Mammals that Start with J

Updated: January 24, 2023
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Mammals that start with the letter J

A Jack Russells
Jack Russells

Intelligent, athletic and fearless!

A Jackabee

A good choice for owners who want an exercise companion!

A Jackal

Can maintain speeds of 16 km/h!

A Jackrabbit

They can run as fast as 45 mph.

A Jaguar

The largest feline on the American continent!

A Jaguarundi Cat
Jaguarundi Cat

These cats are expert swimmers.

A Japanese Chin
Japanese Chin

Alert, intelligent and independent!

A Japanese Macaque
Japanese Macaque

Has cheek pouches for storing food!

A Japanese Spitz
Japanese Spitz

The Japanese Spitz is sometimes referred to as a cloud dog.

A Japanese Squirrel
Japanese Squirrel

The Japanese squirrel hoards its food for the winter

A Japanese Terrier
Japanese Terrier

Japanese Terriers are also called Nippon Terriers

A Javan Rhinoceros
Javan Rhinoceros

Only has a 25cm long horn!

A Javanese

Features that closely resemble a Siamese cat!

A Jerboa

Tiny rodent with a kangaroo-like jump!

List of Mammals that start with the letter J

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