Tenax Deer Control Fence: Is It Any Good?

Written by Kristin Hitchcock
Published: June 20, 2022
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Best forProduct
Best PremiumTenax Deer Fence (1A120244)
Best PremiumTenax Deer Fence (1A120244)

The Tenax Deer Control Fence prevents deer from entering an area. The fence works for up to ten years before needing to be replaced, and the price is pretty low. Plus, the company makes this fence in the USA. While you can use this fence anywhere, orchards, landscaping, flower beds, and fruit trees may most need its protection.


The Tenax Deer Control Fence protects land against deer where other fences fail. However, that does not make it fool-proof. Below, we’ll discuss everything to need to know about this fence, including its benefits and potential downsides.

Best Premium
Tenax Deer Fence (1A120244)
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Tenax Deer Control Fence Benefits and Features

  • Rounded tensile for maximum strength
  • It can last for up to 10 years
  • Smooth trimmed edges ensure a professional look
  • Inexpensive

Tenax Deer Control Fence: Pros and Cons


  • Last upwards of 10 years
  • 600+ pound breaking load
  • Several different options are available
  • Easy to install
  • Can be added to an existing fence


  • Sags over time

Where is Tenax Deer Control Fence Made?

Based on the information provided by the company, they make this fence in the United States. However, we do not know where exactly it is made. In all likelihood, it is made by a parent company or third party in a large factory.

We also do not know where the materials come from. The company does not specify where they source from.

Tenax Deer Control Fence Materials

The original Tenax Deer Control Fence contains extruded plastic primarily. Most of their other fences contain this same material. It works as a malleable material with a bit of give, which prevents it from breaking. Deer bounce off of it.

However, this company does sell an option with a wire running through it. This fence can last a bit longer than others.

Tenax Deer Control Fence: Where to Buy

Because this fence is a specialty product, you can find it in only a few places:

Best Premium
Tenax Deer Fence (1A120244)
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Tenax Deer Control Fence Specs


For what you’re getting, this fence is not expensive. Many customers reported that the price was fair, especially given the durability of this fence. Think of this fence as a long-term investment – not a consumable purchase.


This fence last for an average of ten years. It can withstand deer onslaughts thanks to its tensile strength. In some locations, this fence may last even longer. For the most part, it depends on your local weather and the number of deer in your area.


This fence does not harm the deer. It can keep deer out of sticking situations by keeping them out of potentially troublesome areas. The deer cannot get stuck in this fence, and it provides enough give to prevent injuring the deer when it hits the fence.

The fence has a bungee-cord-like effect.

Ease of Use

You can put this fence up pretty quickly. It simply needs to be zip-tied between posts. We recommend using heavy-duty zip ties, as the zip ties tend to fail before the fence. Most customers reported that installing this fence did not take them long.

Tenax Deer Control Fence vs. Jobe’s Easy Gardener Deer Barrier

Jobe’s Easy Gardener Deer Barrier is much cheaper than the Tenax fence. However, you are getting slightly less fence. Still, even when you consider the size difference, Jobe’s fence is cheaper.

With that said, many reported that the Tenax Deer Control Fence was more durable. Therefore, while the Jobe’s fence may be cheaper upfront, you may save more money by purchasing the Tenax fence.

Bottom Line

The Tenax Deer Control Fence is one of the top-rated deer fences. It features a plastic design that deer bounce off of. Plus, deer are typically very safe around this fence. To install, stretch it between posts and zip tie it on.

Best forProduct
Best PremiumTenax Deer Fence (1A120244)
Best PremiumTenax Deer Fence (1A120244)
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