Meet the Lizard with a Neck Frill (From Jurassic Park?)

Have you ever seen a frilled lizard? If you have, you’re probably wondering why they look like something straight out of Jurassic Park!

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What even is a frilled lizard, anyway, and what purpose does its massive neck frill serve? Where do these strange reptiles come from? What do they eat? Is it possible to keep them as pets?

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What is a Frilled Lizard?

Frilled lizards, also known as frill-necked lizards or frilled dragons, are medium-sized agamid lizards in the Agamidae family. 

Where Do Frilled Lizards Live?

Frilled lizards are native to Australia’s northwestern coast. 

Why Do Frilled Lizards Have Frills?

The frilled lizard primarily uses its neck frill to startle and scare off predators. 


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