Mammals that Start with W

Published: April 23, 2021
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Mammals that Start with the Letter W

A Wallaby

There are roughly 30 different species!

A Walrus

Inhabits the freezing waters of the Arctic Circle!

A Warthog

Has two sets of tusks on it's face!

A Water Buffalo
Water Buffalo

Has been domesticated for thousands of years!

A Water Vole
Water Vole

The largest Vole species in the UK!

A Waterbuck

Often flee into water to escape predators

A Weasel

The smallest carnivorous mammal in the world!

A Weimaraner

The Weimaraner is nicknamed the gray ghost.

A Weimardoodle

This dog is also known as the Weimarpoo, the Weimaranerpoo, and the Weimaranerdoodle.

A Welsh Black Cattle
Welsh Black Cattle

Welsh Black Cattle were once used as currency in Wales and referred to as “black gold”.

A Welsh Corgi
Welsh Corgi

There are two distinct breeds!

A Welsh Terrier
Welsh Terrier

The Welsh Terrier has the strength and tenacity to take on foxes and badgers.

A West Highland Terrier
West Highland Terrier

Most commonly white in colour!

A Western Gorilla
Western Gorilla

There are two sub-species!

A Western Lowland Gorilla
Western Lowland Gorilla

One of the great apes!

A Westiepoo

This dog is known for cocking its head in a curious manner when listening to its owner.

A Wheaten Terrier
Wheaten Terrier

Originally bred as a farm dog, the Wheaten Terrier can be very protective of its domain.

A Whippet

Quiet, gentle and restful dogs!

A White Ferret / Albino Ferrets
White Ferret / Albino Ferrets

There are two different types of white ferrets!

A White Rhinoceros
White Rhinoceros

The second largest animal on the land!

A White Tiger
White Tiger

None have been seen in the wild for 50 years!

A White-Faced Capuchin
White-Faced Capuchin

One of the world's most intelligent monkeys!

A White-tail deer
White-tail deer

White-tail deer are good swimmers

A Whitetail Deer
Whitetail Deer

Although deer are herbivores, they will sometimes eat mice and birds when they can catch them.

A Whoodle

Whoodles are good swimmers

A Wild Boar
Wild Boar

Males have a top tusk to sharpen the bottom one!

A Wildebeest

Can trek more than 1,000 miles every year!

A Wire Fox Terrier
Wire Fox Terrier

The Wire Fox Terrier was bred from the now extinct Rough Coated Black and Tan Terrier to hunt down foxes.

A Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

A Wirehaired Pointing Griffon’s coat makes it look like it has a mustache and beard!

A Wolf

Thought to date back more than 300,000 years!

A Wolverine

Releases a strong smelling musk in defence!

A Wombat

Spends most of the day underground!

A Wood Bison
Wood Bison

The reintroduction of wood bison into Alaska is considered one of the world’s best conservation success stories.

A Woodrat

Pack rats love shiny objects and will steal your jewelry.

A Woolly Monkey
Woolly Monkey

Has a long, strong prehensile tail!

A Woolly Rhinoceros
Woolly Rhinoceros

The woolly rhinoceros roamed the earth between three and a half million and 14,000 years ago.

Alphabetical List of Mammals that Start with W

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