake Superior

Iona's Beach on North Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota

The largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area is Lake Superior.

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Lake Superior claims the title of the world’s most expansive freshwater lake by surface area and the third in volume. In fact, Lake Superior holds a substantial 10% of the planet’s surface fresh water! This lake is in the heart of North America. It is the northernmost and westernmost among the Great Lakes, spanning the border between Canada and the United States. The Canadian province of Ontario forms its northern and eastern frontiers, while the U.S. states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan contour its western and southern edges, respectively.

Anglers frequent Lake Superior for its flourishing fish populations. Notably, the lake is abundant with walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass, and perch, promising a fruitful fishing experience for many. Lake trout, in particular, is a famous catch in Lake Superior, with trolling being a favored method.

Lake Superior’s vast surroundings house various attractions catering to many different interests for visitors. Along the northern shores, there are many attractions, such as the Fort William Historical Park, a reconstructed fur trade post where visitors can experience the life of a voyageur, and the Thunder Bay Museum, which showcases local and natural history. These attractions and the area’s natural beauty make Lake Superior a great destination for residents and visitors alike.

3. Eagle Lake


Muskie fishing in Eagle Lake is a popular activity.

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In the heart of Ontario’s idyllic cottage country, Eagle Lake offers an unrivaled fishing experience that will captivate all anglers. Immersed within the Canadian wilderness, this expansive lake is adorned with many picturesque wooded islands.

With a length of nearly 60 miles (or around 100 kilometers), Eagle Lake hosts a plethora of fish species. Some species anglers can expect to encounter are northern pike, walleye, trout, smallmouth bass, and perch. However, the muskellunge steals the spotlight for many enthusiasts. These elusive fish, known for their strength, can grow up to approximately 40 pounds or more!

Eagle Lake provides convenient access to modern amenities while offering a peaceful retreat into nature. The surrounding region has various campgrounds and lodges, catering to solo adventurers and families searching for a memorable, relaxed vacation. Eagle Lake offers the perfect setting, whether seeking solitude and tranquility or a fun-filled getaway with loved ones.

4. Reindeer Lake

reindeer durinf fall

Reindeer Lake offers great opportunities to fish and experience wildlife.

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Located in the province of Saskatchewan, Reindeer Lake is a destination that promises an unforgettable fishing experience. As the ninth largest lake in Canada, Reindeer Lake attracts nature enthusiasts, historians, geologists, and fishermen from all over. The breathtaking scenery surrounding the lake showcases the untouched beauty of Saskatchewan’s northern region. Adding to its allure are the ancient rock formations that grace its shores, making them among some of the oldest on Earth.

Notably, the renowned Deep Bay is a testament to the lake’s fascinating geological history, believed to have formed by a meteorite impact over 140 million years ago and plunging to over 700 feet. Local legends speak of a mysterious lake monster that calls Deep Bay home, further fueling the intrigue and enchantment of the area.

Anglers are drawn to Reindeer Lake for its pristine waters and the rich diversity of fish species that call this lake home. The lake is teeming with opportunities to catch prized game fish such as lake trout, northern pike, walleye, and arctic grayling.

Beyond the fishing, the lake’s surroundings offer a wealth of attractions to explore. Indulge in outdoor activities such as hiking, wildlife watching, or simply basking in the tranquility of this natural Canadian paradise.

5. Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario

One of the Great Lakes, Lake Ontario is one of the best fishing lakes in Canada.

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Lake Ontario is one of the Great Lakes, flowing along the borders of both Canada and the United States. This lake is primarily fed by the Niagara River, which originates from its sister Great Lake, Lake Erie. As the last in the Great Lakes chain, Lake Ontario holds a critical role as the exit pathway to the Atlantic Ocean, a journey it accomplishes via the Saint Lawrence River. The water level in the lake is meticulously managed, primarily by the Long Sault control dam and aided by the Moses-Saunders power dam.

Lake Ontario is also an excellent fishing destination in Canada, known for hosting many fish species. Anglers frequent the lake to cast their lines for salmon, lake trout, brown trout, steelhead, walleye, and smallmouth bass, among others.

