9 Best Dog Parks In Las Vegas

Written by Emilio Brown
Updated: January 23, 2023
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In Las Vegas, there is always something fun for you to do. There are also a variety of dog parks to visit if you are looking to have a fun day with your furry friend. Dog parks are great places to let your dog exercise and meet new friends.

Dog parks are the safest places to let a dog play off-leash. If you have a pup with endless energy, then a day at the dog park will leave them more drained than ever before. You should also be sure to bring water and poop bags to properly care for your pup, and practice good dog park etiquette when visiting any dog park. Let’s take a look at 9 of the best dog parks in Las Vegas. If you live in the city or are passing through these dog parks are sure to provide endless fun. 

1. Charlie Frias Dog Park

Dog Beagle

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Charlie Frias Dog Park
Location 4801 S Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89103
Hours 6 AM-11 PM
Price Free 

Charlie Frias Park is a 32-acre park in Las Vegas with a dog park, that first opened in 2012. In the North region of the park, there is a dog park so you can let your pooch off-leash. This dog park is fully fenced and is separated into three separate areas. One area is for small dogs under 35 lbs, and the other areas are for large and medium-sized breeds. 

Free poop bags are provided at this park for your use. There is also a water fountain, but it is best to bring your own water as on some days it is turned off. The surface of this dog park is mostly grass, with some gravel. There are benches to sit on, but not many trees for shade. The Charlie Frias park has other amenities to enjoy like sports fields, picnic areas, and playgrounds, and is a perfect place to take your pup on a walk. 

2. Clark County Dog Fancier’s Park 

Golden Retriever Dog

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Clark County Dog Fancier’s Park
Location  5800 E Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89122
Hours 6 AM-11 PM
Price Free 

Clark County Dog Fancier’s park is an area for dogs to enjoy off-leash fun. This dog park has 5 different areas, all of which are fully enclosed. 4 of the sections of this dog park are able to be reserved. If you plan on reserving one of the fenced-off areas. it must be done in advance and can be used for training, and exercising your dog. If you do not want to reserve an area, there is a section for public use and a separate section for small dogs.

Grass and dirt are the surfaces of the dog parks. It is a very open park, with a few trees for shade. Poop bags and trash cans are located around the area. This dog park is one of the largest in Vegas. Plenty of benches and picnic tables are spread about so you can comfortably watch your dog. 

Clark county dog Fancier’s park has plenty of room to let your pup run and play, and it welcomes dogs of all breeds and sizes. 

3. Winding Trails Dog Park

Dog Beagle

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Winding Trails Dog Park
Location 7250 N Fort Apache Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89149
Hours 7 AM-11 PM
Price Free 

In the Centennial Hills neighborhood of Las Vegas, Winding Trails park is a fun community spot with dog park. There is also a playground, and picnic area in Winding Trails. The dog park is split into two areas to keep smaller and larger dogs separate. Both areas are open, with dirt and gravel surfacing. A few trees are spread around the dog park, and there are large rocks for your pooch to play on. 

In the summer you may want to avoid going to this dog park when it’s at its hottest. There is not much shade, and gravel flooring and rocks can easily get too hot. This dog park does provide a water fountain and bowls to let your dog drink from. 

Winding trails park is great for families since it has amenities for everyone. Paths take you around the park and are nice areas for taking leashed walks. The dog park is not the largest, but it is fully secured and provides enough space for off-leash playing. 

4. All American Dog Park 

golden retriever's face


All American Dog Park
Location 1551 S Buffalo Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89117
Hours 7 AM-11 PM
Price Free 

All American Park is huge, with a small area dedicated to letting dogs play off-leash. The dog area is located in the northeast region of the park. It is fully fenced off and has grass surfacing. Smaller and larger dogs play together in one large field, as there is no separate area for smaller dogs. When coming to this dog park, it is best if your pooch is friendly with others and can safely play with breeds of all sizes.

The dog park is small, and just one attraction of All American park. There are also 5 football fields, tennis courts, a playground with water features, and walking trails inside the park. 

Most visitors to the dog park are well behaved, and the area is well-maintained. This dog park is an excellent place for socialization as it is filled with other pups for your dog to play with.

