The 10 Absolute Best Animals on the Internet Today

Written by Kirstin Opal
Published: September 2, 2022
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Hey there, fellow animal lovers! One of the best things about the internet is the endless amount of adorable, hilarious, and downright outrageous animal photos at your fingertips! We had to get in on the fun and found some of the best on Instagram. Whether you’re a fan of man’s best friend or like to see animals in their natural habitat, keep on reading. Who knows, you just might see more posts like this in the future! 

Birthday Panda! 

Nothing beats a delicious cake on your birthday. A giant panda named Ciao Qi Ji calls the Smithsonian Zoo home and got to celebrate his second birthday with all the zoo visitors! 

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Moo-ve Over Kittens

While barnyard cats are cute and all, take a look at this precious white calf. With fluffy ears and a pink nose you just want to “boop,” we can’t help but love this picture. Have you ever seen an all-white cow before? 

Snow White

One wildlife photographer felt like a Disney princess when a squirrel approached her just as she was taking pictures. Luckily, she grabbed a snapshot of her and the animal sharing a special moment together! With white flowers and a tall, grassy meadow, it was like she was in an animated movie! 

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Best Buds

Both children and animals are some of the most wholesome and pure beings on the planet. A fluffy, light brown Alpaca adorned in an autumn orange scarf gets a peck on the nose from a young boy. This is cuteness overload at its peak! 

The New Dogecoin

“How many bagels does one used volleyball get me?” Can you imagine working in a cafe and seeing this little cutie come in for a treat? The yellow lab is standing at the “order here” line with a ball in his mouth, hoping to exchange it for a tasty morsel! 

Aesthetic Bambi

If Bambi was an Instagram model, we’re pretty sure this would be his profile picture. The chital deer in this picture is basking in the sunlight, enjoy every minute! Believe it or not, this type of deer can reach up to 200 pounds! 

Nap Time

Despite being thought of as dirty rodents, guinea pigs are some of the sweetest and gentlest animals one can own. This little guy just woke up from a nap and is ready for some fresh veggies! They love to munch on fresh hay, untreated grass, and romaine lettuce. 

Quite the Name

We’re not sure who exactly comes up with names for newly-found species, but let me introduce you to the Shining Honeycreeper. This gorgeous blue and black bird is found in Central America and easily blends in to the canopy of towering trees. 

Natural Beauty

Words can’t describe the sheer unfiltered beauty in this photo. A polar bear takes a much-deserved name in a field of purple flowers. The contrast between the flowers and the bear within an ariel shot makes this absolutely jaw-dropping.

You Talkin’ To Me?

The Fiery-billed aracari is born with sass and attitude. It’s a medium-sized toucan that has a unique beak color pattern. With bright red wings that accent against black features, there’s no misidentifying this beautiful bird in the wild! 

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