Top 10 Scariest Cats

Written by Krishna Maxwell
Updated: May 23, 2023
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Key Points

  • Whether domestic or wild, some cats are just plain scary.
  • Black cats have a rep for being harbingers of ill will. However, this is just pure superstition. Black cats are just as lovable as any other cat.
  • Some of the most beautiful cats are wild animals that you absolutely do not want to cuddle with.

The scariest cats send a chill down even their owners’ spines. Sure, they love their wild creatures, but there’s no denying everything from the cat’s silhouette to a scary rep in horror cat movies makes us wonder why we love these little killers so much!

Who doesn’t know the legend behind the suspicious ebony cat? Or the feline who happens to try and cuddle with your feet while you’re walking down a flight of stairs? (Is that cat trying to trip you a la Twilight Zone so it can get its paws on your estate?) Never let their beauty fool you either. The black-footed cat is as adorable as a newborn kitten, but you don’t want the animal in your house!


Of course, some of the cat’s scary rep is well deserved, especially if you are a small critter or ground-nesting bird. Domestic cats are one of the greatest threats to the continued existence to any number of endangered species. They are particularly dangerous to rare birds and amphibians, which is why you should keep your adorable little killer safe indoors.

Here’s a list (in no particular order) of the 10 scariest cats to give you something to think about. Not just breeds, mind you. We also include infamous cats (like Winston Church from the big screen) that convince people they’d prefer a dog. The list consists of feline beasts from all walks of life. Animals we promise will make you look side-eye at your kitty.

And, disturbingly, the cat’s probably looking side-eye at you.

#1 Black-footed Cat

Scariest cat - black footed cat
Black-Footed cat snarling in a defensive posture, showing why this is one of the scariest cats.


The black-footed cat is small and one of the most aggressive cat breeds. It’s cute as heck and certainly looks like a domestic animal. But this is a dangerous creature that’s better off in the wild of the savanna than being a loving domestic.

You think fearless felines in the wild and picture tiger, lion, or leopard. The black-footed cat isn’t as well-known as these other cats but trusts that this spotted animal is as dangerous and predatory as their cousins. The kitty’s a voracious hunter and killer. Looking at it, you wouldn’t know the black-foot cat’s one of the most dangerous in the world. And the black-foot doesn’t like humans!

#2 Sphynx

Scariest cat - Sphynx
Young colorpoint Sphynx cat sitting on a scratching post. Because it lacks fur or hair it is one of the scariest cats to some.


The appearance of hairlessness distinguishes this cat. But it’s not hairless. The cat has a fine coat of thin hair. With the Sphynx, the gene that grows hair has a genetic disorder. That same defect makes the feline more vulnerable to cold and hot climates, requiring specific owner maintenance. Many fanciers have taken to the Sphynx, seeing the animal as exotic. Others wish the cat would get dressed.

If you want to see this kitty at its scariest, check out Dune. The film came out in 1984 and was directed by David Lynch, an artist known for strange. In it, a Sphynx comes out of nowhere strapped to a rat for medicinal purposes. Oh, the horror.

#3 Blanche

Blanche appears in the 1977 cult classic Hausu and is definitely one of the scariest cats in horror cat movies. Picture one of those scenarios where a group of knucklehead kids finds themselves picked off one by one but don’t have the good sense to just leave. The film’s a series of disturbing ways to shock and titillate. Meanwhile, through it all, the film implies that Blanche may be responsible for the havoc.

Almost from the moment the kitty shows up at the doorstep, the dangerous acts begin. The Persian kitty appears to be everywhere in the film, even on wall art. There’s an unsettling twinkle of varying colors in Blanche’s cold eyes. (And an accompanying act of horror.) It’s eerie to think that at one point that cat might have been sitting in some kid’s lap. Find out more about the Persian feline here.

#4 Lykoi

Scariest cat - Lykoi
Lykoi cat is also called the Werewolf cat. These scariest cats are only a few decades old and originated in Tennessee.


The Lykoi, also called the Werewolf Cat, may not be on the public’s general radar, but the legend of the Lykoi is definitely a part of cat lore. A smaller feline, they actually look like tiny werewolves. When the cat takes certain stances, it’s going to feel like you’re on the verge of being manhandled by the most aggressive cat breeds.

Originating in the state of Tennessee, these spooky creatures are only a few decades old. They’re distinguished by a black, sparse, and coarse coat. The Lykoi is affectionate, playful, and easy-going. But their sly demeanor and ability to crouch defensively will make you wonder if there’s a silver bullet on the premises.

