Dog Breeds that Start with K

Here is a list of dog breeds that start with the letter K.

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A Kai Ken
Kai Ken

Kai Ken are a very rare breed of dog from Japan, though pure breeds are even harder to come by.

A Kangal

Can run up to 35 miles per hour (56km).

A Keeshond

Friendly, alert dogs that are loyal to their owners

A Kerry Blue Terrier
Kerry Blue Terrier

They are born black, and turn gray-blue as they age.

A King Shepherd
King Shepherd

This hybrid breed is the largest among the shepherd class.

A Kishu

Once raised to hunt dangerous game like boar, today's kishu ken are more likely to be used as guard dogs.

A Kooikerhondje

If Kooikerhondjes look familiar, it’s because old Dutch masters like Rembrandt and Jan Steen liked to paint them.

A Koolie

The name "koolie" comes from the German mispronunciation of "collie."

A Kuvasz

Ownership of this dog was once restricted to the Hungarian nobility

List of Dog Breeds that Start with the Letter K

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