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10 Types Of Wild Cats Picture

Key Points Wild cats show similarities to house cats, except they are larger and more powerful. Many flourish in wet and dry environments all over the world. Wild cats are… Read More

By Heather Ross 2 years ago

Rare Types of Birds Picture

Key Points Not all rare birds are endangered, although it's certainly possible for them to be both.They often live in isolated areas, far from large settlements.Many of these birds have… Read More

By Julia Aas 2 years ago

Hippo Mouth: Size and Facts Picture

Hippos are some of the earth's largest land animals. Their name derives from Greek when they were called "river horses," but "river cows" might have been a better description. These… Read More

By Colby Maxwell 2 years ago

How Fast Can a Hippo Run? Picture

Hippos are fascinating creatures. Are they a whale, a cow, or both? Despite their chunky appearance, hippos are actually quite athletic. They seem to have a reputation of being cute… Read More

By Colby Maxwell 2 years ago

What Do Sturgeon Eat? Picture

Sturgeon are ancient fish that have been around for 201 million years, giving them the title of "modern fossils" quite easily. They usually live in freshwater, but some species feed… Read More

By Colby Maxwell 2 years ago

Types of Pond Turtles Picture

Key Points Turtles are a wonderful part of our ponds and streams and an important part of a healthy ecosystem. Turtles consume insects and other pests that tend to inhabit… Read More

By Krishna Maxwell 2 years ago

What Did Pterodactyls Eat? Picture

Pterodactyls (Pterodactylus antiquus) are extinct flying reptiles. They lived from the Late Jurassic period to the Late Cretaceous period, between 164 million and 64 million years ago. Though they might… Read More

By Brandi Allred 2 years ago

What Do Sea Otters Eat? Picture

Unbelievably, there is much more to this animal some refer to as “water puppies” than fun and games. Sea otters are highly intelligent and clever hunters with a voracious appetite.… Read More

By Peralee Knight 2 years ago

What Do Ghost Shrimp Eat? Picture

Due to their popularity among aquarium owners and their incredibly unique appearance, the ghost shrimp generates a lot of curiosity. There is quite a bit to be curious about when… Read More

By Peralee Knight 2 years ago

What Do Earwigs Eat? Picture

Like many insects classified as household pests, the earwig has a nasty reputation for invading pantries and getting into unsecured food staples. However, in the outdoors this insect has a… Read More

By Peralee Knight 2 years ago

Top 11 Types of Rare Fish Picture

Key Points: Certain species covered here were once abundant but are now endangered. Some of them possess unusual beauty such as iridescent scales or vivid colors. Others possess unique distinguishing… Read More

By Dana Mayor 2 years ago

What Do Narwhals Eat? Picture

Narwhals are easily one of the most unique and beloved animals in the world. Research of narwhals in the wild has uncovered a lot about this beloved animal. This includes… Read More

By Peralee Knight 2 years ago

What Do Deer Eat? Picture

Have you ever seen the movie, Bambi? In it, audiences are introduced to Bambi, a young deer, who must learn how to survive in the wild. In one scene, Bambi… Read More

By Patrick Sather 2 years ago

Types of Water Dog Breeds Picture

Key Points Some water dog breeds include Irish Water Spaniel, American Water Spaniel, and Wetterhoun.Other dogs on this list are Lagotto Romagnolo, Cantabrian Water Dog, and Pudelpointer.Water dogs tend to… Read More

By Rebecca Bales 2 years ago

Types of Crane Birds Picture

Key Points These omnivorous birds can be found in the wetlands of just about every continent with the Arctic and South America being the sole exceptions. Crane birds often have… Read More

By A-Z Animals Staff 2 years ago

What Do Komodo Dragons Eat? Picture

Key Points Komodo dragons eat mostly meat, including rodents, goats, and pigs. Komodo dragons have a venomous bite that is full of infectious bacteria. They are opportunistic hunters and will… Read More

By Peralee Knight 2 years ago