#5 Maine Coon

Scariest cat - Maine Coon
Maine coon kitten sitting on a tree in the forest. The size of these cats make them one of the scariest cats around.

© Ginak

Named for the Pine Tree State, the Maine Coon is a ginormous and furry beast. Its size and thick long coat are traits that make it one of the biggest breeds in the cat world. The size and weight (up to 25 pounds) can take you back. The Maine Coon also has a set of intense eyes that add to the scary.

Otherwise, the Maine Coon’s seen as a great domestic pet. They’re gentle, good-natured, and thrive around other pets and children. They adapt to the needs of children and tend to be extremely tolerant. Their resumé includes being ship mascots going back to the 19th century, as well as serving as farm cats and mousers.

#6 Peterbald

Scariest Cats - Peterbald
Peterbald naked cat standing in attack pose. Peterbald cat resembles the Sphynx but looks more like a bat, making it one of the scariest cats.


Athletic and agile, the Peterbald cat resembles the Sphynx but looks more like a bat. It too is a hairless breed but has large fox-like ears, a long nose, and creepy almond-shaped eyes. It’s a distinct surreal and initially charring look. The Peterbald actually resembles a bat.

Among the most aggressive cat breeds, the Peterbald still manages to be affectionate with family and loves to entertain them. Like the Sphynx, its wrinkled skin can be offputting or, depending on the person, a lot offputting. Plus, the Peterbald has long front toes … with webbing!

#7 Mar

Ju-On: The Grudge is an iconic film out of Japan that epitomizes the legacy of horror movie cats. Mar is a black cat and proves kitty apparitions can take scares to entirely new levels. Mar is the companion of fellow specter Toshio. Both are restless and a little angry about being dead.

Stuck for eternity in a haunted house, the duo creates a litany of heart-attack-inducing mayhem. Mar has chilling yowls and adds an unnerving, creepy ambiance to the proceedings. Oddly, if you think about it later, Mar makes for a great companion, even in the afterlife. Restless ghost or not, Mar follows his owner with loyalty.

#8 Serval

Scariest Cats - Serval
Servals are wild cats and also one of the most aggressive cat breeds, which makes them one of the scariest cats.


Servals are wild cats. It’s one of the most aggressive cat breeds, characterized by large ears, a small head, and a black-striped, yellow-gold spotted coat. It looks like a Cheetah with long legs, as the breed has longer than all other cats. The animal preys on insects, birds, reptiles, rodents, and frogs.

Typically, Servals are not dangerous around humans but can be if owners don’t treat them well. They’d consider confinement a problem as they’re wild animals. These cats aren’t naturally comfortable with being indoors all the time. People who do keep them as pets tend to let the felines out at night (even their beds are outdoors). Read more about the Serval.

#9 Bengal

Scariest Cats - Bengal
If you own a Bengal never have them around children, as they will bite and scratch when angry, making them one of the scariest cats.

© Big

Bengal cats are great housemates. They’re energetic and will play from morning till night (leaving you exhausted). But the feline is also dangerous and wild, a highly intelligent, cute cat breed. If you decide to own a Bengal never have them around children. The Bengal bites and scratches when angry.

Bengal cats have either marbled or spotted patterns on its coat. You’ll find symmetrical stripes that run along the body, including the tails and legs. Many have a sheen of iridescence that sparkles in the light. The coat has a silky smooth feel to the touch. Ironically, this glittery beauty adds to the cat’s allure, betraying the small creature’s potential for violent outbursts.

#10 Geoffroy’s Cat

Scariest Cats - Geoffroys Cat
Geoffroy’s cat, Leopardus geoffroyi, a wild cat native to South America, on a branch. This cat becomes one of the scariest when hearing unexpected noises and will leash out with unwanted aggression.

©Martin Mecnarowski/

Named one of the most aggressive cat breeds in the world, this cat loses nothing to horror cat movies. Believe it or not, Geoffroy’s cat becomes a scariest cat when it’s startled by a noise. Living primarily in the southern and central regions of South America, the felines don’t like noise, and hearing unexpectedly loud sounds will unleash unwanted aggression.

On top of that, the adult cat marks its territory with exceptionally unpleasant-smelling urine. If they do it in your home, the smell will be unbearable and require immediate and serious maintenance. It’s best to give them a habitat outside. They like to run around and exercise and climb. The cat likes to hide. It will also eat through galvanized wire so it’s going to be hard to contain them. These are just some of the reasons it’s advised to not keep Geoffroy’s cat as a domestic pet.

Summary Of The 10 Scariest Cats

RankScary Cat
1Black-footed Cat
5Maine Coon
10Geoffroy’s Cat

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