Watch a Black Bear Suddenly Crash a Friends’ Picnic

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Written by Hannah Crawford

Published: November 29, 2023

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Bear Picnic
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Warning: Video contains strong language.

Wild animals don’t always stay to themselves. Sometimes, they are very curious about the ways of humans and will integrate themselves where we live. Let’s see what a giant black bear does to this group of friends in the video at the top!

Black Bear Crashing a Picnic

The short YouTube clip at the top of this blog post takes us to the woods where friends are on a picnic. We see this group of friends drinking, eating, and enjoying each other’s company. And well, another friend decides to crash the party as well.

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A large black bear comes over to the picnic table and starts to eat some of the food off the table. This group of friends is entirely unfazed by this. We see them laughing and taking pictures with the bear. While this might seem foolish at first, it is not. 

Minnesota’s Department of Natural Resources states, “black bears are rarely aggressive. Actual attacks by black bears are rare.” This group of friends knew the best course of action was to remain calm and not make this bear feel threatened in any possible way. 

Then we see one of the friends come over and bring a loaf of bread to start making sandwiches. The bear leans in to see what’s next on the menu, and the guy holds up his hand to tell this bear he needs to wait his turn. He then makes a peanut butter sandwich and hand-feeds the bear!

Is it Okay to Feed Wild Bears?

Black bears break into homes

Black bears break into homes with windows or doors left open in summer. The smell of food draws them in!

©steverts/iStock via Getty Images

As humorous as this video at the top is, feeding wild animals is not recommended. According to the National Park Service, “Feeding animals or allowing them access to human food causes several problems: It changes behavior by causing wild animals to lose their instinctive fear of humans. ” 

And you might be thinking, “Why do we want bears to fear us?” If bears have a healthy fear of humans, they will stay away. We don’t want wildlife to feel threatened; that is not what we mean. However, bears can cause significant damage when they feel attacked or scared by humans. So, if bears have that healthy fear, they will stay away. 

However, in an instance like the video shown at the top may seem cute, it puts the bear in danger. In the future, this bear may approach a family in town to get food and may find itself killed because that family thinks the bear means harm. So, don’t feed wildlife

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