24 Cute Baby Animals Who Will Melt Your Heart (and Share How Incredible They Truly Are)

Written by Jeremy Phillips
Updated: May 13, 2022
Image Credit Simia Attentive/Shutterstock.com
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Why is it that a baby animal of almost any species in the world is instantly cute? AZ Animals is a site based on academic research and carefully sourced facts, but let’s be honest — there are some things science simply cannot explain!

Baby animals are cute, and I refuse to apologize for loving every image and video of them I can get my hands on.

Therefore, I present to you 24 of my favorite cute baby animals, and a fact about each you’ll enjoy almost as much. 🙂

1. Cute Baby Sea Turtle

Watch as this little guy makes his way from his freshly-hatched egg towards the water so he can join his friends as quickly as possible.

Fun Sea Turtle Fact: Female sea turtles will travel hundreds, and sometimes thousands of miles in the water, but will almost always return to the exact same beach to lay a new set of eggs. Whoa!

2. Determined Baby Wolf

Chew that stick all you want buddy — you can do it!

Fun Wolf Fact: While your average wolf may trot along at 5 miles per hour, they have been known to sprint close to 40 MPH when there is food on the line.

3. Cute Baby Ducks (aka Ducklings)

There wasn’t sound with this video originally, but you can almost hear the pitter-patter of their cute baby duck feet, can’t you?

Fun Duck Fact: A typical duck egg takes just under 30 days to hatch. Which as you know, gives us even more baby animals to ogle. A win for ducks, and win for me and you, am I right?

4. Glorious Baby Elephant

Talk about a mini-me! I can’t get enough of this baby elephant waving its ears at us.

Fun Elephant Facts: A newborn elephant can weigh over 260 pounds!

And just because elephants are so magnificent, I’ll include a second fact. Like narwhals (yes, that’s a real animal), elephant tusks are actually teeth. I would strongly suggest a visit to your dentist if your teeth ever look like that.

5. Cute Baby Hippo

What his ears lack in size, they make up for in raw speed. Hippos are by far one of my favorite baby animals…because, well see for yourself.

Fun Hippo Fact: A fully grown hippopotamus can eat over 75 pounds of grass in a single night. A pet hippo would beat mowing the lawn, but where would she sleep?

6. Cute Baby Rabbit

I wish I could be in the room with this cute rabbit as he starts to explore what’s outside the basket.

Fun Rabbit Fact: A baby rabbit is called a kit (like a fox.) A male rabbit is called a buck (like a deer.) And a female is a doe (also like a deer.)

7. Cute Baby Sloths

Sloths are known for being slow, but I choose to believe they just enjoy the world around them more than most!

Fun Sloth Fact: The real reason sloths are slow is that they have an extremely low calorie diet, mainly consisting of leaves. Thus they move slow to conserve energy.

8. Cute Young Rhea

This young rhea drinks about like I do, except he didn’t spill on his new shirt right before an important meeting.

Fun Rhea Fact: Native to South America, rheas cannot fly but they can run up to 40 miles per hour.

9. Cute Baby Puppies

I can’t get enough of this salt and pepper colored puppy. Neither can his friend!

Fun Dog Fact: Dogs are born without teeth, but just like me and you (and other mammals) they grow a set of baby teeth that are eventually replaced by their adult teeth. By 6 months old, dogs usually have the teeth they’ll use for the rest of their lives.

10. Fun Baby Piglets

Three little piggies, playing in the dirt. One fell down and he got…dirty!

Fun Pig Fact: Like a dog, pigs can be trained to learn to respond to their name. And in many cases much earlier than dogs can.

11. Relaxing Baby Owl

This cute owl is doing his best to hide, but we see you bud. We see you. And we want to play!

Fun Owl Fact: Unlike many birds, owls fly nearly silently. Given that they are also nocturnal hunters (meaning they look for food at night,) owl prey often wouldn’t even know what hit them before it was too late.

12. Hungry Baby Ostriches

When I grow up, I want my job title to be whatever this person’s is. Feeding cute baby ostriches all day is ok by me.

Fun Ostrich Fact: Ostriches can grow to be 9 feet tall and over 300 pounds as adults!

13. Fluffy Baby Horse

Who knew horses could be so fluffy? I for one approve.

Fun Horse Fact: Horses‘ height is typically measured in “hands” rather than feet or meters. Yes, those hands, which by the way are around 4 inches wide.

14. Sleeping Baby Hedgehogs

You can pet these sleepy buddies if you want, but make sure you are gentle!

Fun Hedgehog fact: It may not look like it, but hedgehogs have around 6000 quills on their backs!

15. Stretching Baby Gorilla

16. Playing Baby Goats

17. Young Playing Giraffes

18. Cute Baby Donkey

19. Curious Fawn

20. Happy Calves

21. Super Fluffy Baby Chicks

22. Curious Baby Kittens

23. Hungry Baby Birds

24. Cute Baby Alligator

Want to see this guy all grown up and with a whole bunch of his friends? Check out the most alligator infested lakes in the United States.

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