KUDES Cat and Small Dog House Kennel – better than Lucid Paw Foldable Dog House Review

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: April 18, 2022
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Best forProduct
Our Top PickKUDES Cat and Small Dog House
Our Top PickKUDES Cat and Small Dog House

The Lucid Paws dog house is the ideal solution for dogs that need a cozy, safe place to retreat. It’s recommended by certified veterinarians and comes in several sizes and unique designs.

The Lucid Paw dog house is the top-rated anti-anxiety dog in the United States. It’s designed to imitate a mother’s cozy warmth and it’s made with soft, breathable materials that dogs love nestling into. In this article, we cover the benefits and features of this dog bed, explore where it’s made, and cover the materials used to make it. We also point you in the right direction if you’re interested in purchasing it. Plus, we compare it to a similar product on the market.

You may find that the Lucid Paw foldable dog house is exactly what you’ve been looking for or you may find that it doesn’t quite suit your needs. Either way, we supply you with a list of other great dog house reviews for you to peruse. To round it all out, we answer some of your frequently asked questions regarding the Lucid Paw company and explain a little more about dogs and dog houses.

While the Lucid Paw dog house, is great, KUDES Cat and small dog house kennel is quite similar but even better! You can buy KUDES Cat and small dog house kennel on Amazon:

Our Top Pick
KUDES Cat and Small Dog House
  • Made from arctic velvet
  • Features a non-slip bottom
  • Detachable and foldable for easy storage
  • Soft and comfortable
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Lucid Paw Foldable Dog House Benefits and Features

  • Vet-recommended design
  • Designed to relieve anxiety
  • Soft, breathable, durable materials
  • Available in small, medium, or large
  • Machine washable

The Lucid dog house comes in three sizes. The small measures 17” x 14” x 14,” the medium measures 19” x 16” x 16,” and the large measures 21” x 18” x 17.” You can select from three playful designs. The “grey stars” design has a simple color palette of dark gray and light gray for the frame of the house and printed on all sides are yellow and white stars. The “coffee doggos” design is printed with happy dogs, houses, and cute sayings like “best friends.” The third and final design is “yellow omelettes,” and it’s eye-catching how you might imagine it. It’s bright yellow and printed with sunny-side-up eggs throughout.

These beds are designed specifically to help relieve your dog’s anxiety. They offer a stress-free place to rest, without any bolstered support that creates a cramped environment or an environment that overheats. Instead, your dog has plenty of space to get comfortable while feeling safe within four walls. The inner lining contains memory foam to add to your dog’s comfort level and you can easily wash it in your washing machine. Your dog can always have a clean place to rest his head. It has a closed roof so your dog can feel safe and secure, even when you’re away. Separation anxiety is common for dogs and with the Lucid dog house, your dog can cuddle into a home that feels safe and that helps him calm down and relax.

The memory foam inner lining is finished with microfiber threading. Your dog gets four-wall security plus a self-warming three-layer inner lining that’s ideal for pets that love to curl up. Dog beds can get stinky. However, this Lucid dog house prevents unpleasant smells, reduces sweat and irritation, and keeps your dog’s skin safe. The fabric is breathable and absorbs sweat so you won’t have to deal with that familiar musk usually associated with dog beds.

Lucid Paw Foldable Dog House: Pros & Cons


  • Chew-proof materials
  • Machine washable, dry on low heat
  • Stink-free
  • Relieves anxiety


  • Shipping may take up to 15 days
  • No refunds for on sale items

Where is Lucid Paw Foldable Dog House Made?

Lucid Pause focuses on creating premium products that allow you to spoil your favorite four-legged friend. Their website does not state where they are located but the managers of their Facebook page are located in both Canada and the Philippines.

Lucid Paw Foldable Dog House Materials

The dog house is filled with premium, vegan cotton which offers muscle and joint pain relief, and the memory foam inner lining is wrapped in microfiber threading.

