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Bombay Facts

Common NameBombay
OriginNorth America
Average Size60cm (2ft)
Average Weight4.5kg (10lbs)
Average Lifespan13 years
ColourBrown, Black
Average Litter Size6
TemperamentIntelligent, energetic, calm and friendly

Bombay Location

Map of Bombay Locations


The Bombay cat is thought to have been bred from the playful Burmese cat, and a smaller short-haired cat in the 1950s. The Bombay cat was initially bred in order to produce a domestic cat that looked that a panther.

There are two main types of Bombay cat today, the American Bombay cat and the British Bombay Cat, both species are generally black although some American Bombay cats are breed to have spots which slightly resemble those of a leopard.

The Bombay cat is a very distinctive domestic cat breed as they generally have black fur and either green or orange eyes depending on the sub-species. Bombay cat also has a long, narrow body and small heads.

The Bombay cat is thought to have a very similar personality to the Burmese cat, in that the Bombay cat is excitable and affectionate. This has meant that today, the Bombay cat is a very popular domestic cat breed.

Like the Burmese, the Bombay cat is a highly intelligent animal and is extremely energetic. The cleverness and activeness of the Bombay cat, ensure that it is generally a successful hunter.