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Updated: September 29, 2022
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Key Points

  • Some birds are named for their likeness on cereal boxes.
  • Others have been named for famous scientists.
  • Other birds yet have been named for their plumage which is reminiscent of precious metals.

What are some nicknames for birds? These names range from the ordinary that you would expect for birds to the unusual and possibly exotic. When you have a pet bird, some of the reasons behind its name can include personality traits and the bird’s appearance. There are all kinds of exciting names for birds out there to keep in mind, and here are 10 of the most exciting options to consider.

Sterling: A Perfect Name for African Grey Parrots

The beautiful silver feathers of the African grey parrot make Sterling the perfect name for this bird.

© Prosicky

Sterling is among the most popular names and nicknames for our avian friends. parrots, particularly the African Grey, are very talkative. In addition to being a talker, these birds are brilliant and responsive to their family.

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Many owners prefer dignified-sounding names in keeping with the bird’s high intelligence. Sterling is a name that fits that bill, describing the bird’s feathers and their color perfectly. A name like sterling for birds with silvery coats quickly puts people in mind of fine silver.

Given its small stature, naming a parakeet Baby is ideal.


Naming or nicknaming birds “Baby” is not unusual. Birds commonly kept as pets, such as parakeets, are intelligent, and playful. These birds chirp and tweet a lot while making a broad range of sounds, including chuckling and whistling. Their noises and playful antics provide plenty of amusement for their families.

This species can also talk with a chirpy-sounding voice. Small birds such as these are ideally suited to cute names. Their owners often see them as “babies” because of their size.

Banshee: Ideal for Cockatoos

These birds have an incredible noise level that’s been compared to a 747 jet taking off.

©Gabriela Beres/

The cockatoo is a friendly bird that has the distinction of being one of the loudest animals on Earth. These birds originate in densely forested areas that make loud sounds essential to communication. Their noise level in the wild has been compared with a 747 jet taking off, giving it a loud reputation.

Besides being a noisy, talkative animal, this species also features crest feathers that play a crucial role in communication. These birds also have a high intelligence level, allowing them to use objects as tools, which helps them stand out as popular pets. Although pet birds usually have high intelligence levels, seeing these animals learn new things is always exciting for their owners.

Flame: Ideal for Scarlet Macaws

With their red, green, blue, and yellow plumage, scarlet macaws contain all the shades of a flame.


Naming or giving birds nicknames related to their colors is very common among avian enthusiasts. One of the types of birds well-suited to this naming trend is the scarlet macaw. One of the most well-known parrot family members, this feathered pet features distinctive red plumage with green, blue, and yellow shades.

The macaw has a vocal range that includes unusual sounds and squawks and enjoys a long lifespan in captivity. In some cases, these birds have lived as long as 75 years. Knowing that an owner will live with one of these birds for a long time is appealing.

Paloma: Perfect for Mourning Doves

Paloma makes perfect sense for this bird considering the world translates to “dove.”

© Griffin-Scott

Mourning doves are a low-maintenance species often kept as pets. Although this species enjoys a wide distribution in North America, the dove is a very common sight in Texas. Spanish names are trendy for pets in Texas and other formerly Mexican and Spanish areas. Paloma, the Spanish word for “dove,” is perfect for this type of bird, which has long been a symbol of peace and friendship among many cultures.

Many people consider names like Paloma particularly beautiful. Like most other birds kept as pets, these doves become responsive to their names quickly.

Tweety: A Name for Canaries

What better name for a canary than the iconic Tweety Bird.

© Mineiro

If you’ve ever watched cartoons, you know that Tweety is one of the most iconic fictional birds ever to exist, with a big personality for his small size. This character is modeled after a canary, a little bird known for its ability to imitate human voices and musical instruments.

Tweets and chirps are some of the sounds that these little birds incorporate into their songs. The bright yellow feathers reminiscent of the favorite cartoon character help make this name one of the most popular choices for our avian friends. This name could also be a popular choice for other small birds.

Sam: Ideal for Toucans

The infamous Toucan Sam is one of the first things that comes to mind when thinking of this beautiful bird.

© Prosicky

If you’re familiar with Toucan Sam that graces cereal boxes, you’ll see why Sam is a perfect name for toucans. These lively birds boast large bills and bright colors that make them stand out in any setting. One of the bird’s best-known features is its loud squawk.

The beak allows these birds to devour larger pieces of fruit. Their feet feature toes that allow for easier jumping from one perch to another. Although this species has poor flying abilities, the bird can quickly get around a room when out of its cage.

Darwin: Perfect for Finches

Naming a finch Darwin is in relation to Charles Darwin and his observations while traveling.


Finches were among some of the birds that Charles Darwin observed the most during his travels. In light of this explorer’s discoveries, Darwin is an excellent choice of a name for pet finches, regardless of the finch species’ country.

These birds frequently sing during the spring and summer months. One of the more unusual traits of this species is that the color changes depending on the type of vegetation consumed. Finches are friendly birds that enjoy living in groups, making multiple birds in one household easier to manage than some larger species.

Daffy – A Great Name for a Duck

What better name for a duck than the iconic Daffy Duck.

© Jeffs

Ducks have been popular as pets for generations, and few are more popular than the iconic Daffy of cartoon fame. These birds thrive in rural settings with ponds and even do well in backyards with small pools.

One of the things that many owners enjoy about these birds is how much personality that they show. Ducks enjoy feeding time and any resulting attention that they get from people.

Zazu: a Perfect Hornbill Name

Zazu, the red-billed hornbill in Lion King, gives an easy and wonderful example of naming this bird.


Although Zazu is a name that comes from a fictional bird, the hornbill species is very real and has become popular as a pet among tropical bird enthusiasts. Although large, this species can live in captivity easily.

The bird gets its name from a distinctive horn that appears on its beak and has a broad range of calls that vary from bellows to cackles. One thing that owners can be sure of is that life with one of these birds is never dull.

There are over 10,000 species of birds in the world. Although they come from different environments and have varying traits, they are fascinating creatures. Having good name ideas will make it easy for you to welcome a new feathered friend.

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