These Fascinating Snake Photos Will Blow Your Mind!

Written by Opal
Updated: January 24, 2023
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Although some people would scurry at the sight of a slithering serpent, others can’t get enough of the scaly creatures. To make everyone fall in love with snakes, we’ve found 10 of the most hilarious, adorable, fascinating and just plain awesome pictures online. Whether it’s a funny meme or a gorgeous high-definition photo of a rare snake, we’ve got it covered! 

1. Happy Halloween! 

The GHI Ball Python has a really striking appearance. In comparison to a conventional “wild type” Ball Python, this morph has a significantly darker backdrop.

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2. Gentle Giant 

With outstanding huge red tails, dark connected saddles, and a gorgeous buckskin red background color, Pokigron Surinam Boas exhibit the true Red Tail Boa appearance. Making these the Surinam Boa Complex’s most sought-after boas.

3. I Got My Eye on You!

The So Paulo lancehead, also known as Bothrops itapetiningae, is a type of poisonous snake in the Viperidae family. It only exists in Brazil. This stunning picture shows what it would be like to be up-close-and-person with this reptile

4. Just a Light Snack

When most people think of a snake having a meal, they likely think of them eating mice, rats, or other small rodents. Believe it or not, snakes in the wild can eat large prey like deer and cattle! 

5. Smol Friend

Movies have made snakes like the anaconda incredibly feared. Not all snakes are as large as an anaconda. Just take a look at this wee Masque Ultramel het Cinder. 

6. Surrealism

This artist took a unique and creative perspective involving two giant green snakes and one unfortunate man. It’s up to the individual to interpret just what the artist was trying to say! 

7. Sleepyhead

Boiga dendrophila is a species of rear-fanged venomous snake in the family Colubridae, also known as the mangrove snake or the gold-ringed cat snake. It is one of the largest species of cat snake, growing to a length of six to seven feet on average. It is regarded as having a mild venom.

8. Adorable Creations

Some people see the beauty in every creature on planet earth. Just take a look at how precious this pink snake is! Except for the eye, the entire thing is made out of clay!

9. Mother-to-Be

Most snakes grow eggs inside of them that they eventually lay. The mother’s body heat or the heat from the atmosphere will thereafter be used to incubate the eggs. If she wants to keep the clutch warm, she can either leave the pile alone or wrap up around it. Sometime later, the eggs hatch.

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