Lucid Paw Foldable Dog House: Where to Buy

Lucid Paw is a very good dog house, but one that is similar and even better than this is KUDES Cat and small dog house kennel, which you can buy on Amazon:

Our Top Pick
KUDES Cat and Small Dog House
  • Made from arctic velvet
  • Features a non-slip bottom
  • Detachable and foldable for easy storage
  • Soft and comfortable
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Lucid Paw Foldable Dog House Specs


The Lucid dog house was designed with your pet’s comfort in mind. It’s ideal for use during storms, fireworks, or when you have to leave home and your dog needs a safe place to cuddle into. It has four walls, one with an opening, and a soft, memory foam inner lining that mimics a mother’s comfy embrace. You can select from three styles to fit with your decor, ranging from the grey stars to the coffee doggos, to the yellow omelettes for a brighter appearance.


Although the materials are soft and breathable, they are made to last. They’ve been put through thousands of chew tests to ensure indestructibility. The bottom of the bed is nonslip, so as soon as you set it down, it won’t budge. Plus, you can easily pop it into your washing machine and dryer on low heat to keep it looking and smelling good as new.


This doghouse provides your dog with the ultimate comfort. It’s soft, plush, and enclosed, to help your dog feel safe no matter what. It’s designed, constructed, and optimized for the deepest possible sleep, so your dog can snooze away instead of feeling stressed.


On the company website, the list price is $99.99 for the small. However, you can frequently find a 50% off sale which brings the total cost to $49.99. If you buy two, you get 10% off. If you buy three, you get 15% off and if you buy four, you get 20% off!

Lucid Paw Foldable Dog House vs. Ushang Pet Indoor Dog House

The Lucid doghouse is available in three sizes ranging from small to large while the Ushang indoor dog house is only available in medium and large sizes. They are both equipped with a memory foam inner lining and the Ushang dog house has a machine washable zip-off cover for easy cleaning. While the Lucid doghouse is finished with microfiber threading, the Ushang dog house is made with polyester. Both are designed to offer joint pain relief while being easy to maintain. They are reach equipped with a slip-resistant bottom and are machine washable.

Lucid doghouses have a greater variety in styles and sizes—the Ushang dog house is only available in two sizes and the design is that of a red brick home. The Ushang medium size is $59.99 while the Lucid doghouse is discounted at $54.99. Aesthetically, the Lucid doghouse boasts better construction and design, appearing cozier than the Ushang model. Reviewers note the Lucid doghouse is exactly as advertised while some reviewers shared that the Ushang model appears smaller than advertised.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a comfortable place for your dog to enjoy high-quality sleep, the Lucid doghouse is for you. It’s plush, spacious, and can easily be kept clean. Your dog is sure to fall in love with the four-wall enclosed design that still allows him to enter and exit with ease. The inner lining delivers the ergonomic support your pup needs to rest and recover after long walks and playdates. You can select the best design that fits in with your décor and impress your pup with your impeccable taste!

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Best forProduct
Our Top PickKUDES Cat and Small Dog House
Our Top PickKUDES Cat and Small Dog House
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KUDES Cat and Small Dog House Kennel – better than Lucid Paw Foldable Dog House Review FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Where is Lucid Paw located?

There is another company called Lucid Paw Creations that isn’t affiliated with Lucid Paw pet supplies. That company is located in Australia. Lucid Paw does not list its location on its website. However, the Facebook page is managed by people located in both Canada and the Philippines.

Do dogs really use dog houses?

Yes! Some more than others. Dogs that get anxious, for example, love an enclosed dog house to feel safe in. If you notice your pup has a hard time with loud sounds (fireworks, thunderclaps), a dog house is a great idea to offer him a place to feel safe and comfortable. Plus, a dog house equipped with a memory foam pad at the bottom is significantly more comfortable than laying on hard flooring and can reduce joint and muscle pain for your pup. Additionally, if you tend to keep your home at a cooler temperature than your dog is comfortable with, a dog house provides him with a space to warm up.

How do I make my dog house more comfortable?

The Lucid Paw doghouse is already equipped with the comfortable, plush materials that your dog will love settling into. However, to make it even cozier, you may want to incorporate your pup’s favorite blanket, especially during the

How do you make an indoor dog house?

To make your own indoor dog house, you need to build several pieces, including the roof, base, and walls. You’ll need to securely attach them with screws and equip them with soft materials so your dog can feel safe and comfortable. If you enjoy working with your hands, this could be a fun project. Otherwise, the Lucid Paw doghouse is worth the buy!

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