These are the 15 Sunniest Places on Earth

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Updated: May 11, 2023
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There are areas where the sun shines faintly and others where it beams too brightly. While you’re being soaked on your way to work or school, de-icing your car, or trying to wear shorts despite the cool spring temps, keep in mind that the sun is beaming brightly somewhere in the world. If you’re jealous and want a taste of that Vitamin D, some of the following locations enjoy approximately 4,015 hours of sunshine every year – that’s over 300 sunny days! This article will explore the 15 sunniest places on Earth for your next getaway, ranked by the average hours of sunshine they get each day.

Yuma, Arizona is one of the sunniest places on earth!

These Are the 15 Sunniest Places On Earth 

15. Zanzibar, Tanzania – 2,755 hours of sunshine per year

Zanzibar, Tanzania

With 2,755 hours of sunlight, Zanzibar s one of the sunniest places in the world.


Zanzibar has 2,755 hours of continuous sunlight, making it one of the sunniest spots on the planet. It’s also only a short distance from the mainland, making it ideal for a twin-center vacation. Tanzania’s Zanzibar is an autonomous island region. The marine ecology of Zanzibar is essential for fishing and algaculture, and it includes vital marine ecosystems that serve as fish breeders for Indian Ocean fish ecosystems. 

14. Marseille, France – 2,860 hours of sunshine per year

Marseille, France

With 2,860 hours of sunshine every year, Marseille is France’s sunniest major city.


Marseille is one of the more popular attractions when you visit France, and it is rightfully so because of its warm, dry, and clear summers. The seaside city of Marseille, only a three-hour train trip from gloomy Paris, is packed with sophisticated boutiques, local gastro-pubs, and international modern art galleries and facilities. Marseille is officially France’s sunniest major city, with 2,860 hours of sunshine each year, compared to the country’s average of 1,950 hours. It is also the driest metropolitan area, with only 20 inches of average rainfall.

13. Lisbon, Portugal – 3,023 hours of sunshine per year

Lisbon, Portugal

One of Europe’s sunniest cities is Lisbon.


Lisbon is one of Europe’s sunniest cities. Imagine a year with over 3,000 hours of sunlight and 12 hours of UV per day in the summer. That’s quite plenty! As the westernmost capital city in Portugal and continental Europe and the only one along the Atlantic coast, it is no surprise that it boasts a Mediterranean climate with moderate, rainy winters and scorching, dry summers. Lisbon has one of the hottest winters among any major European city, with an average of over 80% of direct sunlight touching the ground.

12. Rhodes, Greece – 3,075 hours of sunshine per year

Rhodes, Greece

3,000 hours of sunshine can be expected in Rhodes.

© Zolotov

Rhodes is the finest of the best in sunny European islands, with the lengthiest holiday season in Greece. Each year, 300 days or over 3,000 hours of sunshine can be expected in the region. It is classed as a hot-summer Mediterranean climate and it’s so warm here in October and November that you can swim in the Mediterranean.

11. Perth, Australia – 3,200 hours of sunshine per year

Perth, Australia

With an average of 3,200 hours of sunshine every year, Perth is undoubtedly among the sunniest capital cities globally.


Perth is among the world’s most isolated cities, but it’s also one of the sunniest. With an average of 3,200 hours of sunshine every year, it is undoubtedly among the sunniest capital cities globally. Perth is the capital and biggest city of Western Australia. It receives 8.8 hours of sunlight each day, equating to 138.7 clear days per year, making it Australia’s sunniest capital. 

10. Alice Springs, Australia -3,456 hours of sunshine per year

Alice Springs, Australia

Alice Springs receives 3,456 hours of sunshine every year.


In Australia’s arid Red Center, Alice Springs offers all the climatic variations you could want, from bone-dry droughts to rain so heavy that all the rivers overflow their banks. The Australian town is the third-largest city in Australia’s Northern Territory. Even in the winter, it receives between nine and eleven hours of sunlight every day for a whole year, and that’s a total of 3,456 hours of sunshine. 

9. Agadez, Niger – 3,483 hours of sunshine per year


A hotspot in


, Agadez, is one of the sunniest places on Earth.


Agadez, Niger, the ‘frying pan of the world,’ is a hotspot in Africa, with 3,483 hours of sunshine each year and rain that evaporates before it reaches the ground. Agadez has a blistering desert environment, but it’s more than that in this burnt city. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is well recognized for being the Sahara’s doorway. Its historic center, a medley of mudbrick architecture and cultural treasures, dates back from the 15th century.

8. Cyprus, Europe – 2,700 to 3,500 hours of sunshine per year

Cyprus, Europe

With 12 to 13 hours of sunshine per day, Cyprus is one of Europe’s sunniest areas.


Cyprus may not be the hottest place on the planet, but you can expect 12-13 hours of sunshine per day throughout the summer, making it one of Europe’s sunniest areas. The place ranks highly on this list, with an average of 2,700 to 3,500 hours of sunshine per year. Cyprus has a Mediterranean and semi-arid subtropical climate with moderate winters and warm to scorching summers, having one of the hottest temperatures and winters in the European Union’s Mediterranean region. 

