5 Best Dog Parks In Detroit

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Written by Emilio Brown

Published: May 31, 2022

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Caring for a dog in a big city can be difficult. Daily exercise and stimulation are important for any breed, but it may be a challenge to find a large and safe space for them to play. Luckily, dog parks are there to help. A good dog park provides a safe space for dogs to exercise, and roam around off-leash. Any pooch loves a visit to a dog park since there are always other friends for them to play with. In this article, you will learn about 5 of the best dog parks in Detroit, and what each one has to offer. 

If you are planning a visit to one, it is important to follow good etiquette and the rules of the park you are visiting. The rules may vary based on the dog park you are visiting, but many of them are the same to provide an enjoyable experience. 

Most Common Dog Park Rules:

  • All dogs must be fully vaccinated and licensed
  • You are responsible for your own dog
  • Pick up after your pup’s waste 
  • Don’t bring a dog if they are in heat or ill
  • No aggressive dogs in the park

The rules of a dog park vary depending on the location, but many of them are similar so you can feel safe when visiting. Many parks provide water and poop bags, but it is best to bring your own since the dog park may run out. If in the Detroit area, there are a few dog parks that you can visit, and most of them are free. Let’s take a look at 5 of the best dog parks in Detroit, so you can have a great time with your pooch the next time you are in the area. 

1. Detroit Dog Park

dog wagging tail

Detroit dog park allows dogs to play off-leash.


Detroit Dog Park
Location 2699 Rose St, Detroit, MI 48216
Hours 7 AM-10 PM
Price Free 

Detroit dog park is one of the few areas in Detroit where you can take your dog to play off-leash. At this dog park, there is no separate area for smaller breeds. So if you plan on visiting, it is best if your dog is capable of playing safely with pooches of all sizes. Detroit dog park is free to visit, but your pooch must be fully vaccinated, and registered with the city before entering the park. 

While not the largest, Detroit dog park has plenty of space to let your dog run and play off-leash, with a sturdy fence to prevent escapes. There are trees for shade and benches spread around the park. This dog park has a natural surfacing of grass and dirt, but in the wet seasons, it gets muddy in some areas.

Poop bags are provided at this dog park, as well as some toys for your dog to play with. Water is not provided so you should bring your own, but there are some bowls for them to use. Located near downtown Detroit, this dog park is fairly clean and does a great job at providing you and your pup a safe place to play. On some days this dog park may not be busy, but if you want to go when others are there, it is at its busiest in the morning.

2. Grand Circus Park Dog Park

Grand Circus Dog Park
Location 2-98 E Adams Ave, Detroit, MI 48226
Hours 7 AM-10 PM
Price Free 

Grand Circus Dog park is located in the area of downtown Detroit and is one of the attractions found in Grand Circus Park. This dog park can be found in the northeast area of Grand Circus Park and provides a fenced-off open space so you can let your dog play off-leash. Like other dog parks in Detroit, before visiting, your dog must be fully vaccinated, and be licensed by the city. Grand Circus Dog park is beloved by those who visit the city, and events that are Halloween or Doggy Prom are regularly held here.

This simple dog park is medium-sized, clean, and open. Grand Circus dog park uses turf, so even in the wet season, it is kept clean with little mud. There are a few large trees for shade, and benches so you can sit and relax. Poop bags and water are also provided so you can take care of your pup while attending. 

Dogs of all sizes will enjoy exercising and socializing with others at this park. There is no separate area for smaller breeds, so your dog must be able to safely play with any sized pooch. 

If you live near or often visit downtown Detroit, this dog park is a perfect stop to let your pup have some off-leash fun. Being located in Grand Circus park, there are a variety of other amenities like historical statues, a fountain, and downtown attractions things to appreciate. 

3. Mark Twain Dog Park 

godoggo fetch machine

Great for playing fetch, Mark Twain dog park is a 5-acre open area for your dog to play.


Mark Twain Dog Park
Location Royal Oak, MI 48067 
Hours 6 AM-10 PM 
Price Yearly Membership: $40 

Although this dog park is not in Detroit, it is just a short drive away in Royal Oak Michigan. Membership is required to visit this dog park, and dogs that visit must be licensed and fully vaccinated. The yearly membership costs $40 for residents and $64 for those visiting from out of town. 

This dog park is around 5 acres, and nearby are around 2 acres of wooded trails if you want to go on a leash walk. The area is wide open with mostly dirt and grass. This dog park gets flooded and can have many puddles during the wet seasons. A water station is located in the park to help clean up your pooch or allow them to get a drink if they are thirsty. Tennis balls are also provided so you can play fetch. A separate area for smaller dogs is also found inside this dog park.

Mark Twain Dog Park provides many of the amenities that make a dog park enjoyable, but it is best to avoid going during the rainy season if you do not like dirty dogs. A few trees around the park provide some shade, and there are also some benches. If you are near the area and don’t mind getting a membership, this dog park is great providing a good time. 

4. Rose Dog Park

Rose Dog Park
Location 3689 Trumbull, Detroit, MI 48208
Hours 7 AM-9 PM
Price Free 

Rose Dog park is a small neighborhood area for letting your dog run off-leash. This dog park is located next to Scripps park, in the area of Woodbridge Detroit. Rose dog park is fully fenced off and is separated into two areas. One section is for smaller dogs, while the other is for larger breeds to play. A lovely dog park in Detroit, the play area is well-maintained and kept clean. Being located next to Scripps park, there are walking paths, playgrounds, and other grassy areas to visit. 

Rose Dog park is a grassy area where dogs can run off-leash, and it is well secured so no pup escapes. Most of the dog park is real grass, but the smaller dog section is astroturf. Poop bags and trash cans are provided to make it easy to clean up your dog’s mess. There are also a few trees for shade, and benches so you can watch your dog play. 

Residents of the area enjoy coming to this dog park because of its cleanliness, and the friendly dogs that visit. Rose dog park is free to visit, and if in the area, it is a fun spot to exercise and socialize your pup. 

5. Midtown Dog Park

Australian shepherd in agility tunnel

Agility tunnels like the one at Midtown dog park offer great mental and physical stimulation for dogs.

©iStock.com/Irina Orlova

Midtown Dog Park
Location 401-439 W Canfield St, Detroit, MI, US, 48201
Hours 7 AM-9 PM
Price Free 

As its name suggests, this dog park is located in the Midtown area of Detroit. This park was also once called Shinola Clock dog park, because of the large street clock standing over the park. One area of this dog park is separated from the rest and is for smaller dogs to play with. Fully fenced off, there is also a double-gated entrance so you don’t have to worry about any escapes. 

Midtown dog park has a turf surfacing and is kept relatively clean. There are poop bags provided, and a  water fountain available for when your dog gets thirsty. If your dog gets dirty you can use the hose to rinse them off. A few trees are planted around the park for shade, as well as a few picnic tables for seating. While there is enough space for the zoomiest of dogs, the park also has an agility tunnel and a few other things for them to play on. Midtown dog park has plenty of space and is regularly visited by friendly pups, always ensuring a good time.

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