Bernedoodle Size Comparison: How Big is a Bernedoodle?

Written by Megan Martin
Published: November 17, 2021

Bernedoodle size comparison golden retriever great dane greyhound
Bernedoodles can come in many size, but the standard is the largest.

Bernedoodles have quickly grown into popularity in recent years. However, a quick glance shows they have one big thing that sets them apart from other popular designer mixes – their size! As this Bernedoodle size comparison will show, their size even rivals that of many other medium to large size dogs, leading to the question of just how big is a Bernedoodle?

How Big is a Bernedoodle?

Bernedoodle puppy
The smallest Bernedoodle variety is the tiny or toy Bernedoodle.

Standard poodles and Bernese mountain dogs are both considered medium to large size dogs. They’re not the largest nor the smallest, and both breeds fall into a realm of average size. As a result, it comes as no surprise to learn the Bernedoodles take after both parents.

However, their exact size depends on just what kind of poodle-mix they are. Like poodles, Bernedoodles can come in four size variations: standard, medium, miniature, and tiny/toy.

Bernedoodle Sizes

The standard Bernedoodle is the largest of the breed. These lovable poodle-mixes can weigh anywhere from 70 to 90 pounds, and they can grow to measure 29 inches at the shoulders. So it’s easy to see how they take after their Bernese mountain dog parent, especially because purebred Bernese mountain dogs can weigh over 100 pounds! Males tend to be larger than females, which can be up to 10 percent smaller than their male counterparts.

Medium Bernedoodles are slightly smaller, though they’re still considered one of the larger designer mixes currently popular. They tend to grow to a height of 22 inches at the shoulders and weigh 35 to 55 pounds. While this is nearly half the size of a standard Bernedoodle, medium Berenedoodles are still the second largest of the breed’s size variants.

Miniature Bernedoodles only grow to be around 18 inches at the shoulder, which is around the same size as those bamboo back scratchers you may be familiar with. They weigh 25 to 35 pounds and are considered fully grown as early as 11-months old.

Lastly, the tiny or toy Bernedoodle is the smallest of the bunch. Less than 15 inches at the shoulders and weighing no more than 25 pounds, they’re larger than many breeds considered designer, such as Chihuahuas, but they’re still a small breed – especially compared to how large a Bernese mountain dog is!

Human Versus Bernedoodle Size Comparison

Bernedoodle size comparison golden retriever great dane greyhound
How big are Bernedoodles as man’s best friend?

Even the largest Bernedoodle is only a little bit taller than the average adult human’s knee. At 29 inches at the shoulder, standard Bernedoodles are around the same size as the average one-year-old child, though they can weigh as much as the average thirteen-year-old.

Tiny Bernedoodles, however, are the perfect size to get under your feet. At a maximum of 15 inches at the shoulder, they’ll come to around your mid-calf, though they can be even smaller!

In all, you can expect that a Bernedoodle won’t get much larger than some of your other favorite dog breeds, although you can keep reading to see exactly how they measure up to golden retrievers, greyhounds, and more.

Bernedoodle Vs. Golden Retriever

Golden retriever
A single full-size goldie is equal to nearly three toy Bernedoodles!

When you think about dogs, golden retrievers are probably one of the first breeds you think of. After all, from their friendly smile to their easily recognizable coat to their iconic movie roles, golden retrievers have made quite the name for themselves in the world of dogs.

Size-wise, they’re not too far off from Bernese mountain dogs. With females being slightly smaller than males, you can expect goldies to grow to a maximum shoulder height of 24″. While this is just a bit shorter than the Bernese mountain dog, how does it measure up to a Bernedoodle?

Like their Bernese parent, a standard Bernedoodle will be much taller than a golden retriever – around 5 inches taller! That’s about a soda can of a difference. However, for the medium Bernedoodle, you can expect these two loveable canines to see eye to eye, especially a female golden retriever who max out around the same shoulder height of 22″.

A healthy goldie tends to weigh anywhere from 55 to 74 pounds depending on if they’re male or female and their activity level. While this is nearly a 20 pound (a whole KitchenAid stand mixer!) difference from the standard Bernedoodle, it’s almost three times as heavy as a toy Bernedoodle. It’s also almost twice as tall!

Bernedoodle Vs. Great Dane

Large great dane
Great Danes are one of the biggest dogs – but are they bigger than a Bernedoodle?

While Great Danes may not be the largest dog breed ever (though they come close!), they just so happen to be the breed of the largest dog ever.

Zeus, a Great Dane, was considered one of the tallest dogs ever recorded before his death in 2014. At 3 feet and 10 inches at the shoulders, his hind-legs standing height rivals that of many adult humans. Plus, he weighed 155 pounds – that’s half the size of a panda bear!

The average Great Dane may not all be as large as Zeus, but they still have a size worth boasting about – and definitely one that proves surprising results in a Bernedoodle size comparison. The smallest Great Danes, females, tend to grow to a shoulder height of 28 to 32 inches. This means that even at their smallest they’re almost the same size as the biggest Bernedoodle. Great Danes can grow up to 34 inches tall and weigh almost as much as 200 pounds.

As a result, it can take over 13 toy Bernedoodles to weigh the same as a Great Dane, and almost three stacked together to reach the same height. The standard Bernedoodle is closer in size than their smaller counterparts, but they’re still around 5 inches shorter and nearly a hundred pounds lighter.

Bernedoodle Vs. Greyhound

Large greyhound
Greyhounds are almost the same size as a standard Bernedoodle.

Despite their unmatched speeds and top-rated agility, greyhounds are actually considered a large breed due to their size. They can grow up to 30 inches, though they usually only weigh a maximum of 88 pounds. While that number may seem small compared to ever super-sized dogs, that’s still the equivalent of carrying nine cats at once. Could you imagine that?

When it comes to a Bernedoodle size comparison, though, you’ll find that these two breeds see eye to eye – at least for the most part.

Greyhounds are almost an even match for standard Bernedoodles. Only an inch taller and a few pounds lighter, they tend to balance each other well. However, the greyhound is also double the size of the toy Bernedoodle in height and nearly quadruple its weight. While the medium and miniature Berendoodle variations are closer in height, even they don’t stand a chance when it comes to weight like the standard Bernedoodle can.