40 Creative Girl Puppy Names that Won’t Make Your Pup Cringe

Written by Marisa Wilson
Published: September 18, 2022
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When naming anything, it can be difficult. How can you come up with something as unique or cute as your girl pup? You look for inspiration, of course! In this post, you’ll find ideas for what kind of name you should choose for your girl doggie. You’ll learn the meaning of the names and hopefully get a few laughs along the way! Keep reading to find inspiration with 40 creative girl puppy names that won’t make your pup cringe! 

10 Cute Girl Dog Names

Cute Small Bichon Poodle Bichpoo puppy dog standing on a blue bench

Cute girl puppy names are always an excellent choice!

©Ursula Page/Shutterstock.com

Cute is always an excellent idea for girl dog’s names, but what are some that aren’t as basic as “Cutie?”  So glad you asked! Check out these cute names and see if something matches your pup.

  • Roxy: Roxy is a bright name for girls that comes from the Persian language. It means “dawn,” “star,” and “bright,” which is a happy coincidence because it means that new and exciting things are about to happen.
  • Rosie: Rosie is a Latin-derived female given name that means “rose.”
  • Angel: The meaning of the Greek name Angel is “messenger.”
  • Zoey: Zoey is a girl’s name that comes from Greek and means “life.”
  • Lily: The famous white, showy flower is called a lily in English. It stands for innocence and purity.
  • Ruby: Ruby is derived from Latin and French words that mean “deep red precious stone.”
  • Poppy: A type of flower with bright, delicate petals goes by this name.
  • Rogue: Unpredictable.
  • Sugar: This is used as a nickname in America to describe someone as “sweet.”
  • Cookie: Originally from England, Cookie is primarily gender-neutral for pet names and means Sweet Biscuit.

8 Beautifully Sweet Girl Dog Names 

man cuddling dog

Sweet girl puppy names are also great to show off your dog’s tender side!

©Daxiao Productions/Shutterstock.com

So, you have a lovely dog that has the potential to be featured on the cover of a glossy magazine, but what do you call a dog that is both stunning and sweet? These are some fantastic suggestions!

  • Honey: Honey is a feminine name that derives from Old English and means “nectar.”
  • Pearl: Pearl is a girl’s name of English origin and means “precious gemstone.” Pearls are linked to purity and elegance.
  • Gracie: The meaning of the name Gracie was originally “embroiderer” before changing to “shoemaker.” We know how dogs like to design our shoes with their teeth sometimes. Gracie is also a female name that is typically a version of Grace.
  • Hazel: Hazel is an English name that means “hazel tree.” An ancient hazel wand represented authority and protection.
  • Ella: The name Ella can also be interpreted to indicate “girl” or “feminine” since the Spanish word Ella has the same meaning as “she” or “her.” Ella is an English name that has ancient Germanic roots.
  • Peaches: Like the delicious, sweet fruit!
  • Lacey: The Old French name Lacey, which is gender-neutral, means “from Lacy” or “from Lassy.”
  • Fancy: Fancy is a girl’s name that means “free man.” It’s a bit of an outdated name, but certain girls may be able to pull off.

5 Amazing Mythical Names

german shepherd laying on bail of hay

Perhaps you want to highlight your dog’s strength and intelligence with a mythological name like “Athena.”


Who doesn’t love a strong or magical female name? If you are a fan of mythology, you will enjoy this list and learn the stories about what is behind these great names.

  • Athena: Athena comes from the stories of the ancient Greeks. The name relates to the goddess of wisdom and war, also named Athena. As the defender of Athens, she was well-known and admired for her intelligence and military expertise. 
  • Luna: Latin and several other languages having Latin roots, such as Spanish and Italian, both translate the word Luna as “moon.” Luna was the moon goddess in Roman mythology. She is also known as Diana, and in Roman art, she is frequently seen in a white chariot pulled by horses or oxen.
  • Nyx: She possesses the ability to either help or harm humanity. Nyx can put people in slumber or kill them. This goddess is not one to make mad because Nyx was older and more powerful than Zeus, and even he feared her.
  • Iris: Iris is a traditional name derived from the Greek word iris, which means “rainbow.” According to Greek mythology, the goddess of the rainbow, known as Iris, was thought to deliver messages to the Gods through a rainbow bridge. 
  • Aura: Aura was known as the Titan of the breeze and the crisp, cool morning air in Greek and Roman mythology. Aura is a feminine given name that means “gentle wind.”

8 Super Funny Girl Names

Corgi dog smile and happy in summer sunny day

If your little girl has a lot of personality and always makes you smile, a funny girl puppy name might be just what you need!


Not everyone wants a serious or pretty name, and that’s okay! If you’re fun and your dog is silly, you might get a kick out of giving them a funny name. Not only may it make you laugh, but others will too when they hear these silly names! 

  • Butters: South Park fans will laugh, but if you don’t get the reference, it sounds like a cute cheesy name for a dog. 
  • Pickles: This intriguing name has English medieval roots for someone who lived beside a little field. But just trying hollering “pickles” and see how fun that is to say!
  • Zipper: This is perfect for hyper dogs who do the zoomies.
  • Stubby: If your dog is short and you know it, don’t clap your hands. Name her Stubby.
  • Scraps: Tim Burton fans can name their dog after Victor’s dog in Corpse Bride. 
  • Jenga: If your dog knocks stuff down a lot or is a bit clumsy, this can be a funny name for your pup.  
  • Waffles: Waffles sound funny and are fun to make. 
  • Classy: Some dogs seem timeless in how they appear. Why settle for a boring name when your dog can be called Classy?

9 Grey’s Anatomy Edition Names

Brown dog looking stoically into camera.

Choosing a girl puppy name from your favorite show lets you combine all the things you love!


Another fantastic idea is to think about one of your favorite shows or movies. Are you a Twilight fan? Bella. Are you a fan of Umbrella Academy? Vonya. Here are some fun examples for finding names based on your favorite show, like Grey’s Anatomy

  • Izzy: “God’s promise” is what the gender-neutral Hebrew name Izzy means. She also was a model and surgeon on Grey’s Anatomy. 
  • Lexi: Girls might choose the whimsical and impressionistic given name, Lexi. The character, Lexi, is a caring and sweet doctor who loves her sister. She has a photographic memory and surprises people with it. 
  • Baily: This strong female character runs a hospital and manages to advance her career. She started as an intern and advanced through hard work. Everyone loves Dr. Baily.  
  • Ava:  The name means “birdlike” or “lively.” Ava is the girl who had intense facial reconstruction after a ferry boat accident.  
  • Zola: The Latin name Zola, which means “mound of earth” and “calm,” is just for girls. Zola is the daughter of Meredith Grey in this series. Meredith plays a significant role in this story. 
  • Cali: Cali means “beautiful” and is a perfect name for a pretty dog as long as the dog’s last name isn’t O’Malley. 
  • Fox: As in Catherine Fox, the one and only. Fox is an excellent name for a dog with a strong personality.  
  • Adele: This name means “noble,” and the character on Grey’s Anatomy was Webber’s wife. She was one of the kindest ones on the show because she is so forgiving. A perfect name for a kind doggie!
  • Ellis: Although she is often shown in poor light for how driven she was in this series, the name Ellis means “kind.”

Up Next: Even More Ideas for Naming Your Dog!

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