The Top 10 States That Produce the Most Eggs

Written by Patrick MacFarland
Updated: November 6, 2023
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Eggsellent! It is truly eggstatic to write about egg production in the United States. Eggs are an important staple in the American diet. Eggs contain 6 grams of protein and have a nutrient called choline, which promotes good cell activity. Many people eat eggs for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner. Eggs are also an essential ingredient in mayonnaise, but also in many food dishes like pies, cakes, and pasta. Thinking about eggs sometimes may make you eggsistiential about life in general. 

Now, enough of the egg puns! Let’s take a look at the top 10 states that produce the most eggs in the United States. We’ll go over the hard numbers and facts about the egg production of each state on the list.

1. Iowa

The flag of Iowa on an cracked egg surrounded by flowers.(series)

About 8,000 people work in the egg production industry in the state of Iowa.

©Per Bengtsson/

The Iowa Egg Council tracks egg production in the state and according to them, there are 45 million laying hens that produce more than 15 billion eggs every year. The amount of eggs is also increasing every year as they add to the amount of laying hens. Because of the whopping amount of eggs, they are the leading producer of eggs in the country. Iowa’s economy relies on egg production and the risk of avian flu can harm production and the state’s economy.

2. Indiana

Colorful rows of fresh farm eggs

When it comes to poultry, the two biggest duck production companies in the US are located in Indiana.


Indiana is another state in the Midwest and its abundance of farms includes the production of eggs. The poultry industry in Indiana hires 7,000 workers annually and they are major producers of both poultry and eggs. Because Indiana prioritizes agricultural production, which includes soybean and corn harvesting, they can contribute to poultry and egg production, as well. They come in first in duck production and fourth in turkey production. This significantly contributes to the state’s economy by billions of dollars.

3. Ohio

Rooster and hens in a organic farm

Besides being third in egg production, Ohio comes out on top in Swiss cheese production.

©golibtolibov/iStock via Getty Images

Ohio is number three on the list. Also located in the Midwest, the state has 36 million laying hens. Ohio egg farmers are increasingly committed to ensuring their eggs are the best quality, their hens are treated with care, and that the environment is protected through their production. The egg industry contributes more than $3 billion to Ohio’s economy and provides thousands of people with jobs in the state. About 90% of the poultry farms in Ohio are run by families.

4. Pennsylvania

close up of brown eggs in a white bowl on floral fabric

Pennsylvania produces more than 8 billion eggs per year.


Pennsylvania’s egg production has had a small decrease in 2023 compared to 2022, which is linked to a fire that caused the death of 100,000 hens in January 2023. The state has slightly rebounded from the catastrophe even though they are still behind from last year. Pennsylvania, nevertheless, is one of the leading producers of eggs in the United States. It’s still a billion-dollar industry that employs thousands of workers and generates hard-earned income for an abundance of farms in the state.

5. Texas

multicolored chicken hen eggs and spotted quail eggs in a basket on wooden background table

Besides egg production, Texas is also a big producer of sheep, cotton, and horses.

©Rachelle Rae Denee/

The beginning of 2023 saw a substantial increase in the prices of eggs. This was coupled with a strong demand for eggs, as well. Texas saw this as an opportunity to increase egg production, which they have done consistently for the past few years. In Texas, one of the most popular chicken breeds is the Rhode Leghorn because they can produce about 200-300 eggs a year and the eggs are hardy and large. The Texas poultry and egg economy contributes upward of $49 billion per year to the state.  

6. Georgia

Delicious and organic home chicken eggs basket from the village of Atskuri, Organic Farm Barbale, Georgia

Besides eggs, Georgia is a big producer of peanuts and pecans, as well as broiler chickens.

©Gaga Mumladze/

A whopping 75% of counties in Georgia are involved in the poultry and egg production industry. Although Georgia’s production of eggs has decreased slightly in recent years, they are still competitive on the national scale. The culprit in 2023 besides the country-wide inflation was because of an avian infection that affected poultry and egg production throughout the state and country. Although Georgia is number six in egg production, the state’s economy heavily relies on producing broiler chickens, which are the chickens we consume.

7. Michigan

Organic Farm Midwest

Michigan’s egg producers are concentrated in 17 farms with 15 million birds living in those farms.

©Yesica Barrera/

Michigan is a big producer of eggs for the United States. They have steadily increased their production in recent years, hoping to meet demands at supermarkets and elsewhere. In recent environmental news, the Michigan state legislature passed a law that would ensure all chickens in farms are completely cage-free by 2025. The egg industry brings in more than a billion dollars in revenue to the state of Michigan.

8. Arkansas

This is a picture of a chicken in Arkansas

Although Arkansas is in the top 10 egg producers, they come second in producing broiler chickens.


Arkansas is a big producer of poultry and egg production, and they are more concentrated in the poultry section than eggs. Agriculture is the biggest industry in the state, which provides 136,000 jobs for people. From those jobs, 37,000 people work on poultry farms, which makes it a billion-dollar industry for the state. In the past year, because of inflation and aviary infections, there has been a decline in egg production in the state.

9. North Carolina

Young chicken hen that is yellow and orange colored that is on a grassy field in North Carolina.

North Carolina is one of the top producers of broiler chickens in the nation.

©Guy J. Sagi/

North Carolina is a leading producer of eggs and the state has about 9 million birds. The birds produce approximately 7 million eggs every day. North Carolina farmers believe in ensuring hens get organic soybean and corn feed to produce the best quality eggs. Barred Rocks and Rhode Island Reds are two of the most popular chicken breeds in North Carolina, which also make excellent eggs, as well. The North Carolina poultry and egg industry brings in more than $35 billion to the state.

10. California


Although California is not the top producer of eggs, it is the top producer of avocados in the nation.

©Alexis Foto Guevara/

Lastly, California rounds out the top 10 states that produce the most eggs in the United States. However, the state used to be on top but in the past few decades, they have declined in production. In 2018, California voters passed a proposition that would take effect on January 1, 2022, to ensure all chickens laying eggs and sold in the state or exported should be cage-free. Like many states in early 2023, the avian flu affected egg production in California.


And there you have it, these are the top 10 states that produce the most eggs. Eggs are an important part of the food economies of these states. Furthermore, these states feed millions of people in the US and abroad. When you think about the abundance of eggs produced every year, you may think that it’s too much. But eggs are a staple in the diets of millions and billions around the world. At the end of the day, without our precious hens laying eggs, many people wouldn’t have the necessary protein and many people would be missing valuable nutrients so essential for our bodies.

If you’re craving eggs after reading this article, why not take a couple of eggs from your fridge and make a delicious egg sandwich to eat with organic chips? It will be a wondrous snack!

The Top 10 States That Produce the Most Eggs

RankCountryEggs Produced
1Iowa15 billion
2Indiana10.6 billion
3Ohio10.4 billion
4Pennsylvania8.1 billion
5Texas6.4 billion
6Georgia5 billion
7Michigan4.5 billion
8Arkansas4.2 billion
9North Carolina4.09 billion
10California4.01 billion

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