5. Children’s Memorial Dog Park

Jack Russell Terrier hunting on starling bird


Children’s Memorial Dog Park
Location 6601 W Gowan Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89108
Hours 6 AM-11 PM
Price Free 

In Las Vegas, children’s memorial park has different attractions to experience. For your furry friend, there is a small dog park so you can let them frolic off-leash. This dog park is fully fenced, with an area for smaller breeds. It has grass surfacing and plenty of trees that give off shade. Free poop bags are provided, and there is a water fountain for when your dog gets thirsty. If your dog likes to fetch, there is ample space, and an abundance of sticks to be found on the ground. 

Children’s memorial dog park is a simple play area for your dog to safely enjoy time off-leash. The size of the dog park makes it easy to keep an eye on your pup, and there are a few benches for you to relax on.

When not in the dog park, all dogs must be on a leash. Children’s memorial park is beloved by the residents since there are so many other amenities like a roller rink, sports courts, barbeque area, and playgrounds. The dog park and other areas are well-maintained and cleaned regularly. The entire park is around 34 acres and has different paths to take your dog on leashed walks.

6. Shadow Rock Dog Park 

Jack Russell Terrier Hound


Shadow Rock Dog Park
Location 2650 Los Feliz St, Las Vegas, NV 89156
Hours 7 AM-10 PM
Price Free 

Shadow Rock dog park has 3 separate areas for dogs to have some fun off-leash. One dog park is for large dogs, and one is for smaller breeds under 35 lbs. The dog parks rotate, and 1 of the 3 is always closed for maintenance. This dog park is mostly grass and is very open. There are large trees for shade, and a few benches spread around. Poop bags are provided, but it is best to bring your own in case they run out. There is also a water fountain for dogs when they get thirsty, but it is turned off in the winter to prevent the pipes from freezing. 

This dog park is located in Shadow Rock Park, which is in the Northeast area of Vegas. Along with its dog park, Shadow Rock Park also has baseball fields and jungle gyms. Being a dog-friendly park, there are always other pooches to play with within the dog area. 

Your furry friend must be on a leash when not in the dog park, but Shadow Rock Park is a beautiful area to go on walks and take in the scenic mountain views. 

7. Woofter Dog Park

Training a dog

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Woofter Dog Park
Location 1600 Rock Springs Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89128
Hours 6 AM-10 PM
Price Free 

Woofter dog park is a  play area for dogs, with three different fenced-off sections for them to use. One area is for large dogs, while the other is for smaller breeds. This dog park has a grassy surface, and one of the three sections is always closed so it can regrow its grass. The park will rotate the use of each section so the dogs can always enjoy a grassy surface to have fun on. 

Each of the sections of this dog park is open and has a few large trees for shade. Water fountains are found around the dog park for when your pooch gets thirsty, but in the winter they are turned off. Free poop bags are also offered, with trash cans to dispose of them. 

Woofter dog park is a large enough space to exercise any dog. Ramps are also in the play area for dogs who love to test their agility. This dog park is well-maintained and is a pleasant visit for you and your pup. 

8. Barkin Basin Park

Yorkshire Terrier dog and beagle dog chese

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Barkin Basin Park
Location 7351 W Alexander Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89129
Hours 7 AM-11 PM
Price Free 

Barkin Basin park is one of the largest dog parks in Las Vegas. This dog park has three separate areas for your pooch to run around. One of the areas is for smaller and older breeds. This dog park is fully fenced off and has water fountains near its entrance. Poop bags are also provided so you can pick them up after your pooch. 

All together Barkin Bass dog park is around 7.7 acres of open grassy space, great for letting your dog run off-leash.  Benches are abundant in the park, and some have a canopy for shades. Trees around are also abundant in the park providing more shade on the hottest of days. This dog park is loved by many because of its large size, cleanliness, and friendly visitors. 

9. Centennial Hills Park

Corgi dog smile and happy in summer sunny day


Centennial Hills Park
Location 7101 N Buffalo Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89131
Hours 7 AM-11 PM
Price Free 

Centennial Hills Park has a variety of attractions to enjoy, but if you are bringing your dog there is also a dog park for them to have some fun. The dog park is small and has gravel and dirt surfacing. It is separated into two areas. One area is for smaller dogs, puppies over 4 months, and older dogs. The other area is for larger dogs, and both are secured with a chain-link fence. 

Centennial Hills Park has other amenities like sports fields, water park areas, walking trails, playgrounds, and plenty of open space. Walking your dog is enjoyable in this park, but they must be on a leash when not in their designated off-leash area. 

The dog park is not the largest and is usually filled with other pooches ready to play. Your dog must be fully vaccinated to visit. It is recommended they are well trained, and already socialized with dogs so they can play safely with others.

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