The lake’s southern and northern coastlines are studded with various natural and man-made attractions. From the striking views of Toronto to the bustling waterfront, the shoreline offers a unique blend of nature and urban sprawl. Toronto, Canada’s largest city, has numerous attractions, including the CN Tower, the Art Gallery of Ontario, and the Royal Ontario Museum. In comparison, Rochester offers attractions like the Strong National Museum of Play, Rochester Museum & Science Center, and George Eastman Museum.

Alongside all of these attractions, you can experience Lake Ontario’s scenic beauty in numerous parks and recreational areas around the lake, such as the Sandbanks Provincial Park, known for its picturesque sandy beaches, or Presqu’ile Provincial Park, a hotspot for birdwatching.

6. Dauphin Lake

man holding giant common carp

Dauphin Lake is a great place to catch a huge common carp!

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Located in the western part of Manitoba, Dauphin Lake is a world-class fishing haven in Canada. Dauphin Lake covers a massive area of approximately 201 square miles and is supplemented by a sprawling drainage basin that spans around 3,420 square miles. This lake was named by Francois de La Verendrye in 1739 to commemorate the Dauphin of France, the traditional title given to the heir apparent of the French throne. Today this lake is highly sought after by anglers in Canada looking for some fishing solitude.

Dauphin Lake is home to many diverse fish species. With some luck, you’ll be able to catch walleye, northern pike, yellow perch, whitefish, bullheads, and common carp here. Dauphin Lake’s abundant aquatic life has earned it the reputation of being one of Canada’s best fishing lakes, attracting locals and visitors alike.

Beyond the world-class fishing, Dauphin Lake also presents other recreational pursuits to enjoy. The nearby town of Dauphin has a surprising amount of cultural and historical landmarks that visitors can explore. One of the prominent attractions is the Watson Art Centre. Housed in a historic edifice, this center hosts a range of cultural events, art exhibitions, and performances. In addition, the scenic vistas on Dauphin Lake offer amazing sunsets and sunrises.

The lush greenery surrounding the lake is filled with wildlife, inviting nature enthusiasts to take leisurely strolls or hikes. Bird watchers can find a variety of avian species that inhabit the area, while nature photographers are presented with many picturesque scenes to capture. This blend of recreational and fishing activities and natural beauty makes the area around Dauphin Lake a great tourist destination.

7. Lake Erie

A Blazing Sunset Over Lake Erie At The Mouth Of Crooked Creek, Dunkirk New York, USA

One of the best fishing lakes in Canada is Lake Erie.

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Lake Erie is the fourth largest of North America’s Great Lakes by surface area and the world’s eleventh-largest lake. Characterized as the most southerly, shallowest, and having the smallest volume among its Great Lake counterparts, Lake Erie also boasts the distinction of having the quickest average water turnover time. The lake measures 210 feet or 64 meters in depth at its deepest point. 

This international lake sits on the border between Canada and the United States, with its northern periphery skirting the Ontario Peninsula in the Canadian province of Ontario.

With its vibrant aquatic life, Lake Erie is one of the best fishing lakes in Canada, providing abundant fishing opportunities. The lake is filled with a variety of fish species, including walleye, yellow perch, smallmouth bass, channel catfish, carp, and trout. 

The fish-filled waters of Lake Erie make it a favorite commercial and sport fishing destination. The lake is surrounded by numerous parks, recreational areas, and scenic spots. And there are plenty of boat ramps and shore fishing areas. The surrounding region also hosts several historic sites and museums, lighthouses, and birdwatching hotspots due to the lake’s role as a significant pathway for migratory birds. Additionally, if fishing isn’t your thing, Lake Erie is a popular spot for a variety of water sports, including boating, yachting, and paddleboarding, all contributing to the lake’s status as a recreational paradise.

Summary of the Best Lakes for Fishing in Canada

1Lake of the WoodsOntario/Manitoba
2Lake SuperiorOntario
3Eagle LakeOntario
4Reindeer LakeSaskatchewan
5Lake OntarioOntario
6Dauphin LakeManitoba
7Lake ErieOntario

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