10 Stunning Waterfalls in Texas (Including Where to Find Them)

Dolan Falls
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Written by Volia Schubiger

Updated: May 28, 2022

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A waterfall is a rare sight to see in Texas. In fact, it is surprising how few waterfalls there are in such a large state as Texas. But this does not mean you can’t find any waterfalls in Texas! The only thing it means is that you will have to do some digging to find out exactly where they are. Luckily for you, we’ve got the skinny on ten beautiful waterfalls in Texas.

Here are some of the best waterfalls in Texas and how you can find them.

1. Gorman Falls

Gorman Falls

Gorman Falls has grown over time and is known as a “living waterfall.”

Location:Texas Hill Country
Nearby Attractions:Colorado Bend State Park
Animals to See:Northern Cardinal, Great Blue Heron

In contrast to other waterfalls in Texas, this waterfall is not suitable for swimming due to its fragile environment. Despite that, it is still worth a visit. Gorman Falls has changed over time and has been called a “living waterfall.” There is a high concentration of carbon dioxide flowing through the limestone at Gorman Falls, which feeds into the Colorado River. As a result of deposits of travertine over millions of years, Gorman Falls has grown to be 650 feet wide and 60 feet thick.

2. Pedernales Falls

Pedernales Falls

Spanish settlers named the Pedernales River after its jagged sand and gravel.

Location:Johnson City, TX
Nearby Attractions:Pedernales Falls State Park
Animals to See:Armadillos, Coyotes

There is nothing spectacular about the height of the Pedernales Falls, but their spread over the river is spectacular. Over limestone rock, the waterfalls create several shallow pools where fish gather. There is a half-mile hike to Pedernales Falls on the Twin Falls Natural Trail or a ten-mile single-track trail to see other parts of the river. You can also go swimming and tubing in some parts of the park.

3. Hamilton Pool Waterfall

Hamilton Pool Waterfall

Hamilton Pool, approximately 30 miles west of Austin, is a haven for rare bird species.

Location:Travis County, Texas
Nearby Attractions:Hamilton Pool Preserve
Animals to See:Golden-cheeked Warbler, Cliff Swallows

Located about an hour’s drive from the Texas Capitol in Austin, Hamilton Pool Preserve features a 50-foot waterfall. This spectacular lake is formed by Hamilton Creek, where it meets the Pedernales River. In addition to its year-round trails, the Hamilton Pool Preserve is home to unusual plants and birds like Golden Cheek Warblers and Cliff Swallows. However, reservations are necessary to visit. Overall, it’s a wonderful place for families to visit.

4. McKinney Falls

McKinney Falls

The park’s upper and lower falls create large pools which are popular for swimming and fishing.

Location:Austin, Texas
Nearby Attractions:McKinney Falls State Park
Animals to See:White-Tailed Deer, Northern Mockingbird

Though short, McKinney Falls is a popular swimming hole near Austin for a reason. When visiting this amazing waterfall in Texas, make sure to check out both the Lower and Upper Falls. Despite its height, the water pressure here is impressive, especially after it rains. It is very important to be careful when visiting the falls because of the rushing water. The falls are formed by the confluence of two rivers.

5. Madrid Falls

Madrid Falls Texas

At 100 feet, Madrid Falls is both the tallest publicly accessible waterfall and the second tallest total waterfall in Texas

Location:Lajitas, Texas
Nearby Attractions:Big Bend Ranch State Park
Animals to See:Mule Deer, Bats

Despite being Texas’ second-tallest waterfall, few people are aware Madrid Falls exists. With breathtaking views from three scenic overlooks, this stunning waterfall is tucked high above the Rio Grande banks. Visitors can walk the three-mile round trip to see the stunning scenery.

6. Dolan Falls

Dolan Falls

Dolan Falls is the largest continuously flowing waterfall in Texas.

Location:Texas Hill Country
Nearby Attractions:Devils River State Natural Area
Animals to See:Catfish, Largemouth Bass

In the rough wilderness of Devils River State Natural Area lies one of the most secluded waterfalls in Texas, Dolan Falls. Located near Del Rio, this ten-foot waterfall can be seen at the Devil’s River Natural Area in Comstock. As its name suggests, the Devils River possesses treacherous rapids, so only experienced kayakers are encouraged to traverse these waters.

7. Cattail Falls

Cattail Falls

Cattail Falls, located in a secluded part of Big Bend National Park, is a peaceful and delightful place to visit.

Location:Brewster County, Texas
Nearby Attractions:Big Bend National Park
Animals to See:Rattlesnakes, Desert Cottontails

Cattail Falls is named after the plant that covers the surrounding area, which looks like cattails. The falls lie in Big Bend National Park’s Chisos Mountains. The trip is one of Texas’s more challenging waterfall hikes. This is because the hike involves a steep slope. Cattail Falls is a three-mile round trip hike that begins in an arid desert and ends in a dense oasis. There have also been reports of black bear sightings in the area, so keep that in mind when hiking.

8. Wichita Falls

Wichita Falls

After over a century of visitors wishing to see the non-existent falls, the city created an artificial waterfall alongside the river in Lucy Park.

Location:Lucy Park, Texas
Nearby Attractions:Lake Arrowhead State Park
Animals to See:Hummingbirds, Skunks

Wichita was named after the original falls on the Wichita River, which was destroyed in 1886 by a flood. The city created an artificial waterfall beside the river in Lucy Park after people sought to view the nonexistent falls for over a century. In addition to being 54 feet tall, the restored falls also circulate 3,500 gallons per minute. The restored falls can be seen from I-44 on the southbound side.

9. Boykin Springs

Boykin Springs

Despite its small size, Boykin Springs waterfall remains a popular tourist attraction in the area.

Location:Zavalla, TX
Nearby Attractions:Angelina National Forest
Animals to See:Quails, Wild Turkey

Boykin Springs is an extremely small fall, only four feet in height. This small cascade of water is enhanced by the river water flowing over the Old Aldridge Saw Mill. The waterfall flows into the Neches River. You will be able to see gorgeous wildflowers on your hike, which will calm your spirit. You won’t want to miss out on this small yet worthwhile waterfall in Texas. 

10. Westcave Preserve Falls

Westcave Preserve Falls Texas

There is no way to access the Westcave Preserve Falls without the assistance of a guide or by consulting guidebooks

Location:Round Mountain, TX
Nearby Attractions:The Westcave Preserve
Animals to See:Ring-Tailed Cat, Golden-Cheeked Warbler

Westcave Preserve is a 76-acre preserve with stunning views of the Pedernales River. The falls are a part of this preserve, and they are one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Texas. Located among the wildlife, canyons, and caves of the Western Preserve, this waterfall stretches 40 feet high and spans 30 acres. It is located 220 miles from Dallas and is one of the most visited in the state.

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