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Horned Frog

Horned Frog Facts

Scientific NameCeratophrys Ornata
Size14-20cm (5.5-8in)
Weight320-480g (11.2-17oz)
Top Speed8km/h (5mph)
Lifespan5-8 years
Conservation StatusLeast Concern
ColourBrown, White, Yellow
Skin TypePermeable scales
Favourite FoodWorms
HabitatRainforest and tropical swamplands
Average Litter Size1,500
Main PreyWorms, Roaches, Insects
PredatorsBirds, Snakes, Bears
Special FeaturesBumpy skin and long, sticky tongue

Horned Frog Location

Map of Horned Frog Locations
Map of South America

Horned Frog

There are two main species of Horned Frog, the Argentine horned frog and the Cranwells horned frog, both of which are found in the wetland areas of Argentina on the tip of South America.

The Argentine horned frog is also commonly known as the Argentine wide-mouthed Frog or Pacman frog, and is the most common species of horned frog. The Argentine horned frog is native to the rain forests of Argentina but can now be commonly found throughout Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.

The Argentine horned frog is most well known for being a voracious eater, as the horned frog will attempt to swallow anything that moves close to the horned frogs wide mouth. The horned frog tends to hunt things such as insects, small birds and mammals, lizards and other frogs, and the horned frog is often very greedy with its selection.

The Cranwells horned frog is also originally from Argentina but is hard to find elsewhere as the Cranwells horned frog is an extremely popular exotic pet particularly in North America. This is because the horned frog is a very hardy species of frog, making the horned frog one of the easier exotic pets to look after.

The horned frog is commonly known as the Pacman frog due the horned frogs very close resemblance to the characters in the Pacman video game.