The Longest Beach in Delaware Is 6 Miles of Beauty

Delaware Seashore State Park
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Updated: September 19, 2023

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Delaware may be one of the smallest states in the country, but it still has plenty to offer its visitors. That is especially true for summer travelers who want to spend some time at the beach, soaking in the sun, swimming in the Atlantic Ocean, or fishing. Although Delaware does not have much in terms of total land area, it has some long beaches. Discover the longest beach in Delaware and find out where it is located, how long the sand stretches, and why people visit the area.

What Is the Longest Beach in Delaware?

Last Light on Rehoboth Beach,Delaware

The First State has miles of beautiful, sandy beaches.

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The longest beach in Delaware is the Delaware Seashore State Park, a 6-mile-long beach on the east coast of the state. The Delaware Seashore State Park Beach also has about 20 miles of bay shoreline, but that is not counted the same as an oceanfront beach.  

Technically, the beach is uninterrupted from the Indian River Inlet to Cape Henlopen, encompassing places like Dewey Beach and Rehoboth Beach. The total distance between those two spots exceeds 13 miles. In a sense, that long stretch would be the beach with the greatest total length in the state. However, there is no official name for that length of the shoreline.  

All told, the Delaware Seashore State Park Beach has a very long stretch of beautiful sand that people can enjoy in a variety of ways.

People can launch their kayaks and other boats at the state park and explore the area.  

What Are Some Fun Things to Do at Delaware Seashore State Park?

Torch Lake MI

People travel to this beach to take part in all kinds of outdoor recreation!


Over 10 million people traveled to Delaware’s beaches in 2022. They travel to this region to take part in a variety of different activities facilitated by the state park system. Consider some of the reasons that tourists visit the longest beach in The First State.

Swimming at the Largest Beach

Delaware Seashore State Park has miles of shoreline, and people travel to this area to go sunbathing and swimming. The water is refreshing and the beaches in this area are not as busy with people as they are in places like Rehoboth Beach. Towers Beach and areas near the South Inlet have the best access to the beach. Not all of the beach is supervised by lifeguards, though.

Of course, swimming is not the only form of water recreation available in this region. Some people come to this region to go surfing or boating, too. People can launch their kayaks and other boats at the state park and explore the area.  

Camping or Glamping

The Delaware Seashore State Park is a great place for campers to spend the night along the beach. The state park has a large campground where people can park their RVs, hooking them up to electric, water, and sewage lines. There are also places where people can put up a tent and spend the night.

Hiking and Biking

Some people just want to spend time exploring the islands. Fortunately, this area has many places where people can hike and bike. Places like Burton Island have trails that people can use to explore the region and see the wildlife in the area. This part of the state park is especially popular with people who enjoy birding or simply want to exercise in a natural environment.

Fishing in the Bay and Ocean

Fishing and crabbing are popular in Delaware. Although some people opt for freshwater fishing in Delaware, others are inclined to try saltwater fishing. Many people fish along the Indian River Inlet or in the surf, while others head out into the ocean to test their luck.

People can take their boats out fishing or they can get a chartered boat from a sport fishing company in the area. Either way, the opportunities for fishing in this area are simply amazing. Anglers also pursue crabs and clams in these waters. Visitors need to obtain licenses before fishing in these areas, though.

People come to the longest beach in Delaware for a variety of reasons. Whether someone wants to get closer to nature or soak in the sun, this beach has something for every visitor.

Where Is the Delaware Seashore State Park on a Map?

The Delaware Seashore State Park is in the southeastern part of Delaware along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The longest beach in Delaware stretches from the southern shore of the Indian River Inlet all the way north to Tower Beach for a total of about 6 miles. Delaware Route 1, the longest highway in the state, runs along the coast. The beach is easy to find, but its beginning and end are not well-defined.

What Animals Live Near the Longest Beach in Delaware?

Birds that eat fish: Osprey

A number of birds have evolved specialized traits to help them hunt for fish.

© Collins

The Delaware Seashore State Park has a variety of animals living in the area. The region is known for having many different birds, including some endangered ones. Some of the birds that people look for when they visit this beach are:

These birds are prevalent in the region, and some of them are even protected species that should not be bothered.

The region is home to some mammals as well. People can find the following mammals and more:

  • Gray foxes
  • Eastern cottontails
  • Porcupines
  • White-tailed deer
  • Eastern chipmunks
  • Raccoons

Of course, many people travel to the seashore area to go fishing. Anglers can fish in the inlets, along the surf, or out on the ocean. A few of the species of fish that people pursue in the area include:

Many other types of fish are in this area to catch, and many more species await freshwater anglers!

The longest beach in Delaware is 6 miles long, and it is found at the Delaware Seashore State Park. This beautiful area offers plenty of activities for people in the summer months. Although it may be more tempting to head to a beach town with a vibrant nightlife, the state park is still a great choice for individuals looking for summer fun at a less crowded place.

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