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Animals in Argentina

Ant (Formicidae)Ant
First evolved 100 million years ago!
Anteater (Myrmecophaga Tridactyla)Anteater
Found throughout the Southern Hemisphere!
Armadillo (Dasypodidae)Armadillo
Can curl into a hard, protective ball!
Avocet (Recurvirostra)Avocet
Has a curved, upturned beak!
Barb (Barbus Barbus)Barb
There are over 2,000 known species!
Barn Owl (Tyto Alba)Barn Owl
Found everywhere around the world!
Bat (Chiroptera)Bat
Detects prey using echolocation!
Bear (Ursidae)Bear
There are 8 different species!
Beetle (Coleoptera)Beetle
There are more than 350,000 different species!
Not all birds are able to fly!
Booby (Sula Nebouxii)Booby
Seabirds found across the South Pacific!
Butterfly (Papilionoidea)Butterfly
There are thought to be up 20,000 species!
Caiman (Caiman crocodilus, Melanosuchus niger, Caiman yacare, Paleosuchus palpebrosus, Paleosuchus trigonatus, Caiman latirostris)Caiman
Can grow to up 6 meters long!
Caiman Lizard (Dracaena Guianensis)Caiman Lizard
One of the largest lizards in America!
Cat (Felis Domesticus)Cat
First domesticated by the Ancient Egyptians!
Caterpillar (Larva)Caterpillar
The larvae of a moth or butterfly!
Catfish (Siluriformes)Catfish
There are nearly 3,000 different species!
Centipede (Chilopoda)Centipede
There are about 3,000 documented species!
Chicken (Gallus Gallus)Chicken
First domesticated more than 10,000 years ago!
Chinchilla (Chinchilla Lanigera)Chinchilla
Natively found in the Andes Mountain range!
Cichlid (Cichlidae)Cichlid
There are more than 1,300 known species!
Cockroach (Blattaria)Cockroach
Dated to be around 300 million years old!
Collared Peccary (Pecari tajacu)Collared Peccary
Form bands of up to 12 individuals!
Cow (Bos Taurus)Cow
There are nearly 1.5 million worldwide!
Crab (Brachyura)Crab
There are 93 different crab groups!
Crocodile (Crocodylus acutus, Crocodylus intermedius, Crocodylus johnsoni, Crocodylus mindorensis, Crocodylus moreletii, Crocodylus niloticus, Crocodylus novaeguineae, Crocodylus palustris, Crocodylus porosus, Crocodylus rhombifer, Crocodylus siamensis, Osteolaemus tetraspis, Mecistops cataphractus)Crocodile
Have changed little in 200 million years!
Darwin's Frog (Rhinoderma Darwinii)Darwin's Frog
Camouflages itself as a dead leaf!
Dog (Canis lupus familiaris)Dog
First domesticated in South-East Asia!
Dogo ArgentinoDogo Argentino
Loyal and affectionate to their family!
Donkey (Equus Asinus)Donkey
First domesticated 5,000 years ago!
Dragonfly (Anisoptera)Dragonfly
It's larvae are carnivorous!
Duck (Anas Platyrhynchos)Duck
Rows of tiny plates line their teeth!
Earwig  (Dermaptera)Earwig
There are nearly 2,000 different species!
Flamingo (Phoenicopterus)Flamingo
Sleeps on just one leg!
Fly (Diptera)Fly
There are more than 240,000 different species!
Flying Squirrel (Pteromyini)Flying Squirrel
Can glide up to 90 meters!
Frog (Rana Temporaria)Frog
There are around 5,000 different species!
Gecko (Gekkonidae)Gecko
There are thought to be over 2,000 species!
Glow Worm (Arachnocampa luminosa)Glow Worm
Found inhabiting dense woodland and caves!
Grasshopper (Caelifera)Grasshopper
There are 11,000 known species!
Guinea Pig (Cavia porcellus)Guinea Pig
Natively found in the Andes Mountain range!
Guppy (Poecilia Reticulata)Guppy
Also known as the Millionfish!
Hamster (Mesocricetus Auratus)Hamster
Able to run as quickly backwards as forwards!
Hercules Beetle (Dynastes Hercules )Hercules Beetle
Can grow up to 7 inches long!
Honey Bee (Apis)Honey Bee
There are only 7 recognised species!
Horned Frog (Ceratophrys Ornata)Horned Frog
Natively found in South America!
Horse (Equus Caballus)Horse
Has evolved over 50 million years!
Human (Homo Sapiens Sapiens)Human
Thought to have orignated 200,000 years ago!
Hummingbird (Trochilidae)Hummingbird
Beat their wings up to 80 times per second!
Ibis (Threskiornithidae)Ibis
Found in swamps, marshes and wetlands!
Iguana (Iguana Iguana)Iguana
Uses visual signals to communicate!
Insect (Insecta)Insect
There are an estimated 30 million species!
Jaguar (Panthera onca)Jaguar
The largest feline on the American continent!
Kingfisher (Coraciiformes)Kingfisher
Inhabits wetlands and woodlands worldwide!
