How Many Rats Live in New York City?

Rats are a huge problem in the city – an issue which is getting worse. Is New York the city with the most rats? How many rats live in New York City? What city is free of rats?

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What City Has the Most Rats?

Here are the top ten cities in the US with the most rats:

1. Chicago 2. Los Angeles 3. New York City 4. Washington 5. San Francisco

6. Baltimore 7. Philadelphia 8. Detroit 9. Denver 10. Cleveland

How Many Rats Live in New York City?

How many rats are there in New York City? There are an estimated 2 million rats living in New York City! Two million rats running around in subways, alleys, restaurants, and your $3,000/month studio apartment.

How Many People Live in New York City?

The population of New York City is 8,177,025. The largest borough in the city is Brooklyn with a population of 2.736 million while the smallest borrough is Staten Island with a population of just under a half million.

Are There More Rats or People in New York City?

There are more people than rats in New York City – for now. But the number of rats in the city is on the rise. The closure of bars and restaurants during the Covid lockdown and the resulting scarcity of food, drove rats into more residential areas. With 2 million rats and 8 million people that is one rat for every family of four.

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