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Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dog Facts

NameAustralian Cattle Dog
Average Size50cm (20in)
Average Weight20kg (45lbs)
Average Life Span15 years
GroupHerd Dog
ColourGrey, Red, Black
Average Litter Size5
TemperamentStrong minded yet loyal and loving
TrainingShould be trained from an early age and respond best to firm and fair training

Australian Cattle Dog Location

Map of Australian Cattle Dog Locations

Australian Cattle Dog

Like many herding dogs, Cattle Dogs have high energy levels and active minds. They need plenty of exercise and a job to do, so non-working dogs need to participate in dog sports, learning tricks, or other activities that engage their body and mind.

Some individuals find repetitive training frustrating and dull, so owners should aim to make training sessions varied and more exciting in order to keep their dog interested. Cattle Dogs who do not receive the appropriate exercise and entertainment will invent their own, often destructive, activities. These dogs are, by nature, wary. They are naturally cautious, and grow more so as they age. Their cautious nature towards strangers makes them perfect guard dogs, when trained for this task.

Cattle Dogs drive cattle by nipping at their heels or tails, but they have also been known to herd other animals.