The 10 Sweetest Dogs on the Internet Today

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Published: September 14, 2022
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Is there anything cuter than a dog? We don’t think so. Their floppy ears, big eyes, and curious demeanor can make your heart burst with cuteness overload! Thanks to social media platforms like Instagram, there’s an endless supply of dog pictures online! We’ve found some of the most adorable ones for you to see. Let’s take a look!

1. What’s on the Menu?

The little entertainers known as Japanese Spitz are here to make you smile and laugh. They are wise and incredibly devoted, and they make great friends. They are up for an adventure and will accompany you on a trek, a drive, or a trip to the lake or beach. They simply enjoy being with their humans and love them endlessly.

2. Tea Party

Despite his small stature, the Toy Poodle holds his head high among the canine nobles. There is an exquisite athlete and friend for all occasions and seasons hiding beneath the low-allergen, curly coat. Some pet owners even enjoy the occasional tea party with their poodles.

3. Cute as a Button

A cross of the Newfoundland, long-haired Saint Bernard, and Great Pyrenees produces the enormous Leonberger dog breed. This precious boy is feeling under the weather and we can’t help but fall in love with those big amber eyes. 

4. All Dress Up and Nowhere to Go

A recessive piebald gene appeared in two Yorkshire Terriers, resulting in the development of the uncommon purebred dog known as the Biewer Terrier. These canines’ finest traits are their friendliness, playfulness, and energy. These small-sized, loving, and lively puppies are perfect for people who live in apartments or houses with or without backyards.

5. Smile for the Camera

It has been said that the little Pomeranian, a longtime favorite of both royalty and commoners, is the perfect companion. The magnificent coat, happy, foxy face, and vibrant nature of the Pom have made it one of the most well-liked toy breeds in the world. The Pomeranian is a small dog that weighs less than seven pounds but has a domineering big dog attitude.

6. Go, Team!

Golden retrievers are energetic canines who belong to the sporting dog breed and need at least one hour of daily activity. They truly live true to their name; they enjoy catching almost anything that is tossed for them. This makes them capable assistance dogs and great hunting partners. It’s safe to assume that our tiny friend is prepared for the game.

7. Very Important Influencer

This dog is official! No breed was more adored or well-known than the Cocker Spaniel before the Golden Retriever and Labrador set the standard for the current “excellent with kids” household companion. They can even grow up to become doggy influencers! 

8. Cheers! 

The Newfoundland is a big, robust dog breed that is as affectionate as they are handsome. They are strong, skilled dogs that can operate on land or in the water. They can swim well and are also a powerful “pack horse.” They are great family pets because they are kind and obedient.

9. Power Napping

For its size, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a large, powerful dog. When it comes to play, work, and romance, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier gives it her all. It is incredibly brave, submissive, affectionate, and humorous. There’s no denying why this little guy needs some rest. 

10. Puppy Dog Eyes

Always keep in mind that Rottweilers have been chosen for guarding and protective service. Rottie males in particular can be a little aggressive and domineering, but well-socialized rottweilers get along well with people and other dogs. This puppy simply wants to be cuddled as much as possible before growing into a highly active adult dog.

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