Animals that Start with G

Read below for information on 114 different animals that start with the letter G, from galapagos penguin to guppy. The most popular G animal is the giant panda bear, which gets up to 99% of its food from bamboo. The least popular is geoffroy’s tamarin, a small monkey located in Panama and Columbia. Some fun facts about G name animals are:

  • At up to 440lbs Gorillas are the world’s largest primates
  • Less than 10% of Grizzly bears make it to adulthood
  • Giraffe’s distinctive black tongues can grow as long as 18 inches

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Alphabetical List of Animals That Start with G

Animals that Start with G

A Gaboon Viper
Gaboon Viper

Gaboon vipers are the largest vipers in Africa.

A Galapagos Penguin
Galapagos Penguin

Found around the Equator!

A Galapagos Shark
Galapagos Shark

Galapagos sharks are cannibalistic and sometimes eat their young, so the pups stay away from the adults in shallow water.

A Galapagos Tortoise
Galapagos Tortoise

The biggest species of tortoise in the world!

A Gar

Can grow to more than 3m long!

A Garden Eel
Garden Eel

Garden eel colonies are made up of hundreds to thousands of individuals.

A Gargoyle Gecko
Gargoyle Gecko

Gargoyle Geckos are about an inch long and weigh as little as 3 grams when they hatch!

A Garter Snake
Garter Snake

Female garter snakes give birth to live young rather than laying eggs!

A Gazelle

Named for the Arabic word for love poems

A Gecko

There are thought to be over 2,000 species!

A Genet

The Genet has retractable claws like a cat

A Gentoo Penguin
Gentoo Penguin

Found throughout the sub-Antarctic!

A Geoffroys Tamarin
Geoffroys Tamarin

Has distinctive V shape on head!

A Gerberian Shepsky
Gerberian Shepsky

German Shepherds, Siberian Huskies, and Gerberian Shepskies are all popular choices for police dogs.

A Gerbil

Originally known as the Desert Rat!

A German Cockroach
German Cockroach

The most common type of urban roach

A German Pinscher
German Pinscher

Highly intelligent and fast learners!

A German Shepherd Guide
German Shepherd Guide

Highly active and fearless dogs!

A German Sheppit
German Sheppit

The German Sheppit is well-suited for guarding and police work.

A German Sheprador
German Sheprador

There is a chance that the German Sheprador may inherit a love for water from its parent.

A German Shorthaired Pointer
German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointers are used by the Air Force, TSA, and other organizations to sniff out explosives.

A German Spitz
German Spitz

There are five different sub-breeds of the German Spitz.

A Gharial

Found in the murky waters of Northern India!

A Ghost Catfish
Ghost Catfish

You can see its heart beating

A Ghost Crab
Ghost Crab

Their eyestalks, which are sometimes horned, can swivel 360 degrees

A Giant African Land Snail
Giant African Land Snail

The biggest snail species on land!

A Giant Armadillo
Giant Armadillo

Armadillos have a smell that’s described as strong, sweet and acrid.

A Giant Clam
Giant Clam

Can reach nearly 4ft in length!

A Giant Leopard Moth
Giant Leopard Moth

When giant leopard moths mate, their mating sessions last over 24 hours.

A Giant Panda Bear
Giant Panda Bear

Bamboo makes up 99 per cent of their diet!

A Giant Salamander
Giant Salamander

Cryptobranchus giant salamanders breathe mostly through their skin.

A Giant Schnauzer
Giant Schnauzer

Large, powerful and dominant!

A Giant Schnoodle
Giant Schnoodle

Both parents of the Giant Schnoodle are hypoallergenic, making this one of the Doodle breeds that's safest for dander-sensitive owners.

A Gibbon

Found in dense jungles and tropical forests!

A Gila Monster
Gila Monster

It's tail acts as a fat storage facility!

A Giraffe

Long, black tongue can grow to 18 inches long!

A Glass Frog
Glass Frog

You can see their internal organs.

A Glass Lizard
Glass Lizard

Can grow up to 4ft long!

A Glechon

Glechons are talented in the area of search and rescue, as their sense of smell makes them great at tracking.

A Glen Of Imaal Terrier
Glen Of Imaal Terrier

This dog is also named the Wicklow Terrier after the county of its origin.

A Glow Worm
Glow Worm

Found inhabiting dense woodland and caves!

A Gnat

Males form large mating swarms at dusk

A Goat

Most closely related to the Sheep!

A Goberian

These dogs are great around children and are very playful around them.

A Goblin Shark
Goblin Shark

Goblin Sharks are called a living fossil because their family, Mitsukurinidae, can be traced back 125 million years.

A Goldador

Goldadors were not intentionally bred until the early 2000s!

A Golden Dox
Golden Dox

Golden doxes don't have to be tiny. This breed looks different depending on whether the mix includes a regular dachshund or the mini version of the species.

A Golden Lancehead
Golden Lancehead

Golden lancehead snakes climb trees to prey on birds.

A Golden Lion Tamarin
Golden Lion Tamarin

Native to the eastern rainforests of Brazil!

A Golden Masked Owl
Golden Masked Owl

While flying high above this owl can hear a mouse moving in the tall grass of field!

A Golden Newfie
Golden Newfie

These dogs love to swim and instinctively know how to swim.

A Golden Oriole
Golden Oriole

Migrates between Europe and Asia!

A Golden Pyrenees
Golden Pyrenees

Golden Pyrenees make great therapy dogs due to their intelligence and gentle nature.

A Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever

Trusting, kind and gentle!

A Golden Saint
Golden Saint

Golden saints come in all kinds of colors. You can find them in tan, chocolate, yellow, brindled, spotted, and almost any other pattern you can think of.

A Golden Shepherd
Golden Shepherd

The Golden Shepherds were first recognized by the International Designer Canine Registry in 2009.

