Dog Breeds that Start with H

By Mike
Published: August 11, 2021
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Here is a list of dog breeds that start with the letter H.

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A Harrier

Cheerful, tolerant and sweet-tempered!

A Havamalt

These pups need natural oils to keep their skin healthy; bathing them often will dry out their skin, so only wash them when necessary.

A Havanese

These are the only dogs that are native to Cuba

A Havapoo

The exact appearance of a Havapoo can vary based on whether the genes of its Poodle or Havanese parent are more dominant.

A Havashire

Both of the Havashire’s parent breeds were very popular among the upper classes.

A Havashu

Their front legs are shorter than their back legs, giving them a unique, tilted physique.

A Hokkaido

Known for its bravery and ability to withstand the cold.

A Horgi

Horgis have a silly side and love to be the center of attention.

A Huntaway

Huntaways have a strong instinct for herding.

A Huskador

Huskadors are gaining in popularity as service dogs.

A Huskita

Huskitas prefer a consistent daily routine with lots of activity.

A Husky

To communicate, Siberian Huskies rarely bark but instead create their own music and howl.

A Husky Jack
Husky Jack

Due to the mix of genes, a Husky Jack’s coat may be a variety of colors including black, gray, white, red, sable, or mixed colors.

A Huskydoodle

Huskydoodles are known for their jumping abilities!

List of Dog Breeds that Start with the Letter H

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