Ladybird (Coccinellidae)Ladybird
There are more than 5,000 species worldwide!
Lizard (Lacertilia)Lizard
There are around 5,000 different species!
Llama (Lama Glama)Llama
Natively found in the Andes Mountain range!
Macaw (Arini)Macaw
The largest species of parrot in the world!
Mayfly (Ephemeroptera)Mayfly
There are 2,500 known species worldwide!
Millipede (Diplopoda)Millipede
Some species have a poisonous bite!
Molly (Poecilia)Molly
Known for their calm and peaceful nature!
Has characteristics of two or more breeds!
Monkey (Macaca Fascicularis)Monkey
There are around 260 known species!
Moorhen (Gallinula)Moorhen
Feeds on aquatic insects and water-spiders!
Moth (Gynnidomorpha Alisman)Moth
There are 250,000 different species!
Mountain Lion (Felis Concolor)Mountain Lion
Has no real natural predators!
Mouse (Apodemus Sylvaticus)Mouse
Found on every continent on Earth!
Mule (Equus Mule)Mule
The offspring of a horse and donkey parents!
Ocelot (Leopardus pardalis)Ocelot
Also known as the Painted Leopard!
Otter (Lutra Canadensis)Otter
There are 13 different species worldwide!
Panther (Panthera pardus, Panthera onca )Panther
Prefers to hunt at night than during the day!
Parrot (Psittacine)Parrot
Can live for up to 100 years!
Pheasant (Phasianus Colchicus)Pheasant
Females lay between 8 and 12 eggs per clutch!
Pink Fairy Armadillo (Chlamyphorus truncatus)Pink Fairy Armadillo
The smallest known species of Armadillo!
Poison Dart Frog (Dendrobatidae)Poison Dart Frog
Inhabits the jungles of Central and South America!
Porcupine (Erethizon Dorsaum)Porcupine
There are 30 different species worldwide!
Puma (Felis concolor)Puma
Has longer back legs than front legs!
Quail (Coturnix Coturnix)Quail
Inhabits woodland and forest areas worldwide!
Quetzal (Pharomachrus, Euptilotis)Quetzal
The tail feathers of the male can be 1m long!
Rat (Rattus Rattus)Rat
Omnivores that eat anything!
It's venom digests it's prey before it even swallows it!
River Turtle (Emydidae)River Turtle
Inhabits freshwater habitats around the world!
Roseate Spoonbill (Ajaja ajaja)Roseate Spoonbill
The only Spoonbill in the western hemisphere!
Sabre-Toothed Tiger (Smilodon populator)Sabre-Toothed Tiger
Canines up to 7 inches long!
Salamander (Caudata)Salamander
There are more than 700 different species!
Scorpion (Scorpiones)Scorpion
There are around 2,000 known species!
Seahorse (Hippocampus)Seahorse
Highly endangered due to overhunting!
Shrimp (Caridea)Shrimp
There are 2,000 different species worldwide!
Silver Dollar (Metynnis Argenteus)Silver Dollar
Closely related to the piranha!
Skunk (Mephitis Mephitis)Skunk
Also known as the Polecat!
Sloth (Choloepus Hoffmani)Sloth
It's body temperature is between 30 - 34 degrees!
Snail (Achatinoidea  )Snail
There are nearly 1,000 different species!
Snake (Serpentes)Snake
There are around 2,700 known species worldwide!
Snapping Turtle (Chelydridae)Snapping Turtle
Only found in North America!
Sparrow (Passeridae)Sparrow
There are 140 different species!
Spectacled Bear (Tremarctos Ornatus)Spectacled Bear
Native to the Andes mountains of South America!
Spider Monkey (Simia Paniscus)Spider Monkey
Found in the tropical jungles of South America!
Squirrel (Sciuridae)Squirrel
Small rodents found in woodlands worldwide!
Stick Insect (Phasmatodea)Stick Insect
There are more than 3,000 different species!
Swan (Cygnus Atratus)Swan
Populations have been affected by pollution!
Tapir (Tapirus)Tapir
Most closely related to horses and rhinos!
Termite (Isoptera)Termite
Their mounds can be up to 9 meters tall!
Tortoise (Geochelone Elegans)Tortoise
Can live until they are more than 150 years old!
Toucan (Ramphastos Toco)Toucan
There are more than 40 different species!
Tree Frog (Hyla)Tree Frog
Found in warmer jungles and forests!
Umbrellabird (Cephalopterus)Umbrellabird
Migrates up and down the mountains!
Vampire Bat (Desmodontinae)Vampire Bat
Have a heat sensor on the end of their nose!
Vulture (Aegypius Monachus)Vulture
There are 30 different species worldwide!
Wasp (Hymenoptera)Wasp
There are around 75,000 recognised species!
Wolf (Canis Rufus)Wolf
Thought to date back more than 300,000 years!
Woodlouse (Oniscidea)Woodlouse
Actually a crustacean, not an insect!
Woodpecker (Picidae)Woodpecker
There are 200 different species!
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