7. Tulear, Madagascar – 3,625 hours of sunshine per year

Tulear, Madagascar

Tulear, Madagascar has 3,625 hours of sunshine.


The soon-to-be-famous Tulear or Toliara, dubbed “City of the Sun” by locals, is Madagascar’s southern metropolis and a haven for nature enthusiasts. Its picturesque nature is one of the results of its lengthy sunny days, 3,625 hours of sunshine per year, to be exact. It is a key import/export hub for resources such as hemp, cotton, soap, rice, and peanuts. The rainy season in Toliara is hot, humid, windy, and partially cloudy, whereas the dry season is warm, humid, and clear.

6. Fresno, California – 3,708 hours of sunshine per year

Fresno, California

California’s fifth-most populous city is Fresno.


Fresno, California is not only one of the sunniest regions in the state but also in the entire United States and the whole world, receiving an average of 3,708 hours of sunshine annually. Summers are hot, dry, and clear in Fresno, accounting for more than 96% of all possible sunny hours. Fresno is a big city in the San Joaquin Valley of California. It is California’s fifth-most populous city, the state’s most populated inland city, and the nation’s 34th-most populous city.

5. Dongola, Sudan – 3,814 hours of sunshine per year

Dongola, Sudan

Dongola enjoys 3,813.8 hours of sunlight per year.


Situated on the banks of the Nile, Dongola is the capital of the state of Northern Sudan. It has a scorching desert environment due to its location in the Sahara Desert, one of the world’s hottest, sunniest, and driest locations. Dongola enjoys 3,813.8 hours of sunlight per year or 87 percent of the total available. The month of June has the most sunshine, while September has the least. The region reported a temperature of 49.7 °C (121.5 °F) on June 25, 2010, the hottest temperature ever recorded in Sudan. 

4. Las Vegas, Nevada – 3,825 hours of sunshine per year

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas shines an average of 3,825 hours every year.


The fourth city on our list is also included in the United States’ sunniest and driest places. The sun shines an average of 3,825 hours every calendar year in Las Vegas, Nevada, which is also the country’s driest state. Vegas is likely most known for its all-day gambling, crazy pool parties, and weekend weddings. While most visitors come for the thrills of Sin City, they’ll stay for the sunshine. This means that 85 percent of the time, tourists will be able to catch some rays. Some of its recorded temperatures reach 90-100 degrees most of the year, making hotels or pools even more enjoyable.

3. Aswan, Egypt – 3,865 hours of sunshine per year

Aswan, Egypt

The third-sunniest place on Earth is Aswan.


Aswan is the capital of the Aswan Governorate and is located in southern Egypt. It is a pretty sunny region, receiving an average of 3,865 hours of sunshine annually, ranking it among the sunniest places on Earth. This market city is recognized for its laid-back attitude and is less of a tourist trap than some other large Egyptian cities. However, like the rest of Egypt, Aswan has a subtropical desert environment and is extremely hot for much of the year. Summers in Aswan are lengthy and hot, with scorching sunshine that lasts from March until November, with temperatures routinely exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit. 

2. Phoenix, Arizona – 3,872 hours of sunshine per year

The second-sunniest place in the world is Phoenix in Arizona.


Phoenix, Arizona, is not only one of the sunniest cities in the United States, but it is also the second sunniest city on the planet. The city has a hot desert climate with long, hot summers and mild winters, receiving 3,872 hours of sunshine each year. It is situated in one of the world’s sunniest regions, with sun exposure comparable to the Sahara desert. The climate of Arizona, which is located in the southwest, is not homogeneous and varies significantly within the state due to its vast area and varying elevation.

1. Yuma, Arizona – 4,015 hours of sunshine per year

Yuma, Arizona

The sunniest place in t

©Matt Gush/

Yuma, Arizona, is the sunniest city in the United States, with an average of 308 sunny days per year. Moreover, the city also tops as the world’s sunniest place, receiving an average of 4,015 hours of sunshine annually! Yuma has the most reported mean sunlight of any city on Earth, with the sun shining for around 90% of the daylight hours. Due to Arizona’s mostly desert climate, residents are subjected to extremely high temperatures during the summer months. Such hot Arizona days vary, but the state’s geographical and topographical location is a constant factor.

Summary of the 15 Sunniest Places on Earth

RankLocationSunshine per Year
1Yuma, Arizona4,015 hours
2Phoenix, Arizona3,872 hours
3Aswan, Egypt3,865 hours
4Las Vegas, Nevada3,825 hours
5Dongola, Sudan3,814 hours
6Fresno, California3,708 hours
7Tulear, Madagascar3,625 hours
8Cyprus, Europe2,700 to 3,500 hours
9Agadez, Niger3,483 hours
10Alice Springs, Australia3,456 hours
11Perth, Australia3,200 hours
12Rhodes, Greece3,075 hours
13Lisbon, Portugal3,023 hours
14Marseille, France2,860 hours
15Zanzibar, Tanzania2,755 hours

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