A Golden-Crowned Flying Fox
Golden-Crowned Flying Fox

They eat figs almost exclusively

A Goldendoodle

Due to their breeding, no two Goldendoodles are alike.

A Goldfish

Goldfish and common carp can mate and produce offspring

A Goliath Frog
Goliath Frog

Does not have a vocal sac.

A Goliath Tigerfish
Goliath Tigerfish

Featured in River Monsters TV series

A Goonch Catfish
Goonch Catfish

The goonch catfish, or giant devil catfish, is one of the most fierce freshwater fish.

A Goose

There are 29 different species!

A Gopher

They dig large networks of tunnels!

A Gopher Snake
Gopher Snake

Gopher snakes can reach up to 9 feet long.

A Gopher Tortoise
Gopher Tortoise

It is the only species of tortoise native to Florida.

A Gordon Setter
Gordon Setter

It's the largest and heaviest breed of setter.

A Gorilla

The biggest of the world's primates!

A Goshawk

The goshawk is a popular choice among European falconers

A Gouldian Finch
Gouldian Finch

The male Gouldian finch bobs its head and fluffs its feathers to court a female.

A Grass Carp
Grass Carp

The grass carp is considered to be a natural weed control agent.

A Grass Snake
Grass Snake

Use acute hearing to hunt

A Grasshopper

There are 11,000 known species!

A Grasshopper Mouse
Grasshopper Mouse

The grasshopper mice attack predators using the poison of their venom.

A Gray Fox
Gray Fox

The gray fox has retractable claws and a rotating wrist that allow it to climb trees with some proficiency

A Gray Tree Frog
Gray Tree Frog

Survives freezing temperatures by producing glycerol and maintaining slower metabolic processes

A Great Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron

Their wingspan is larger than an eagle’s; both males and females help hatch the eggs; rich in symbolism

A Great Crested Flycatcher
Great Crested Flycatcher

This species makes use of some truly unusual nesting material, including snakeskin and garbage

A Great Dane
Great Dane

Large and imposing in appearance!

A Great Danoodle
Great Danoodle

Both Great Danes and Poodles are in the top 15 most popular AKC breeds - which makes Great Danoodles a shoo-in for popularity.

A Great Egret
Great Egret

The male egret performs an elaborate courtship display to attract a mate

A Great Plains Rat Snake
Great Plains Rat Snake

This snake vigorously shakes its tail as a way to frighten away predators.

A Great White Shark
Great White Shark

Can grow to more than 8 meters long!

A Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Protective and gentle by nature!

A Green Anaconda
Green Anaconda

Females are often five times longer than males.

A Green Anole
Green Anole

It communicates with head movements, color and dewlap

A Green Bee-Eater
Green Bee-Eater

Mainly eats honeybees!

A Green Frog
Green Frog

Green frogs will eat any animal that they can fit in their mouth.

A Green Heron
Green Heron

Uses bait to catch prey

A Green Mamba
Green Mamba

Green mambas are fast, and can travel up to 7 miles per hour.

A Green Rat Snake
Green Rat Snake

The green rat snake catches its meals in midair!

A Green Snake
Green Snake

There are two types of green snakes: smooth green snakes and rough green snakes

A Green Tree Frog
Green Tree Frog

Green tree frogs breathe through their skin

A Green Tree Python
Green Tree Python

Green tree pythons are non-venomous, so to subdue their prey, they have a couple of very unique and highly successful hunting techniques.

A Greenland Dog
Greenland Dog

Strong and speedy breed of dog!

A Greenland Shark
Greenland Shark

This shark has the longest lifespan of any vertebrate.

A Grey Heron
Grey Heron

Male grey herons are picky about their mates. They'll reject a female that they don't fancy.

A Grey Mouse Lemur
Grey Mouse Lemur

The largest species of mouse lemur!

A Grey Reef Shark
Grey Reef Shark

One of the most common shark species!

A Grey Seal
Grey Seal

One of the rarest species of seal on Earth

A Greyhound

Extremely fast and athletic!

A Griffon Vulture
Griffon Vulture

Can spot a dead animal from thousands of feet away

A Griffonshire

Griffonshires are so little they are easily mistaken for puppies throughout their lives.

A Grizzly Bear
Grizzly Bear

Less than 10% make it into adulthood

A Groenendael

Although developed as a herding dog, the breed makes an excellent guard and working dog and is used by police forces and the military.

A Ground Snake
Ground Snake

It’s sometimes called a miter snake due to the marking on its head that looks like a bishop’s miter

A Groundhog (Woodchuck)
Groundhog (Woodchuck)

They whistle to each other to warn of approaching danger!

A Grouper

Many grouper can change their sex, and it is always from female to male.

A Grouse

Feathered legs and toes!

A Guinea Fowl
Guinea Fowl

Found in a vairety of African habitats!

A Guinea Pig
Guinea Pig

Natively found in the Andes Mountain range!

A Guppy

Also known as the Millionfish!

A Giant Panda Bear
Giant Panda Bear

Bamboo makes up 99 per cent of their diet!

A German Shepherd Guide
German Shepherd Guide

Highly active and fearless dogs!

Newest Animals that Start with the Letter G

The most recently added Animals that start with the letter G.

A Galapagos Shark
Galapagos Shark

Galapagos sharks are cannibalistic and sometimes eat their young, so the pups stay away from the adults in shallow water.

A Giant Leopard Moth
Giant Leopard Moth

When giant leopard moths mate, their mating sessions last over 24 hours.

A Gargoyle Gecko
Gargoyle Gecko

Gargoyle Geckos are about an inch long and weigh as little as 3 grams when they hatch!

Animals that start with the letter G, including the Golden Masked Owl & Golden Lion Tamarin